The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Anonymising records and contacting institutional abuse survivors instead of sealing records for 75 years would involve “considerable expense” and “significant practical difficulties”.

"Govt believes that asking survivors if they would like their transcript would violate their privacy, but sealing their transcript will not. Very strange interpretation of the GDPR. Anonymising abuse records ‘expensive’: "

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How can any man, woman, politician or committee make a decision about my records! Why do these people continually abuse me? it should be up to each and every survivor to have their own records sealed or kept open not up to anyone else no matter the cost. We as survivors courageously faced our fears and told the Redress Court what happened to us as children and by that very court we were forced to waver our voices in that court with the threat of prosecution.

If you haven't done so and want your record contact the redress board for a copy of your records before this scum of a government hide it all under the Irish carpet like they have always done instead of facing up to the TRUTH and not learning from it for the future! I got a copy my records from the redress board make sure you read them as the amount of mistakes in some of the transcripts is appalling. I may even allow the media a look at them and am so willing to have my day in court LOL, not only that I am Willing my records to my children and family to carry on the voice of my life as a survivor of religious abuse.

Awesome Message Barbie!  We Are The Evidence!

We are adults. our records should belong to us.These people are stealing our rights to decide what we want done with our past history.

Absolutely The Case Pauline!  We Are What They Try To Hide!

I managed to get my redress file, that clearly shows the cover up of my court case and the 20.000 that went to my solicitor that's some bill considering their denial of the existence of a court proceedings, still no response from the state solicitor in response to my last registered letter, maybe they'll deny that too... I will send a copy on here for all to read.
"My open letter to the Irish state solicitor"

Dear Mr Fallon, regarding our recent correspondence in relation to optaining my file 1999/3945
In your response you stated that"you cannot locate any relevant records" at this stage I would like to point out that I have in my possession evidence to contradict your findings these include :receipts of payments to solicitors. Copy's of original Garda statement. A copy of recommendations from my therapist at the time that were never implemented or even read to the court(if they were we would all be in a better position today) and many other documents including redress file, list of defendants with a couple of names missing including my perpetrator and the Minister for education. Unfortunately the office you represent is in my view is as corrupt as the state it represents so the Attorney General is my way forward
My full name is Gérard James Graham Mills so hopefully this might be of some assistance in your search. Kind regards Graham Mills

Excellent Graham, we are the same only records are the copies i got from the redress board. We were told by the solicitor that the religious order had no records of us even being there, they magically disappeared. The solicitor that represented us made more money than any person that suffered the abuse with the exception of a small few!!

Hi Graham. Whom did you ask for your Records.  I would like to know please, so I can do the same

Thank you 


Does anyone know the answer?



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