The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


i have now written to minister alan shatter who fought long and hard to get statutory inquirey into the abuse of learning diabled adults and children when in opposition.


 i called on him to follow through now he has the power to order one.


please all email alan shatter too and request he take action after his years demanding a statutory inquirey on par with ferns, and other reports.


if it's the last thing i achieve before i die i'd be happy.






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You can also Quote the Man in you email?

Hope this helps?

it has been awhile since i last emailed him and he does seem different than so many of the other tds so i will email him.

Sent this today! Sorry about the delay in offering Support!



From: Rob. Northall []
Sent: 28 July 2011 11:57
To: ''


Dear Mr Shatter,

With the Recent publication of the Cloyne Report I and others think it is about time that a Full Report into the Brothers of Charity in Galway was commissioned and made public?



Your Speech about the Inadequacy of the Inquiry carried out can be ...


In it you State Clearly


“I demand of the Minister, in the public interest, that there be transparency and accountability, and that this report be published.”


Your Sincerely


Rob Northall

Member of the Shame of Ireland

He Criticised the then Minister now he is in a position to do something about it! Just Like Mr Quinn!!

Mother tells of guilt at putting son in hands of religious order

By Brian McDonald

Tuesday August 16 2011

A MOTHER has told how entrusting her son to the care of the Brothers of Charity was the worst decision she ever made.

Margaret Best was speaking after fresh evidence emerged about the horrific conditions in Lota House, a home for vulnerable children run by the religious order.

Now 42 and back with his family in Douglas, Cork, Kenneth Best cannot talk, read or write and still has the mental age of a two- or three-year-old.

His mother recalled how, as a young married woman, with a profoundly mentally handicapped son, she had to turn to "the professionals" for help.

"I have huge regret about putting Kenneth into Lota. I'll live with that guilt for the rest of my life, but I caved in to the pressure from the so-called professionals," Margaret said.

The Brothers of Charity told her Kenneth would have a special education programme designed to help him specifically. She didn't want to part with her six-year-old, but they dismissed her suggestion that she could perform the programme at home.

Kenneth was placed in the care of the Brothers of Charity at Our Lady of Good Counsel, Lota, Glanmire, Co Cork, on September 1, 1975, and remained there until 1984.

But more than 25 years later, when Margaret finally managed to win access to Kenneth's records from Lota, a staff member had written: "I feel we should at least go through the motions of being concerned, even if over a mother's trifle."

The records show Kenneth quickly developed a series of illnesses over the next year. Margaret was not informed that he was ill and was discouraged by staff from calling to see him.


For at least seven of the nine years that he was resident in Lota the records show repeated references to vermin in the building, with mice, spiders, ants, beetles and cockroaches in several rooms.

Throughout 1976 Margaret had numerous meetings with staff about Kenneth's repeated diarrhoea. "But I never got a proper answer -- they regarded me as a troublemaker, I think," she said.

When Margaret took Kenneth home in September 1977, she was horrified to note his groin area was covered in white blisters. She told staff that it appeared they were not cleaning him, but was assured that he was well cared for.

Kenneth's records report him as being distressed and crying on several occasions in his early years at Lota. In addition, he had eye and tooth problems and by April 1978 his genital area was inflamed and swollen.

There is no evidence that Kenneth was seen by a doctor in respect of this problem.

By mid-1979 Kenneth's repeated eye problems were of such concern to Margaret that she had her own GP refer him to hospital. A consultant told her that if matters continued without proper treatment, there was a danger he would lose his sight.

Strictly against her wishes, Kenneth had also been taken for a polio vaccination. Margaret had told Lota management, before he entered the facility, that because Kenneth had acquired his handicap as a result of a serious adverse reaction to the 3-in-1 vaccine as a child, it was imperative he would not get any more vaccinations.

She only discovered he had been vaccinated when she won the right to get his records in 2001.

"When Kenneth was ill, I was rarely informed of this, despite asking to be told. There are numerous references in his records to him being given a drug called Mellaril which was not a treatment for swollen eyes, ear infections, diarrhoea or insect bites. It is an anti-psychotic," she said.

On September 13, 1979, the records note: "Found (name erased) in bed with Ken Best, nappy partly taken off again." Once again, Margaret was unaware of what was happening to her son.

"These are only the incidents that were reported. I dread to imagine what else was perpetrated against Kenneth, which was not witnessed or not recorded by staff," Margaret said.

In December 1984 she removed Kenneth from Lota.


chickens coming home to roose. poor woman but fantastic she's got the notes and maybe now we should start a campaign for all parents/relatives to get notes under foi.


will she take it further i wonder, i hope so. love to know who she is


I have already Tweeted this article @AlanShatter asking for a full inquiry into the the Brother of Charity again. As you know I Launched a formal Complaint against Rauiri Quinn.


I email all member about my intention make a formal Complaint against Alan Shatter for ignoring my email above; if you want to support me in this let me know?


Click <HERE> to Read my Formal Complaint Against Ruairi Quinn...

as so many times the reply from foi (departments Health and Education notably) is no records were found (yeh right) it can reasonably be assumed lies and state cover up of child abuse cases. they have records against people as and when suits.

Isint it terrable how thay hung on to children that thay treated with disgusting ways. humans dont act like that . a money making buisness. what horrable people thay are to treat the weak and ill. no hearts there just abusive behaveur at all times except in controls done by the state since thay were aware of when thay would be coming. as adults thay chose themselves the treatment thay used. i wish this lady the best of luck.


yes they were always tipped off!  they always knew when they were coming! you could see yourself in the floor that day!  punishment the order of the day. the means to control.

care homes = abuse.

Brothers won't face new abuse inquiry despite revelations

By Breda Heffernan

Tuesday August 16 2011

THE Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse will not re-open its investigation into the Brothers of Charity despite new evidence of horrific living conditions at one of its children's homes.

The Irish Independent obtained hundreds of pages of documents detailing appalling conditions at Lota, a residential school for people with learning disabilities, in Glanmire, Co Cork.

The documents were not handed over to the commission during its investigation into residential abuse at Lota, which has been run by the Brothers of Charity since 1939.

A spokeswoman for the commission said it would not be seeking any more documents from the congregation.

"Our investigation was over in 2009 with the publishing of our report. Our remit was filled once we published the report," she said.

The Brothers of Charity were condemned in the Ryan Report for showing a "total disregard" for the safety of the children in their care by placing known child sex abusers at Lota.

However, Christine Buckley of the Aislinn Centre, and a survivor of institutional abuse, said she had always questioned whether the religious orders had handed over all the documents they had to the commission.


"I think some sort of inquiry needs to come about following the disclosure of these documents and the question needs to be asked to the other religious orders 'so have they anything that they have failed to disclose to the commission?'," she said.

She said any order found to have withheld documents should be "heavily penalised" and suggested they should pay a greater share of the €680m compensation bill.

The Brothers of Charity did not respond to requests for comment on why the documents were not disclosed to the commission.

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