The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Contacting Ernest J. Cantillon Solicitors Cork to take Action Against the Irish Government!

Jimmy sent me a Copy of his letter to Ernest J. Cantillon Solicitors Cork

He has asked me to post it on his behalf.

Hi Rob, Can you please put copies of my 2 letters up on your site for other survivors to read, and if in agreement with my aims, to get the Caranua project abandoned , in favor of a fair and proper share out of the existing funds to the remaining qualified Survivors, then perhaps email's/letter s of support from as many Survivors as possible , to both party's , would help us a lot, and show our overall feelings on the entire matter !
Whatever needs to be done, apart from protests etc , needs to be done ASAP, before we all get diddled out of our money, given to us by the Religious, but with Quinn taking control of it, and insulting us all by this illegal outfit Caranua, which any intelligent person can see, is not fit for purpose, it is illegal, and the ultimate further abuse on all Survivors, most now in their elder years.
I would love to see every Survivor start some serious protest now against this sick treatment Quinn is master minding ! And hitting us with !
Put this up as well, if you think it will help
Thanks Rob.

I have removed the Contact information to protect his Privacy


I have Attached the Letter he Sent to Ruari Quinn t this Post




Dear Earnest,


Most Survivors who had their cases heard at the RIRB, were humiliated, badly short changed, received awards that were a pittance and insult to them , and were encouraged by their respective legal teams, Solicitors/Barristers,   to sign gagging orders, (which carried various threats,  including fines, imprisonment or both),  in acceptance, or risk losing out completely on their petty awards .


This  was very bad advice at the time, and left a sour taste in the mouths of Survivors of Irelands shame . It also made it impossible for Survivors to ever trust Solicitors again.


However, being very impressed with your firms handling of Louise O Keefes recent case at the ECHR, I am writing to you to seek your assistance  by representing Survivors to this same venue,  with our issues regarding Minister Quinn’s Caranua scheme , which for all intent and purposes is illegal, corrupt ,engineered, designed and produced by Quinn in order to inflict further abuse on the remaining Survivors,  and deprive us of what is our Statutory Trust Fund, our rightful money , as contributed to us by the Religious, along with their long awaited apologies and final recognition

Of the serious injury and damage that was handed to us as Children by them ,at the various gulags and institutions of  so called Holy Ireland .


There is currently £110 million plus in this fund, with a promise of further money  from the sale of various properties, and lands held by the Religious.


The existing Survivors , mostly now in their elderly years, feel that the proper way to deal with this overall issue, is to share out this fund in an equal and fair manner , thus allowing Survivors the opportunity to decide how to spend this money, on their own quality of life, and  their families , and not to be dictated to Quinn , who effectively is high jacking our fund for his ulterior motives and administering it with criteria, rules, nonsense regulations,   terms and conditions , that makes  it virtually impossible for any Survivor to  gain a cent from what is rightfully theirs to begin with .


In order for Quinn to carry out this scheme, he had to effectively create a new outfit to replace our STF, and Caranua was produced, using his power and new legislation, taking up much of Survivors time, over 6 years, in which time sadly,  we lost many Survivors. 


Those Survivors  we lost ,    their spouses and family   are now denied any sort of  consideration for claiming what should have gone to them, 

 as his bent rules dictate !


The entire Caranua is a fraud, certainly not designed to help or assist Survivors, as they claim. It is a total farce , criminal , unjust, and amounts to bare faced robbery of Survivors money .


Ernest , I enclose various copies of Survivors posted comments to you for your perusal, I feel that after reading through it all , you will agree and see that we have a valid argument as to the disposal of OUR money, it is with out- doubt an infringement of our human rights, and only the power of the ECHR , with your assistance , would ensure that this entire illegal business  of Quinn’s Caranua, gets a just and fair hearing.


In this respect I, along with most Survivors ,  would ask you to please take this all on board, and represent us by taking our case to the ECHR .


Showing Quinn up to the world , and exposing his contemptible treatment of Survivors , who are now living all over the world.


Please  advise if you can help us,  I am available most days  here at home in the UK , should you need to talk to me, I will be only to happy to assist you further, in any way possible. Or by email .


Thank you for your interest, looking forward to hearing from you , as will the remaining Survivors, (still just about alive ! ) I will keep them informed through our site “SHAME OF IRELAND “.


Yours sincerely        James Moy

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   Hi Catherine, there is no need to thank me, I was delighted to use some of Mr Powers  dosh to supplement my venture, and as I benefitted from my hobby of  playing the nags, I' m much more experienced at the game now, and over the last three years managed to be well in profit, but I will maintain that I am getting the assistance of the person responsible for getting me interested in this hobby at an early age , my dear Mother, bless her. !

