The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

BBC News. I will not give up!!!!! An email to the BBC......I sent it today.

Hello my name is Elizabeth and I am a child survivor of my mother who endured years of torture, starvation, and mental abuse of the worst kind imaginable.

My mother passed away many years ago and I fought hard against the Irish system for the effects the backlash of Irish abuse had on me.
I won a court case and was awarded a considerable sum of money. This was the Irish blood money, hush money.
I have joined a private group of Irish survivors online and we want somebody to relay to the world that the Irish still today continue to abuse us all as adults.
Several years ago, 110 million euros were placed into a fund to help survivors and their children. Although many of us have applied to this funding for various items, we keep getting rejected.
The person in charge of this is the minister for education, Mary Higgins. I have written to her twice to call her a robbing abuser. She did reply but only to express her concern at me being in a bad place.
Many of our members at the Shame of Ireland site have also had the same kind of dealings with Mary Higgins who is approaching a wage of half a million euros from our money that she won't give us access to.
We are gathering memento on our site, we have decided to take this matter further. One of our members has put together our first draft of our group application to the human rights commission.
There is also a questionnaire to the Human rights commission that involves every member of this site in one way or another.
Mary Higgins has made a statement that has resonated around the survivors and put fear into many and anger and fight into others like myself.  She has clearly stated that if we disclose our abuse or discuss any awards with others then we face a sentence of 2 years in a Dublin prison.  
We need to speak out about the continued abuse we are suffering.
The next paragraph is part of our protest to the human rights commission with the hopes that they will sit up and listen.
I have only given a small sample of our document, Section 4, sub-section 2.
I don't wish to give too much away at this point.

4(2) Background to the claim

The fact Caranua came into being by a government that was itself involved in the Abuse of children with its partners the Catholic Church a deal which Denied the survivors the right to seek Redress from the Catholic Church and gave them immunity for such crimes as sexual assault, physical and mental assaults, extreme assaults perpetrated against children, abuse of children with mental health issues and cruel and unusual punishments, in return for a payment that they never fully fulfilled. The question has to be asked can two organisations involved in these types of crimes against children come together and force a settlement on survivors such as Caranua in exchange for immunity with no input from survivors. Because a lot of survivors have little or no education the state is taking full advantage of survivor's rights and treating them as second class citizens sub human if you will.
I think the answer is a definite no, both have a vested interest, and yes any other group or person would of got their day in court, the fact that those vested interests are allowed to continue to excert such control over survivors and their families and continue to damage survivors, is in every sense of the word a crime.
The government and the Catholic Church know full well survivors don't have the money to challenge the indemnity deal they agreed, even with their get out of jail free card they have nothing but contempt for survivors. No survivor was involved in the deal which involved immunity and as the injured party this makes the deal illegal. In light of
These facts the 2002 Indemnity Deal is Unconstitutional and needs repealing!
All this leads directly into the current human rights abuses of survivors,


Lastly, please please will you listen to some of us, spare us a slot on bbc news? What we have to tell could take hours but if you can spare some time for us please?

I ask that you don't ignore this and hope it will fade away........I am contacting anybody who will make this public information to shame Ireland into reality of what is happening.

The plight of Jimmy Saville was ignored at the beginning......please let's not make the same mistakes again. Please feel free to visit our site, you can gain access to some material.

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Fair play for making the effort Elizabeth.

Well said elizabeth great effort

Hi, i missed something, when did she, m/s higgins say the stuff about prison..

Everybody In Ireland Needs To Now Finally Understand In No Uncertain Terms That Without Justice There Can Be No Peace And Not Just For Those Who Were Abused In The Detained System But For Everybody  ... And Yes Indeed This Is  A Generational Thing! Unless The Guilty Parties (Political) Come Clean Things Can Only Continue To Get Worse Throughout Each Decade!  These Guilty Parties (Political)  Are The Problem And Not The Solution!  They Appear To Be Immune From Prosecution ...  Is It Any Wonder They Attract Abusers Of All Sorts? 

Doubtless There Are Jimmy Savile Types In Ireland!

Hi Shep,

In one of our discussions a few months back, one of our members was told that if we talked about what money we had been awarded from the redress board then we could face two years in prison........that doesn't worry me in the slightest and nor does it deter me x

good on ya elizabeth keep up the good fight we will win in the end. james 

Yes, but before you get the two years in prison you would have to be brought up in front of a judge, I  say bring it on as I would get my day in court and have my say about all the abuse and fraud!!  Well done Elizabeth!!

Same here Barbara 

Does Anybody Know If Any Survivors Have Been Fined Or Sent To Prison For Disclosing The Details Of Their Award To The Media Or Press?

I would very much doubt it Jack, i dont see the dpp touching that, and if they want to come and try i would be more than happy to state my case in front of a judge, the complete absurd nature of a survivor being sent to prison for tellng the truth while the abusers go scott free for terrible crimes against children, 

We All Have A Need To Communicate (Talk) For Very Understandable Reasons Including Unhappiness With Compensation Etc.



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