The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

I am still trying to trace my older Sister I have never heard one word back from all the so called services that I contacted 25 years ago , (Bernardos) London Irish Centre services for Survivors, ect I wrote to every Hospital ,couldn't find a Death Cert either , NOT A WORD from any of them, and it is 2018 still have not found my sister it is like she was never born, No Trace at all, I rang that C place in London that was advertised as offering services for survivors Never heard a Word back ,  If I had been able to have stayed in ireland I might have had some kind of info but I was attacked and shouted at > How dare I go back to Ireland bringing down the Catholic Church and a lot worse by a Bully and her friends So I drove to the Ferry really scared of those awful people , My other sister is very sick no doubt all caused by the Devil sadistic Nun's , I Hate Nun's ,and Religion. The RC Church and the bent Politicians caused Ethnic Cleansing of irish people, There never was any Justice IF any survivor got a few Euros they Worked for that as slaves it was NOT Compensation at all,  all survivors should be given a Pension , It belongs to them as well as all the Buildings owned by the Church. 

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I am Geraldines sister. I have moter neurone decease. I hope that our elder sister is all right. But the fact is its as if she had disappeared off the face of the earth. Do these organisations really to find missing family members . I have doubts. I would love to see my missing sister after all these years of hoping.

We Are The "Evidence".  I Found Barnardos To Be Worse Than Useless.  So Many Children's Organisations Are In Reality Paedophile.

Maybe you would like to do and interview with Sallie O. Elkordy as William Gorry didd recently??


You can find Sally atr her page at te link below

The Devil Greedy lawyers were first on Queue and took many Millions for themselves then the Bent Soulless Politicians , then the specials who were not driven out of Ireland nor were made to  feel forced to Flee Their own homeland  unlike many others who Fled fled Ireland to block out the Horror that was inflicted on them as children  The hand picked by the Church and Politicians were set up with Funding to run so called services for survivors  making them thinking they are so Important Not realizing they were been used by the Bent criminal Church Hierarchy and Bent Politicians they are as guilty , they didn't give a Fig for the Abused survivors of the most brutal Child Abuses they suffered in Industrial School's that must Never be allowed to be forgotten.  Ireland Lost so many of her Beautiful Children through the Brutality that was inflicted on them. The Land is soaked in the Blood of Children. The Walls of those who benefited and robbed the survivors your the Walls of your Homes are running with the Tears of the Abused Irish Children. Your Money in your Bank is Blood Money,   It will all come back and  take back from the Lawyers their families ,The Politicians ,and The Church , 

Every word you have written is so true, many of us couldn't leave the country but put up with the crap from people everyday. The ordinary so called people on the streets their children in school never let us forget where we were, so we should never allow anyone of them forget what church and state did to us all.

Yes Indeed Barbie. No Justice = No Peace. This Refers To All Ireland. The Real Patriots Were Abused And Still Suffering The Effects And Most People Have No Clue Yet ....

Wow. Awesome Post Geraldine!  It All Comes Around Again ........

I often wonder how many Young women got pregnant by Priests that was known about and covered up by the Nun's in the Laundry's ,The Politicians did nothing to help knowing what was going on but encouraged the Rape of Ireland's Children and  that Big Nosed Spanish American claiming to be so religious just to line his pockets the same as all of them they allowed  Ireland to be  Spiritually Raped, and some who are the same fat arsed  type's are Ruling the country and ruining it ,  Do the Politicians not realise it is 2018 they seemed to drag it on and on until Survivors started dying off that was the plan.  All those who slaved in Industrial Schools must be properly Compensated without the Bent redress board or bent lawyers it was survivors hard work that enabled the Roman Catholic Church to be able and rich enough to have bought up most of ireland and the property's,  Like The Large Manor House in Rathdrum that was bought from slavery work by children during the 1950's, 

yes I have the whole father / priest thing about me confusing another story.

What became of that poor beautiful  Little Boy Bill??? when he reached the age of 4  was he transported to another Hell Hole to be Abused , The Politicians and Church must know the answer,  also the gorgeous tiny Diabetic Treasa R , Lilly W,  Bernadine was a total Mad  Sadist as were all the Staff. 

Where did the Baby who was found by the Gate go ???? someone must know, Did it's Mother ever try to find him again.?



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