The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

I have been reading a lot of bad comments about caranua and feel i had to say something 'i have been dealing with them and i found them very helpful'they have helped me a lot without a lot of fuss'

i feel it has to said i thought they were very helpful adn i have to give praise were it due


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Hi Tony, ThanX for Joining, and Posting; it can't all be negative!

Would love to hear Specifics of ways they have helped you?

good for you. well how did thay help you!!!!!!!!!!!!. i have broken my arm. i have ostioporose since i was 25 years old so when i get injured it takes time to heal. burst eardrums ruined my sense of balance. so here i am paying for help. as do hundreds of survivers. these groups only deal with those who can get around. knowing that pottery lessons are available in dublin or english lessons is no help at all.


There is very different feedback @ the Following discussion  @

 well i don't agree as i have a very bad time and very little respounce    just hell trying to deal with them

 well good NEWS from CARANUA. got a phone call on 28nov it look.s like things are changing  was told a new system for refunds has been put in place and should now receive within, 2 weeks  so was quite pleased to hear this, now hope to see my refund soon now waiting over nearly 12 weeks. as for my education?? request to learn Spanish its a NO NO Someone does not see it as EDUCATION.  

well this did not happen everything is still the same no refund money and its Christmas i am out of nearly $500.00 every time i contact them the cheque is in the mail now waiting 4 MONTHS. THEY MUST BE HAVING A GOOD LAUGH AT MY EXPENSE. why did i get involved with them .

There is aCompimenary Post Full to the Brim of latest Stuff on Caranua @

You can read it and join in the Conversation there?

Well Tony I am glad you got what you need for now my main concern is when this fund is used up on wages and survivors have gone back to  the lives they are suffering then alone and nothing left what then?

Lets all remember one thing here this is OUR compensation and this money is DONATED by the people for the people after taxes paid.

Since when do Government Bodies have the right to distribute the people's own compensation? from money that is OUTSIDE Politics.?

Tony I am however only happy you have got help and I am sure all survivors are too.

But I must say Survivors can claim to repair and use funds only according to the CARANUA and NOT according to very SERIOUS NEEDS such as our YOUNG CHILDREN.

As a Survivor I live in a rural area where no one knocks on me door and have a little girl I was blessed with but sadly the Mother left me and I get to see my Daughter each other day. I applied to use my money in this fund to get my little girl into local activities where she could be seen on the very same level as other children and make friends, I PLEADED for funds from the previous education fund andI was IGNORED by the Education Office who then eventually promised there will be something in the future fund ( caranua ) since young children of survivors received nothing and were not intitled to anything in the original education fund. I have so many emails of refusals and now i am told I CANNOT CLAIM MY MONEY TO FUND MY DAUGHTERS DEVELOPMENT NO NO NO NO and they know I am on disability allowance in a RURAL AREA that is PROVEN in the news to be 1/3 worse off that urban standars. This is the SHOCKING REALITY. This Fund has Survivors turning on each other I even had someone turn on me and say we cannot have children jumping on the band wagon I said who the F... are you to say how i can spend my compensation. The money for our CHILDREN come from our welfare funds and these funds are just not there not even the xmass box that was available during the redress all classes got thius fund in Ireland. But the cuts in ireland STOLE young Childrens XMASS money to pay rich filthy B(w)ankers this is the Irish Political party Fianna fail Fina gael and Labour Gangsters who stole Irish People's lives invented slavery of children and dumped them out of the public eye to their disgrace

hi again, hope this helps, i am sure like most of us you had your experences of the last, the education board. so when i learned of this new setup, i put my name down at the begining.. anyway, if you want something done, they need a paper trail, not their fault. for example, if you want serious work done for someone who has are may have special needs, you need a report from an occupational therapist, cost about 300 e. they will except this as valid. it will be better to get an engineer to pull it all together, this will take it out of your hands and head, cheques should not be made out to you, ever. for structural stuff you will again need an engineers report and 3 estimates to get the work done, the engineer will do this for you. so if you need tripple glazing for example, get a detailed letter from your doctor, bring your dad with you. the same procedure if you want cctv. no matter were you live, like all of us, they can google you house, so saying it is rural and it is not is not a good idea. hope this helps. can i say that looking back will only get you a pain in the kneck. 

 well this is not what i have been going thou i am now waiting 4 months for refund of my own savings that i spent and forward all the receipt with papers NOTHING back i was robbed

Hi frank. i donno the name of the boss of caranua, get that and email them,direct, with facts only,stating at the end of you mail that you hope hear  from them. and ask for an aknolagemet of you corespondence, forget the phone,unless they ask you to phone. wait seven days, do it again, get your own paper trail, only phone at there request. in your mail, give your contact no's and best times to not let anyone live in your head rent free.

hope this helps.

perhaps those who are having dificulty should contact one of us who have not had any.......



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