The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Contacting Ernest J. Cantillon Solicitors Cork to take Action Against the Irish Government!

Jimmy sent me a Copy of his letter to Ernest J. Cantillon Solicitors Cork

He has asked me to post it on his behalf.

Hi Rob, Can you please put copies of my 2 letters up on your site for other survivors to read, and if in agreement with my aims, to get the Caranua project abandoned , in favor of a fair and proper share out of the existing funds to the remaining qualified Survivors, then perhaps email's/letter s of support from as many Survivors as possible , to both party's , would help us a lot, and show our overall feelings on the entire matter !
Whatever needs to be done, apart from protests etc , needs to be done ASAP, before we all get diddled out of our money, given to us by the Religious, but with Quinn taking control of it, and insulting us all by this illegal outfit Caranua, which any intelligent person can see, is not fit for purpose, it is illegal, and the ultimate further abuse on all Survivors, most now in their elder years.
I would love to see every Survivor start some serious protest now against this sick treatment Quinn is master minding ! And hitting us with !
Put this up as well, if you think it will help
Thanks Rob.

I have removed the Contact information to protect his Privacy


I have Attached the Letter he Sent to Ruari Quinn t this Post




Dear Earnest,


Most Survivors who had their cases heard at the RIRB, were humiliated, badly short changed, received awards that were a pittance and insult to them , and were encouraged by their respective legal teams, Solicitors/Barristers,   to sign gagging orders, (which carried various threats,  including fines, imprisonment or both),  in acceptance, or risk losing out completely on their petty awards .


This  was very bad advice at the time, and left a sour taste in the mouths of Survivors of Irelands shame . It also made it impossible for Survivors to ever trust Solicitors again.


However, being very impressed with your firms handling of Louise O Keefes recent case at the ECHR, I am writing to you to seek your assistance  by representing Survivors to this same venue,  with our issues regarding Minister Quinn’s Caranua scheme , which for all intent and purposes is illegal, corrupt ,engineered, designed and produced by Quinn in order to inflict further abuse on the remaining Survivors,  and deprive us of what is our Statutory Trust Fund, our rightful money , as contributed to us by the Religious, along with their long awaited apologies and final recognition

Of the serious injury and damage that was handed to us as Children by them ,at the various gulags and institutions of  so called Holy Ireland .


There is currently £110 million plus in this fund, with a promise of further money  from the sale of various properties, and lands held by the Religious.


The existing Survivors , mostly now in their elderly years, feel that the proper way to deal with this overall issue, is to share out this fund in an equal and fair manner , thus allowing Survivors the opportunity to decide how to spend this money, on their own quality of life, and  their families , and not to be dictated to Quinn , who effectively is high jacking our fund for his ulterior motives and administering it with criteria, rules, nonsense regulations,   terms and conditions , that makes  it virtually impossible for any Survivor to  gain a cent from what is rightfully theirs to begin with .


In order for Quinn to carry out this scheme, he had to effectively create a new outfit to replace our STF, and Caranua was produced, using his power and new legislation, taking up much of Survivors time, over 6 years, in which time sadly,  we lost many Survivors. 


Those Survivors  we lost ,    their spouses and family   are now denied any sort of  consideration for claiming what should have gone to them, 

 as his bent rules dictate !


The entire Caranua is a fraud, certainly not designed to help or assist Survivors, as they claim. It is a total farce , criminal , unjust, and amounts to bare faced robbery of Survivors money .


Ernest , I enclose various copies of Survivors posted comments to you for your perusal, I feel that after reading through it all , you will agree and see that we have a valid argument as to the disposal of OUR money, it is with out- doubt an infringement of our human rights, and only the power of the ECHR , with your assistance , would ensure that this entire illegal business  of Quinn’s Caranua, gets a just and fair hearing.


In this respect I, along with most Survivors ,  would ask you to please take this all on board, and represent us by taking our case to the ECHR .


Showing Quinn up to the world , and exposing his contemptible treatment of Survivors , who are now living all over the world.


Please  advise if you can help us,  I am available most days  here at home in the UK , should you need to talk to me, I will be only to happy to assist you further, in any way possible. Or by email .


Thank you for your interest, looking forward to hearing from you , as will the remaining Survivors, (still just about alive ! ) I will keep them informed through our site “SHAME OF IRELAND “.


Yours sincerely        James Moy

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Hi Saenie,

Great to hear from you, Sorry to hear about you and Pegs Health problems.

Really Pleased that Caranua is going to help you!

Please keep us posted on what they eventually pay?

As in their literature they have financial caps on every item!

I hope these caps do not affect you?

Take Care


Hi Jimmy, very interesting reading as always you certainly have away

with telling your story.

Catherine, this is indeed a great site, for us Survivors to contact each other and support our cause,

Forgot to mention that Gerilyn also interviewed many Survivors for,  and on behalf of our Dublin Solicitors , including my friend Kathleen O Malley, who we often communicate with each other on our common,  It was Kathleen's Birthday recently and She still does not look a day over 21 ! lol.

