The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

i would appreciate if anyone recorded the Joe Duffy Lifeline program today.     The unabridged version before they hacked it to bits.

Christopher Heaphy.

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Click on the link and scroll down a bit and you'll see the link for the caranua segment of joe duffy today

Hi Barbie, Thank you for the link.  

RTE did a hatchet job on the recorded version of the Joe Duffy "Lifeline" radio show .    

Bernadette Fahy also resigned from Caranua Board nearly two years ago.  

She was on the Joe Duffy radio show the same time as Tom Cronin and Dr. Mary Ladato.    They completely removed all comments made by Bernadette.   One of her comments on radio was that while she was on Caranua Board she was treated as badly as when she was in an Industrial School.  

That is why I asked,  if anyone had recorded the "live" show as it was being aired.

If you know of anyone who recorded the original show,  please let me know.

So much for Ireland being a democracy,  and not a communist controlled state.  

This much censorship in "free Ireland" stinks.

Christopher I did not record it but I did hear Bernadette on and she stated yes she was treated very badly - Joe's tone did change to his bullying way and he knocked Bernadette off so bluntly I mentioned it in one of my tweets on Thursday afternoon - he has obviously been got at - I heard Mary Higgins is out ill for last months - no doubt fully paid by Caranua - /govt obviously bring down the hatches of cover up Again.

Hello,   I did listen to the segments of the phone calls made by the 2 people who resigned and the Solicitor who represents survivors.  Is there anyone in the Irish government that can stop this shower,  they have spent so much money on jollies and moving office when there was no need for the move.  The ceo is off sick on full pay I would imagine and they probably have someone else in her place on a big salary.  

Joe Duffy came across as afraid to say anything that might upset caranua.  The minister is a week man and could not give a damn about survivors,  he was approached a few weeks ago about Mary Higgins resignation and his reply was that would not happen.  mary Higgins is a nasty old woman I have seen her leave a woman in tears on one of their jollies in London at the Radisson hotel which I was told cost £20.000.  I had to wait 20 days for a payment of £20.60 for my annual dental checkup. This shower of people should be shut down and handed over to people with a conscious and empathy and knowledge of running a company.  Most of the fund seems to be running away  surely we (Survivors) deserves better treatment than what is been handed out right now.  I will be in touch  with Catherine Connolly's office again she had caranua on the run a while ago So watch this space

There's this recent broadcast

As for recording of the day you speak of Have Messaged al members to see ;-)

Just checked your posting date for the discussion My link is to the hatchet job

Shared On Twitter.

Regarding helping members and the snow removal help Christopher which I think was brought up in the discussions, I am going on 83, live in the north near Alaska, could'nt get far enough away from my memories, Glin. I realize that the snow fall in Ireland and the England etc. has created havoc for those of my kind living there, I have to put up with that every year and I have a fractured spine to boot, the dogs are walking out of my property over the fence, at present it is four feet deep, Caranua does not help anymore no matter what I request, zero help. I asked for help to return to Ireland to see my final jog through this life, their answer ? have not replied. I have been running too long, almost 70 years. I started running away at age 16 and three months old fending for myself in lodging houses, military active service, etc. I have been around the world, thanks to my holiday in Glin. The Irish government washed their hands of the matter and handed it to this farce, Caranua and Mary Higgins, God help her. I am still running.

Yours truly. Seanie.

Rob you wiĺl be able to get it from the radio station them selves or they might do repeats online for that show on their website..i know its that way for other radio stations here.



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