The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

There is something that has been bothering me for sometime now and don't know if others feel the same as I do.

When asking for quotes for work to be done, quite often you have to say how you are going to pay. Because the person/organization will have to wait for weeks sometimes months to be given the go ahead to carry out work.

I often say I am being sponsored, then get a funny look from the person/persons giving me the quote. Then I have to go on to explain about being in a home etc and show them my Caranua Guidelines Book

I feel I should not be put in this position: reason being I have never talked much to my family about being In Lakelands Convent now I am forced to talk to complete strangers to explain to them where the money is coming from. I can get quite distresses and upset  after this encounter.

I talked to my adviser at Caranua regarding this and explained infect we had to sign a paper not to speak to anyone regarding Redress and compensation and that it upset me having to talk to complete strangers.    

Her reply " just tell them its insurance from Ireland or something like that". 

I said " that would be lying and would they not think that a bit odd living in UK and Ins coming from Ireland" and also what about the Money Laundry Act ( what ever its called).

Needless to say she changed the subject.

Does anyone else think as I do that not much thought went into the process of how  survivors have to deal with getting quotes etc without distressing or embarrassing them. Its enough to put survivors

off applying for funding.  

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Anybody care to comment 

hi, I was very confused, not so much with getting small things like cctv or double glazing, when it came to bigger stuff, and had to get three quots, all based on an ot report, so I asked them if I could get an engineer, presto, out of my hands, just get the engineers bill, or get quots, it is no one.s business were the funds are coming from, one you have them, get assurences from caranua, they often give you a cheque made out to the company, you can have this in place, ready to pay, but better to get an engineer, unless it is a small thing, one you have the cost, sent it to caranua, everyone will have to wait while the wheels turn, and you have payement in place before work is done. hope this helps, message me if you want any help.

Hi, I share the very same thoughts, if I was to get funding for dental work for which I'm appealing for......

How am I going to explain this to the dentist receptionist who has no understanding of any of this what so ever?

The Redress board, Caranua etc, they don't really care. It's money to shut you up and keep you quiet. They also need to

save the reputation of the Church.

People just don't matter.

Lizzie x

hi, dentist.s are business people, if you are getting treatment, you need an estimate, nothing more, except to ask how long will the treatment take and so on. sent the estimate in, with the name of the dentist, wait for the cheque with there name on it,then make an appointment, job done. hope this helps.

Hi Shep,

Thank you, that does help. 

I just need to get past the bit where I don't seem to qualify for Caranua just at the moment. I have to appeal first.

Lizzie x x

Well Shep.  If only it was that easy. It is if u only need a filling or two. I have been waiting for 3 months to see if I can have the treatment I NEED not want.


I need all my teeth doing, I lost a majority when I was about 24. (25 years ago)

I had crowns back then but now they're disintegrating rapidly with constant toothache.

I lost them at 24 due to anorexia, I had anorexia because of the torture put upon me through my life by my mum, it wasn't her fault, she had psychosis because of those bitches .... Sisters of Mercyless.

Hope you get your teeth sorted georgenia x 

hi, I sent, or though I did, send you a message, here it is again, A brother of mine had a lot of bad teeth, bad hygene, he forgot, that the mouth is the entry point for almost everything in our daily lives, and should have taken more care, with mouth wash and so fort, he did not, prefering a drink and a smoke, point is, if they are so bad, get them to hell out of your mouth, get a denture, having said that, someone else I know got a new plate of delph 15 grand.s worth, it depends what is important. healt is everything, more so as we get over the hill. also the body is going to survive werather we like it or not, and will take what ever it needs, even the calsium from you teeth, if you get a mo, check out the peturity gland, it is the stuff of science fiction. also, and finally, recearchers discoverd that we spend half our life looking back or into the future, how crazy is that. 

Ever thought about working for Caranua Shep?? 

Yes my teeth are that bad.....yes I turn to alcohol......yes I smoke.....and yes I forget to brush my teeth and when I throw up, I don't think about the effects of acid rotting my teeth..........

Maybe we are entitled to want proper replacement teeth......why should we have to just put up with everything that's the easiest option. The Religious Orders should ensure we have health checked as a priority.....afterall, it's their fault we're all like this!!!

As a lady.....I want nice teeth, it's important.

Hi, when I opened you mail, my iternet crashed, ok now. Not me for caranua, they have a rigid policy in place, with no wriggle room, it would do my head in, cat among the pidgeons I think. Re the other stuff, smoking and all, I can only tell you my experence of all the above, I am also sure you have heard it all by this stage, however I have sent you a friend request, were I can elaborate, re caranua, I have no Idea were it will go, nothing we get from them will bring back our childhood, it will only make things more comfortable. my past is like snaps snap shots, pictures of moments, that is all. I have moved on, I realized it was not my fault. I still have the odd memory. 

Can children of survivors apply to Caranua for help 

I know its so embarrassing trying to get quotes I was asked if I like collecting quotes or do I need someone to talk to by window ppl what insult don't bother anymore



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