This is indeed a great site for making friends, and sharing, I never thought that I would be sharing and enjoying the craic with some  very distinguished  writers,  authors  and professionals as are members here, pure magic, and gives me a great lift to be among them , being the black sheep of the Family !

Thanks also to Seanie, agree with Rob, big time , and I've never hugged an ex  SAS man before, but would have loved you to be over here to do so !  I served in the army , and wanted to work up the ranks to go tru the ranks with the Para's,  in order to try for the SAS also, but an underweight squinty eyed Paddy with a Chinese surname did not merit any such potential, so I went driving all sorts of army personnel trucks  and ambulances overseas and the UK. Not bad , considering I could only see clearly in one eye !

to be continued !


Be Strong  


Jimmy's Reply from Ernest Cantillon

Jimmy's Acknowledgement from Quinn's Private Secretary

Jimmy's Reply From Caranua Regarding Eligibility Page 1

Does anyone here notice the amount of letters. postings, and  remarks on here ,all sharing the same DELIGHT, that Caranua, show in their letter to me ?

The overall DELIGHT I would like to see is for Quinn to be overhauled, overthrown, and have his illegal Caranua Scam kicked into touch, it is clearly designed and engineered to throw up as many obstacles as  possible  to prevent any  pennies finding there way into Survivors pockets !

They are DELIGHTED, to tell me that I am eligible , but still want me to submit further proof that I am who I proved I am , in my first and original application, ! Bejapers

, do they think we are all tarred with the same brush as Quinn ???

All delaying tactic's , and at the speed they are moving on actually helping Survivors, one thing is for certain, OUR money, contributed to us by the Religious, but kidnapped by Quinn,& will stay safely under his hands, and will not actually benefit many Survivors ,because of its disgusting criteria, rules, regulations, terms and conditions,  means testing, and most important,   ignorance of our immediate needs and how properly to address them, his failure to allow us a say on anything to do with what is rightfully ours!



Jimmy's Reply From Caranua Regarding Eligibility Page 2

Hi Jimmy how are you and family hope you are all well and happy.

No comments from you of late just wondering if you are ok.

Take care Catherine.

Hi  Catherine, great  to hear from you, yes the good lady and myself have been in the wars lately, health wise, Babs had an accident at work, and the knock on effects are getting her in a state, Will most likely never be able to take up full time employment again, and will be under medical assistance and care for some time to come.

But between us ,we are dealing with issues, and i'm doing all I can to help out, but I am having trouble with the ironing, can do most of it, but the bloody wire in her bra's does me head in !

lucky enough I can knock up a decent meal, thanks to me great Mammy, so we sure wont go hungry. !

As regards my own health, I guess it is right up there with many of our fellow survivors, COPD, emphysema, asthma attacks, weight loss, the buzzing in me ear, tinnitus, seems to have got louder, and

while Babs has to pay for her grey bits to be dyed, mine is cheaper, its dying on its own !

Guess its all part and parcel of the great exciting and varied life we inherited, heaven and hell, its right here on earth as far as I am concerned !

With regards Quinn and his Caranua SCAM, I feel we are all going to experience our second bad ABUSE in our life time, in being deprived of what is right fully ours, the money contributed to us by the Religious, but commandeered  by a poor excuse of an IRISHMAN !   name  of  QUINN, and ably assisted ,it seems by his band of frequently merry men ! and sadly to say Some women !

My research and efforts  to secure the services of two Cork Solicitors was in vain, they both expressed sorrow, but could not help us, due to various reasons, and presently our last hope ,is with Maeve  O Rourke, in London, a Lady Barrister/Solicitor , who one of our fellow survivors recommended named  Cynthia,  and Maeve has been  put in the picture about our issue's and concerns. Hopefully She can help. everything crossed. ! I have indicated that I can travel to London to see her, and supply much paperwork outlining the Scam that is Caranua,

Hope this finds you and yours well,  and in good shape Catherine, stay strong and keep happy.

Regards Jimmy &Babs


Hi Jimmy lovely to hear from you sorry you and Babs are feeling under the weather wishing you both

well soon.Babs is lucky you can help with cooking & ironing my husband would not know where to start

but is very good at decorating so I must not complain.Yes I feel Mr Quinn and companion are hell bent

on this Caranua scam as you have said how do they sleep at night because we don't matter or never will.

i am very grateful to Rob,Cathriona,yourself and everyone who has put so much hard work and effort into

trying to stop this useless fund.Maeve O Rourke is a young Irish lady involved with Magdalene ladies

maybe she can help fingers crossed.Take care Catherine.

Sadly Jimmy had another KNock Back! It is going to be difficult to get an Irish Solicitor to take this Can of Worms on?



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