She got me interested , initially, when I was about 6/10 , sending up the give a little envelope, containing her tanner EW on some  nag racing at the curragh or leopards town !

Bye for now Catherine, thanks for your offer, not  necessary, Paddy Power is my new found friend, while i 'm ahead, let him be your friend too ! And all our fellow Survivors too !

My email address is   jimmyspantry @aol. com , should you ever need a shoulder to lean on, Babs wont mind !


Sorry Catherine , I meant to also advise you that the BEE'S down here in Sussex are going on strike,  apparently they want shorter flowers, and more HONEY    !!!!!!

Catherine, I mention this , only because it was one of the many sayings, of my loving and caring Mum, who had loads of them, possibly one for every situation folk come up against in life, and in my 71 years have found to be very beneficial to me, , especially whenever I was in a dilemma, enigma, or simply stumped for an answer, I would sit there and try to work out the solution, when out of the blue, the answer would pop into my head,!

I would feel her presence, and  I am certain that She is behind

much of my success , not only at playing the gee gee's, but in many other areas of life's experience's ! When ever this occurred, , it was the usual response, while pondering, and asking myself, "What would Mammy do in this situation ?" when the answer would magic itself into my mind !

I will die a happy Bunny, knowing that my Mammy ,who was always there for me in life, is just as much there for me now ,watching over me and guiding me ! The evidence is overwhelming !

Mammy excelled at almost everything She turned to in life, , She was a skilled Bridge player, and played for Ireland many time's both at home in Ireland and abroad,

She was an excellent cook, baker, and inspiration to me, all through my life, where ,for various other reasons, I ended up in bother, in an institution in the back side of  an isolated place in Co Cork, serving time  in the British Army , not once , but twice,,  in my life, in my desperate attempt to make something of myself, , expand on the wee bit of education I had managed to extract from the Dandy and the Beano ! which as a kid , I would beg borrow, or steal !

And most of all,  the  terrible abusive Childhood that  I and my dear Mammy, had received  from  a drunken Dad , Husband, AND  bully,   in my early  Childhood.

That's  another story , but suffice to say ,that when at the age of 12 ,  in the Children's, Court in Dublin ,up on juvenile charges,  a certain Judge McCarthy saw fit to fire me down to that Gulag known as St Patricks Industrial School , located at Upton Co Cork, to the loving care and Doctrine of the Rosminion group, to be educated, cherished, Fed, and prepared for the outside world,  in 1955 !

On entering that place, I was already suffering from PTSD, courtesy of my Dad, and a further two years of this so called care and education etc.,  that our Parents were Brainwashed into believing was the case, but so far has now been established to be the complete opposite , when the crap hit the fan in the 60's !

I was sent to that gulag ,aged 12, to remain there until I was 16, but at 14 , when allowed home for my first break in two years, and on the second night of that visit , I was dragged down to the shed at the end of the garden, by my Dad, where he subjected me to a beating , using a length of electric cable, to achieve this, he was a strapping big man, had seen service in the war, while in the British army, and also a few years in the Irish army,

Well he was knocking forty shades of shit out of me, when my Mammy ran in and pleaded with him to stop, screaming out  "you will kill him !"

He did stop, took hold of my left ear and made me limp back to my bedroom, propelled me across the room onto the old brass framed bed, screaming that he was not finished with me, that he would make me sorry for saying about the abuse, physical and mental, starvation, constant fear, anxiety, stressful situations, scars, and nightmares that were part and parcel of this wonderful doctrine of care !

As you and many Survivors  here know,  that was the rules ,  stance,  and influence of   the R/C/Church in Ireland  at the time, laid down on its population, through fear and intimidation , it was simply taboo to say anything about the Church in them times !

Me Mammy had made the mistake of confiding to him ,on the second night, that She had observed ,in those two first days, that I was very quite, with- drawn, subdued, and on further questioning by her, I had told her that this picture and impression She had of the nice Religious, simply did not exist, and mentioned about some of the abuse that myself and many of the other boys were subjected to, I did , however relate to the sexual abuse, or the seven times I was raped by the band of paedophiles that were serving with the Rosminions !

Catherine, will continue in my next post, before that hi jacker pops in and nicks my post as has happened before!

 Continuing "Jimmy's Redemption",  for Catherine ,and any other Survivor who no doubt has experienced similar  events and distress in there lives !

