The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Good to meet a couple of you at the Sham meeting held by Caranua yesterday. Myself and several of the survivors were very upset in the manner we were treated by Mary Higgins.  She wouldn't even look at me when I was talking to her and I was told by another survivor she had the same treatment.  One survivor phoned me this morning saying she couldn't sleep last night because of the impact this woman who is being paid out of our money treated her. One adviser is leaving because he is unable to help the survivors to get funding for their requirements as he put it "his hands are tied and the goal posts are being changed all the time".  Anyone interested in joining us to write a letter to the minister informing him of our concerns.  Mary Higgins definitely has her favourites I saw it for myself and I bet their funding has not been cut off.

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Sadly I missed the Caranua Promotion Event , as there were many Questions that Could have been asked and I was quite interested in finding out what services there were for those not living in "LONDON" as I believe there aren't really any?

I was also going to tout for membership of the Website because the only way that we can become representative is by joining in one place?

And develop a Real Membership that can Veto Survivors Groups!

There is a similar thread Mr Quinn offers assistance over Caranua

Maybe you can work in conjunction with Berni there?

Interesting Personal Message

It Reads

At 17:16 on November 22, 2015, Elizabeth Nicholas said…

HI Helen it was really nice to see you yesterday at the Radisson.  What a bloody sham it was just to promote caranua . A lot of ladies from what I could make out and men were very upset and disgruntled because of the way they are being treated by caranua.  This is not right by anyones standard ,  they say they are there to help but I don't think from what I saw yesterday that is true.   I did speak to the CEO and asked her why she should be paid that kind of salary but I just received a very cold  stare.   Was also furious about the food as some of us travelled  a long way you would think they would lay on something more substantial than a bloody biscuit.  Can you remember the man,'s name who was taking our names as we came in.  I thought it was a shambles and I wont be attending another.  Just to finish the lady that was talking to the CEO just before me,  left almost in tears I asked her if she was o.k. her reply was no I'm bloody not and then left.



Lovely to see  you to Elizabeth and what a farce that meeting was.  Higgins is only interested in the £100,000 plus she is given and this is a  gross misuse of our money. I saw a lot of upset people and another guy described Higgins as an IGNORANT PIG.  How on earth did she get that job when her people skills are clearly lacking and she has no empathy with us.  I would like us to get together and write a letter to the minister regarding her conduct to the survivors. 

I attended briefly and didn't feel exactly welcome and I only found out about the event via this forum!!
Caranua have my email address and I wasn't notified.. Was anyone else? I'm not even sure if I understood the reason for the event?? I could feel a huge amount of anxiety in the room.. Survivors appeared to be isolated from one another. At least that was my view from the short time I was in attendance. Was there any communication as a group collectively that was addressed by Mary Higgins? & I guess if you top up the event hire costs, flights and accommodation it's just more money spent.. For what benefit exactly?

Hi Cormac I would have welcomed you had I seen you and  I felt exactly the same as you when I walked in.  I have to say though the only supportive stand there was Mind Yourself and I have met most of the staff from that organisation and they are so helpful and supportive to us.  We have been doing an art therapy course in their building which is held by Dr. Mary Ladatto who runs the course and gives her time freely and Mind Yourself also support us.   Mary is a survivor and truly wants to help the survivors and we were hoping to get funding for this to buy materials etc  but doubt we will as there won't be enough in the fund to pay Higgins fat salary

Hello Helen,

Yes I'm sure you would have!!
The trouble is everyone is feeling the same.. Isolated, frustrated, insulted and are feeling like beggers. I didn't know Mary was a survivor!? Wow.. Interesting

Exactly Cormac I hate having to explain to dentists, bed shops etc how we are being funded.  They all look up the website to make sure  the cheque is valid  and I feel like that little girl in the orphanage again when the nuns told me I was a nobody.  I swear I have been treated differently when I went to the dentist because it was being funded by Caranua and now don't trust the dentist but he already has the cheque.  Did u speak to Mary Ladatto - she is really lovely and I am thoroughly enjoying the art therapy she has put in place for us  free of charge.



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