The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Please comment on these?

Is there anything you want to add or take away?


Item 1
"To represent views and coordinate those who feel that the Residential Redress Board was
unconstitutional and the Indemnity offered to the Religious Congregations of Ireland was Illegal."

Item 2
"This Group Membership is mainly drawn on form the Survivors of the Industrial School System, Their Spouse/Partners, Children and Grand Children; Friends are Welcome and so is anyone that agrees with the Aims and Objective of the Shame Of Ireland"

Item 3
Voting rights can be restricted bepending on the Nature of the Subject being Voted on as the Main Aim of the Group is to "Represent the Views of the Survivor" This is to be discussed in a seperate Topic!


To Lobby the Irish Government to undo the "Great Injustice" it has done in its dealings with the Congregations of Religious Ireland C.O.R.I. Injustices to be discussed in a Seperate Topic I have Started some Discusion Topic Starting with the Words "The Injustice of" If you feel that we need more objectives please add new Discussion Topics in this Way!

Each of the Following OBJECTIVES will be redefined by the discusion of Injustices?

Prosecution of the Abusers.

Dissolution of the Diplomatic Immunity of the Holy See.

Fair and Reasonable Compensation for the Victims of Abuse Above and beyond the Redress Board.

Dissolution of the Statutory Trust Fund on the Grounds that it is Iniquitous.

The Statutory Trust Fund should be dissolved and the Money Paid to the Victims, the other assets pledged by C.O.R.I. should also be paid out to the Victims as it was "Additional Compensation" All Assets including Overseas Assets of C.O.R.I. Should be seized and added to the Compensation of Victims.

Regards Rob

Once these have been agreed they will be put up for a vote one paragraph at a time.

Democracy, Inclusion and Transparency!

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My aim is to totally destroy these bastards, from day one, of my fourteen year sentence, at under three years of age, it was about, seperating me from my family and moulding me into a moronic mindless hateful creature. I have always missed my loving family and have a terrible hate for tbe Irish bootlicking catholics and their mindless Irish Catholic Repuplican State. I hope, as one of your victims that the Muslims of this world, send you all to your much feared hell on this earth and way beyond. Oliver and a very twisted and hatefull Oliver. Damn the bloody murderous Irish Roman Foreign Catholics and burn wherever. Oliver. I hate the fucking Vatican.

I would like to know why the word industriel isint present among all the others. I have been told that the government decided to group reformatory schools and industriel schools. since it states this on our records it  I dont understand this. if i show a copy of the residentel institutations statury fund to social services and my records it doesnt corispond Up untill now survivers who live outside the groups limits are totally ignored. we have had a lot of indifference during our lives but this is no help at all to survivers who only read newspapers now and again informing us what a lot is being done to change things in our lives. please stop this as its very depressing to all of us..

The Statuary Trust Fund is The Devils Pay Packet.   



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