To conclude Catherine, after that bashing from my Dad, I got out of bed , got dressed, broke the lock on the gas metre ,took all the old penny's and half pennies, out ,filling my pockets, and sneaked quietly out  of the house, , walked into Dublin City, managed to find a little sweet shop, and the kindly lady changed up all that coinage into £2 , 2 and a Tanner, , a half crown,  for me, a lot of money in them days, , I bought a bottle of milk and some rock cakes,  and adopted the band stand in Fairview park , where I put in the day, until the evening , found my way to the north wall, and got on the cattle boat to Liverpool, where after a week dossing around, I found shelter in a Catholic Church, and fell asleep, in a back row of the Church , only to be found by the Priest, , who on seeing the state of me, ,took me to his house in the grounds and got his housekeeper to knock up some food for me ,and a big mug of tea, which to this day the memory I treasure, a big sarnie of slices of crispy bacon and two fried eggs , pure magic to a starving child. !

After this was all consumed, I told this Priest that I had an older brother , who lived in a place in Aylesbury , Buckinghamshire , and it was my intention to some how get to him, I told him that Terry was a fitter, employed at a Chocolate factory called nestles, , so the priest went out of the room, leaving me with the lovely housekeeper,, who was about 60ish  and had the quality's of being a wonderful mum, just like mine !

Father o Brien entered the room, and frightened the bejasus out of me, saying he had been talking to the Police, (you can imagine the scenario)  in Aylesbury, and they went to nestles, located my Brother , who had borrowed his mates car and was currently on his way to Liverpool to pick me up !

We reunited that afternoon, and we went back to Aylesbury , where he and his lovely new Wife, took me under there wing, and looked after me well ,over the next two years !Hand Philomena, had only married a few weeks earlier, ,and on noticing my shoes ,with holes in the soles, he gave me his wedding shoes, which fitted like a glove. !   That Brother Terry ,was the kind Father figure to me , we were very close, and his Tipperary Wife Phil was also a wonderful person, beautiful, charming ,and kindly, She worked at the same factory as Terry,  on the production line,  and I soon put on weight with all the lovely sweets staff were allowed to purchase cheaply !

Catherine, , that for the moment concludes this part of my life, thanks for listening, I simply wanted to demonstrate how sayings of my Mammy that I have clung to all my life, have proved so true, and some of them to this day raise a smile, like,  cleanliness is next to godliness ,Always make sure you wear clean under wear, in case you get knocked down by a bus, !that one cracks me up !

But probably the most sensible one ever is  "The pen is mightier than the sword !

After experiencing several terms of imprisonment in various prisons , in Germany,

Pentonville, London,  Wormwood Scrubs, , Jersey , channel Islands, Oxford , etc.

all for fighting and GBH , the day finally hit home that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword, and its like a form of therapy, I enjoy it, and it feel that some how it helps to unload it at sites like this great place that Rob has created , and i'm proud that my efforts are helping other Survivors, and hopefully inspire them as much as my lovely Mammy does !

Be Strong

Jimmy,  PS Catherine ,

Rob will be receiving lots of stuff soon from me, about my approach to  Declan Duggan to represent us, and will i.m sure put a lot off this on our site here to keep everybody updated..

Sorry , another thing I enjoy relating to is, when some folk ask where I was educated, I reply the CBS school in Dun Laoghaire, the the gulag in Cork then a spell  at Oxford ! that always raises eyebrows  !

One further point . although that basket McCarthy sent me that distance all the way down in the arsehole of Upton, Innishannon to that gulag called St  Patricks,

that involved a long journey by rail for my Mammy , Heuston in Dublin, to cork city then another train out to Upton, , which caused her much expense and in convenience, and a bloody long day,  in order to visit me, yet McCarthy could have sent me to a a gulag 1 mile away from our home in Dun Laoghaire , called Carriglea, and when those residents were brought out for a walk to the seaside , we could hear there hobnailed boots  marching along the road !

Or he could have sent me to Artane, which was on the north side of Dublin, but a lot easier for me Mammy to access !

THE church and the state sure have a lot to answer for !


Hi Jimmy you make me sad and happy when I read about your childhood so many of us have had similar experience in Ireland Godforsaken industrial schools.My brother was in Artane for six years need I say anymore.Delighted

you had such a lovely Mum love her sayings I remember them well and I am

sure she still looks out for you what a wonderful feeling.Take care Catherine.

PS Jimmy you could write a book best seller.

