The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

There is something that has been bothering me for sometime now and don't know if others feel the same as I do.

When asking for quotes for work to be done, quite often you have to say how you are going to pay. Because the person/organization will have to wait for weeks sometimes months to be given the go ahead to carry out work.

I often say I am being sponsored, then get a funny look from the person/persons giving me the quote. Then I have to go on to explain about being in a home etc and show them my Caranua Guidelines Book

I feel I should not be put in this position: reason being I have never talked much to my family about being In Lakelands Convent now I am forced to talk to complete strangers to explain to them where the money is coming from. I can get quite distresses and upset  after this encounter.

I talked to my adviser at Caranua regarding this and explained infect we had to sign a paper not to speak to anyone regarding Redress and compensation and that it upset me having to talk to complete strangers.    

Her reply " just tell them its insurance from Ireland or something like that". 

I said " that would be lying and would they not think that a bit odd living in UK and Ins coming from Ireland" and also what about the Money Laundry Act ( what ever its called).

Needless to say she changed the subject.

Does anyone else think as I do that not much thought went into the process of how  survivors have to deal with getting quotes etc without distressing or embarrassing them. Its enough to put survivors

off applying for funding.  

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Hi Catherine

Totally understand your experience and you are right regarding business expecting cheques, very few do these days.

I am wondering if your optician told Caranua regarding send their cheque for authenticity.  That would have been great and would like to have been a fly on the wall at Caranua when they opened letter. 

It might help Caranua to understand what survivors are having to go through regarding Quotes. But do not think Caranua give a hoot as I think Caranua's way of thinking is to make it more difficult for survivors hoping the survivor will just give up.

But they do not know survivors very well Catherine, because we will not give up, 

How can anyone outside Ireland explain to people who have never heard of industriel schools that work cant start for several months because thay wont care. Thay just want to get paid. Asking for estimations months in advance cant be done really because prices change.And businesses move. It is a differcult situation.



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