The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

E-mail to Caranua even though I'm not entitled to any ( apparently )

I just don't know where to go any more. This is my letter to Caranua expressing how ill I'm becoming and I cannot afford treatment.


I really need some help with my physical health. I know you stated I couldn't have money because it was my mother in an institution but my health is in decline and I could become fatally ill through this.
My teeth rotted at the age of 21 due to an eating disorder. Throughout my life I have suffered a mountain of problems including, anorexia, post traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, suicide ideation, self harm and high anxiety whereby if I have an anxiety/panic attack, I lose touch with reality.
My top front 8 teeth have now rotted to the point whereby I cannot eat because I have no back teeth. I broke a tooth the other day on a chocolate bar.  
I'm trying all avenues in order to try and get some dental treatment which is going to cost me around £10,000 or less because if I am unable to eat, I'll simply die. 
I take daily tablets, (Buccastem) to try and prevent actual vomiting and have suffered three internal bleeds because of anorexia.The hospital say that if I don't change things I will die.  I take a vitamin B Compound daily, other vitamin B tablets four times a day and have a vitamin B12 injection every 12 weeks.
My mental health issues are because of the way the institutions treated my mother. I am not entitled to free treatment but at the same time, I can't afford any of the treatment.
I'm only 49 years old and I'm asking you to reconsider allowing me to have funding for my teeth. I am married with 3 children all in their late teens and early 20's. My children are worried about losing their mum and my husband thinks he will lose his wife too.
I am desperate to begin rebuilding my life but not with rotten front teeth.

Kind Regards,
Elizabeth Dormer. 

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Hi my daughter 33she loosing her teeth and she got vitamin D problems and other problems as well but she can't get the help she needs so if your get the help so my daughter

She certainly should too, if your life has had an effect on her life, she should be helped......we all should, send her my blessings x x x 

Dear Survivors,

If you need any help with Dental treatment please contact us.  We have a good relationship with Caruna and have treated quite a few survivors in a sympathetic and kind manor to the highest quality.  Our working relationship with Caruna is designed to minimise stress for the survivors.   We are a multi-award winning dental practice based in London please see our website for more details.  Please contact me on 02073281200 for any queries and bookings

Hello, thank you for your message but after phoning your surgery, it seems I am still unable to do anything unless I reapply to Caranua. As in my previous statement on here I've said that Caranua have refused me as I am not the main survivor and the daughter of a survivor.

As my life was horrific also, I should be entitled and I shall try once more. I won't hold out any hopes though.

Thank you for trying to help.

I Seem To Have Long Ago Understood That One Of The Reasons Camden Council Used To Frequently Give Funding To Irish Groups Was Because It Understood And Was In Sympathy With The Plight Of Irish People In England ... Including The Plight Of Successive Generations Of Irish Bloodline People Born In England  ...  Depression, Unemployment, Ill Health,  Homelessness Etc .

We All Share The History And The Drama To Some Degree Whether Born In Ireland Our Not  .... Dental Problems In Some Countries Are Classified As A Disability (USA i think) .  Dental Problems Really Are A Matter Of Life And Death.  Has Caranua Actually Helped Anybody Ever?  

Sad as it may seem when survivors that actually suffered in industrial schools cannot get help the chance of survivors familys getting he
My phone is on the blink again an I was writing help Caranua was badly handled badly taught true Minester Quinn was more interested in grabbing land than survivors interest In the real world survivors and there fam
Sorry phone gone course children of survivors should have being included far better than a Caranua board becoming millionaires that don't even know what an industrial school was

Agree with you 100% William that money would be better served in our kids pockets 



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