Love to read Jimmy's posts, It's like you can hear him ;-)

Catherine , delighted to make you smile, sorry about thee sad bits, but at least we all understand that crappy part of our lives, we are Survivors, united , through this great site, founded by a super person who is Welsh, but as I suspect  has a bit of paddy in him some where, Me Mammy once remarked that God ,in his infinite wisdom, created this situation, simply to allow us to build the motorways, Government building s of importance , hospitals, and help educate the world to the magic of being blessed with the Shamrock !

There is much evidence in this, my name is Moy , it is of Chinese origin, and an older well educated step  brother of mine  Paul, with a string of letters after his name, MA, BA  ,etc  ,   traced our family history, which goes way back to ancient China , and discovered that our namesakes were belong to a faction of Chinese royal blood, so it is possible that I could have connections with that of a prince, and not a prat like me ! 

Funny thing is ,I do have slanty eyes,  and as a child , in school ,other kids use to call me various names like chink ,specky four eyes, etc. And as regards the specks  , I used to hate wearing them , and broke many pairs tru fighting and being teased about them, I had a wicked temper, thanks to the shit I was experiencing at home, from a drunkard dad, who subjected me and me Mammy to much physical abuse ,tru my early childhood, and the first years of his second,  marriage,  to my Mum, , sorry ,don't  know if I phrased that right, . but he had Been married to a very beautiful lady , who had 4 boys for him ,when she died quite young at 26 , from leukaemia, , and about a year later or so , he met my Mammy, they got married and She took on two of his boys, Terry & Vincent, , then I was born , then a Sister Yvonne ,then finally, Cyril, .!!

Back to the issue of the glasses, when ever I had an issue in the school yard, with other bullies, at football or whatever, and they would say things like , they would not fight or hit a boy with glasses, off the would come and I always got the first punch in, which earned me much respect, especially as , like me forefathers, ,I was small for me age !But this entire few years at St Michael's CBS  in dun laoghaire, lost me many pairs of the bloody things, lucky enough me Mammy would soon get them replaced free of charge from  local clinic ! ,

As regards my step brothers, they excelled at their schooling , and both went on to be first class gold medal winners at motor mechanics , while Vincent became a drummer in his spare time with the Glasthule pipe band,

and Terry pursued his interest in football and electrics, then electronics, , eventually emigrating to the uk around the time of conscription, was called up for national service in the army, but avoided that by joining the RAF, where he excelled at electronics in aviation, and served all over the world, attaining the rank of Sgt Technician

and finished up his career in the RAF stationed at Valley, north wales, a place that Rob would be aware off. As well as Prince William !

Vincent took the same road to London, and got a job at Fords in Dagenham, rising tru the ranks to a grand title of designer motor Technician in all the proto type new motors that Ford introduced down the years, he married his sweetheart Kay Cussion   who hailed from Cabra, in Dublin, and they settled in Chelmsford Essex, as it was nearer to his Job at Fords experiential depot   in Borham Wood. Essex.

My other two step brothers were being reared over in  Ranlagh  an nice area of south Dublin, by my Dads two Sisters, who were well to do Spinsters, they got them good educations each, thru uni ect, with a load of letter after their names, Daniel went into the RAF, With a top rank, as an Education officer, and ended up with the rank of Squadron Leader  serving time at different locations, inc Germany,, and other areas of the UK.

Funny incident, while serving in Germany, Danny , as I called him , heard that I was also serving in the medical corp at an British hosp, located at Iserlohn, and he took it upon himself to pay me a surprise visit, he been based at Gutersloh,  and I had not set eyes on him since our Dads funeral some 11 years earlier, and although I did not resent or disrespect him , he talked with a plumb in his mouth, which to me was sort of snobbery, and got right up my nose ! I am pretty down to earth and try to be as straight as possible with folk,  treat them as they treat me, so to speak,!

Anyway, the outcome of this visit of his cost me seven days jankers, peeling millions of spuds in the big Kitchen of the Hospital canteen, the entire place being run by the British, Canadian , and American medical corps,   plus those lovely band of Wrens, Queens Alexandra's nursing corp. !

I was on an afternoon s break , knocking balls about on a snooker table at our games room attached to our naffi

with this Canadian medic, who I had befriended some months previous, he was from one of them Indian true blood tribes, back home in BC, and we hit it off great, we had a lot in common, and many of his clans Children were also on the receiving end of all sorts of abuse from the Irish Religious sent out there to apply there so called Christian doctrine !

