The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

I am still trying to trace my older Sister I have never heard one word back from all the so called services that I contacted 25 years ago , (Bernardos) London Irish Centre services for Survivors, ect I wrote to every Hospital ,couldn't find a Death Cert either , NOT A WORD from any of them, and it is 2018 still have not found my sister it is like she was never born, No Trace at all, I rang that C place in London that was advertised as offering services for survivors Never heard a Word back ,  If I had been able to have stayed in ireland I might have had some kind of info but I was attacked and shouted at > How dare I go back to Ireland bringing down the Catholic Church and a lot worse by a Bully and her friends So I drove to the Ferry really scared of those awful people , My other sister is very sick no doubt all caused by the Devil sadistic Nun's , I Hate Nun's ,and Religion. The RC Church and the bent Politicians caused Ethnic Cleansing of irish people, There never was any Justice IF any survivor got a few Euros they Worked for that as slaves it was NOT Compensation at all,  all survivors should be given a Pension , It belongs to them as well as all the Buildings owned by the Church. 

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The Mother must have been totally Heart Broken having to part with her little Angel her or someones note pinned to his beautiful white hand knitted matney coat> Please call this baby Anthony Edward < little did the person know the brutal damage the  helpless child would be forced to excent from that moment would be confronted by a bunch of Sadistic Child Abusers . so many disappeared  where to ?? so many left Brain damaged, so many Irish Children forced into Slavery ,Babies Beaten for crying , strapped to a potty on the floor until they fell asleep having falling sideways they were only Babies but the so called Nun's and Lay staff beat them for messing the floor, a child who worked in the kitchen got badly burnt when she came out of hospital looking like a Egyptian Mummy wrapped in Bandages  that stuck to her open wounds because her dressings were not changed the smell became putred she screamed with the pain but a Nun dragged her beating and shouting at her to the Back stairs where there was a cupboard and shoved the deeply traumatised  child in terrible Pain and Locked her in we could hear her crying but couldn't do a thing to help her as we would have been murdered , another little beautiful tiny golden  haired Girl was a Diabetic she was supposed to have a Lega Biscuit every day but the staff used to eat it themselves I wonder where and what happened to her ,I have many other memories of abuses , Many survivors from the 1950's were frozen our and denied any voice many if they dared to have a say found themselves Bullied Ignored silenced ,and their story of what happened to them was stolen and used by people who were Not in the Industrial school but were in the Orphanage in later years , the Bent Government and Church knew what they were doing by setting survivors against each other ,  It Worked. 

Did Joe ever get back to his own Mother he was tiny when X took him into GB or was he adopted out ,I hope he has had a good life wherever he is he was a tiny Indian Baby Boy, 

if I remember rightly his Mum was a student at Trinity College I think she couldn't look after Him and Study so the Nun's had open arms and took him in he was treated as a very Special person he didnr mix with the other children nor did he eat with them he eat with the Staff who adored him. They hated every other Child though , 

Little Lilly W  aged about 4 was used by the Vicious Sadistic Evil Monsters as a punch bag. that always sticks in my mind I have a memory of most barbarity that was inflicted on Babies and young children, there are certain Ex industrial people who stayed on past their age of 16 working as Lay staff who were so Cruel they didn't have to flee Their own country but made sure they were in front of the queue saying how they were abused the worst I remember that READ ALL ABOUT IT SHE IS HERE.

yes some so institutionalised they stayed and kept the abuse going.

Little Gorgeous Fair Bill was Severely  Seriously Abused  he was only 4 then Transported to God knows where. 

Rob where do we send our donation for the site's upkeep,  Noone told me Marie had Died I suppose we don't matter I went to her House Fairfield The Still,  Enniscorthy where she lived I wonder if some of my stuff is buried somewhere , 

Geraldine have you ever tried the organization called NOVA? It is located in Ireland, and I can't remember exactly where anymore, but they are very helpful. Their goal is to reunite families. Wishing you luck and best regards.

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