The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Talked with a caranua adviser today about two scares over my eyebrows which happened to me inl London when I was ONLY 14 years  old, at the time I was in a very dark place in my life, and was self medicating to help deal with the hurt and pain I was feeling at the time,

 begged to get Laser treatment  only to be told NO

Adviser  told me later the same day that it would go ahead

 Tired of having to beg


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There is a whole host of other Caranua Stuff


If you haven't alreasy done so Check it out?

 i have scars and bumps but how they got there?? when i try-ed to get my medical and records history at first they stated i was never there, until i proved it, they produced a one page with just my name and small details when i left but no history of my life. a lot to hide. i will never know    

Hi Frank I got the go ahead from Caranua to have Lazar done , which I, very pleased about, Frank what institution where you in. I hope you have a lovely  christmas,

well that is good but i would be refused here USA i cant get them to refund me my cost for eye test and reading glass;es now 4 months out of pocket now over $550.00 my institution was in sligo and st johns school  sligo was also bad beating every day. will it never end 

 How are you Frank?, Did you get anywhere with caranua 



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