Our game was interrupted when the duty runner came in to room, and addressed me , saying PTE MOY

your to go to the gatehouse, you have an important visitor there who wants to meet you, so down I went to the gatehouse, and on entering , observed this RAF man, in his splendid regalia officers uniform , was standing with his back to me , reading some stuff on the wall, so I said to the desk sgt, you wanted me sarge, he replied yes pte moy , I believe thas officer is your brother, and when I turned round to confront him, Danny smiled and came towards  me hand outstretched to shake our  hands, , when that jobs worth upstart of a Sgt shouted at me to salute the officer, but I turned to him and told to take a hike, this was my brother and I don't or wont salute him,!

The Sgt was just about to go ballistic, when Danny intervened, and said it was not a problem, and ushered me out the door, I took him to the naffi, and then took him in his car later to show him round Iserlohn, he was driving a top of the range Merc,  and I was very envious of this at the time, later in the evening he left to drive to his base, and that's the last I ever seen of him. But he is still alive, lives in Wiltshire, and we exchange xmas cards,  

I do also know, that he had a triple by pass on his heart last year, performed by his own daughter ,, a heart specialist, and is making out ok.

to conclude this exciting yarn , Sgt thinngymajig    had me up on a fizzer next morning for failing to salute an

h'officer of her majesty's forces, and I got landed with peeling spuds for a week, giving me plenty of time to reflect that I could have been on a par with any of my brothers, if only our childhoods had been different ! 

My psyshocoligist , Gerrilyn Smith, a lovely Canadian lady , who examined and produced the report to my Solicitor in Dublin, after 5 hours in her London clinic, conclude her report by stating that I was clearly under educated, and that if I had received an decent education , I would have been dangerous !

Well, folks , I virtually am self taught, though I was well helped initially by me lovely Mammy, and still to this day strive to put what I am able to do ok , to use, I do enjoy writing, and especially when engaged in battles that involve our human rights, injustices, and the ranting of bloody lunatics such as Quinn and his wicked band of merry men ! Hell bent on abusing us all over again in our old age !

Keep strong everyone, keep up the fight for what is rightfully OURS !



Great letter Jimmy, Seanie back in Canada again.

Missed you saenie! Great to have you back -man hug-

Hello Rob,

Lovely hearing from you, I have been trying to access this site using my new address, but just now found that I have to use the old address and password. I have just read all the letters and am not surprised at the result of the solicitors that Jimmy had contacted, he has worked his ass off trying to get this caranua thing out of our lives, unfortunately, and I am not a person who gives up easily, but have to face with  dealing with a squad of lawyers hell bent in going the caranua way, As I am in another country and am not receiving any of the entitlements afforded those of us in the UK and Ireland I, personally have to fend for myself as have those other survivors outside the EU. My medical bills that I have to pay, drugs etc. would shock you, If I go out of the country I have to pay thousands of dollars for coverage, up to now around $3000 for four months coverage. I had a heart attack so shovelling heavy snow is a no no, now but I have to get it moved to get into the house and living on a pension does not allow forking out money for that service, just one instance where caranua is helpful to us in Canada. They have told me that they will pay for that service. Our roofs are shingled not slate or tiled and have to be redone every 20 years, ours is 20 years old and needs redoing, costs around $10,000, they tell me get an estimate and they will pay for that, I need glasses, my teeth cleaned etc. they tell me that they will pay for that, so you see Rob and fellow survivors, if I at age 79 I start waiting for them to agree to disbanding this caranua scam, you would find a blind corpse laying face down in a snow bank with no teeth and the water running out the front door of the leaking roof house. I realise that none of these cases apply to the UK or Ireland as survivors have these medical services etc. covered already ? at least we were before I left Ireland and England. I will support Jimmy and all of you in your quest to get rid of caranua especially in the UK and Ireland as it appears to be of no use to you there. Peggy was rushed into hospital in February whilst we were in Arizona, (caranua does not cover me whilst I am out of the country either) I had covered Peg during the flu season, January and February, 30 days coverage, cost me around $450 for that 30 days, she spent three days in hospital in Yuma, cost to insurance company $20,000 if I had not covered her we would have had to sell our house, her medication, four tablets a day, $800 for 30 days, the insurance pays the first, I pay all else from then on, caranua does not cover her no matter where she gets sick. I could not afford to cover myself at all and hoped that I would not have a problem with the heart as they call it a pre existing condition and will not cover it. So there you have our unfortunate situation from the other side of the pond.  We travel to Yuma each year to get away from winter, it was fine when we were younger, skiing etc. hung the skis up a long time ago and we live cheaper down there, everything is cheaper than Canada, everything.

All the very best to you and God bless. PS. We still have three feet of snow at our house. It's April 15th I think.




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