The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Caranua phoned me yesterday. They said that they were calling regarding the amount of letters I have written to them.
They want to invite me to appeal their decision to refuse me Caranua for dental treatment.
I explained that my horrors in life lasted for more years than my mum's who was in a institution and I wasn't.
Anyway, if it's the right word, I am a little perplexed by all this.
I explained that Mary Higgins had put a definate no on survivors children having any access to Caranua and he replied with, "well do you want to have a go?" So my answer was of course yes
I will keep you posted as they are sending the appeals form by snail mail. Lizzie x.

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ThanX for Posting Lizzie!

i hope they are not Leading you a "Merry Dance"

Keep us posted if they Refuse You then this would be Most Unreasonable and Distressing!

Sadly,if my experience is anything to go by,it[ will ]be a' merry dance'!(I won an appeal-higgins promised to abide by it(how 'nice' of her!).She then refused to honor the appeal-on a technicality she agreed was her fault in the first place.(I have now taken matters to the political level-but I suspect this ghastly woman will serpentine her heartless way around this too!. (As a former director of three charities here in england,I can honestly say I have never seen such a disorganized mess that goes under the name of 'caranua'-surpassed only by the seeming sociopath that heads-it-up.

Robert,can you please remove all my details from the google address you posted-I wasn't aware when I signed-up that this was a part of the deal.  Thankyou. 

Sorry Terry, can you explain more??

I did send an email out to all members about he Caranua Survey.

That was a one off!

Ok Rob-here goes. If you google my name,Terence Ellard-you will see it contains all that I have written in times past in these postings. Anyone from all over the world can read all this private and confidential information.    

terence ellard's Page - The Shame of Ireland
4 Feb 2015 - terence ellard's Page on The Shame of Ireland. ... terence ellard replied to bernadette millam's discussion Mr Quinn/Caranua. " ok-I understand.---Thanks Rob.

I Have To Agree Rob. 

Keep us posted on your progress with them.
And good on you for pursuing them.

Camden Council A Long Time Ago Recognized The Suffering / Difficulties Of Successive Generations Of Irish People And Regular Gave Grants To Support Groups On That Understanding (Basis).  If You Received Award Via The Redress Board You Are Entitled To Help From Caranua.  Many Of Us Have Dental Phobias Due To Our Past Experience In Irish State 'Care'. 

Hello All,

Thank you for your responses and yes.........there was something just not quite right about the call. The man that called was 'overly, unnervingly helpful'.  

They have responded to a letter from 2014, no mention of any other letters I have sent although I shall be mentioning this in the appeals process.

It's all bullshit!!!!  Caranua know I'm on this site, I've told them that I will reveal everything and I don't care about their prison threats. I have told them that they'd have to find me first.

They know a protest letter has gone to the Human Rights Commission and so if they make it look like they're actually trying to help, I might back off from fighting them. I don't think so!!!!! Do they think we're all stupid????

I have no trust in this abusive organisation who think they can pull all the day....just one day, it will tumble down on top of them.

Lizzie x x 


Hi Jack,

Do they still do this do you know?

Lizzie x

Hello Elizabeth.   Do they still do what?

Camden Council, do they still help out with any funding?  

Lizzie x x

Hello Elizabeth.  I Am Very Sure The Council Continues To Fund Irish Groups. Especially Women's Groups.  The Council Needs To Get More Male Friendly. The Council Needs To Become Aware And Caring About Male Survivors.



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