The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Here is my comment on the Journal. I write this without being predigest Ireland is and always was a democratic state men and women lost their Lives for this freedom and must be remembered for such heroism on their backs this is a great democracy and a great people, so today the people deserve to hear the truth. The Magdalen Laundries were every thing that a democracy is not it was a dictatorship where women were forced to work without any crime and locked away and had their babies taken away from them of ten sold for profit plus the actual abuse on the Ladies own lives as well as the abuse of their democratic rights, This Minister must see this from this point of view as every irishman and woman believed this state to be democratic. They were forced to work with no pay it was NOT the dark days those dark days were medieval times but this was later and up to contemporary times, to the birth of the 40s the first adolescence culture, the Rocken Roll Years, The swinging sixties, the glamrock 70s and even the Soul and reggie 80s where men and women were enjoying their lives dancing drinking celebrating, young women enjoying their freedom but behind these walls were a hard life, a cruel life, none of the listed good times but sheer horror a nightmare of fear and corruption, BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS WAS WHERE THESE EXPRESSIONS CAME FROM. JUST AS THE INDUSTRIAL SCHOOLS WHERE THE PUBLIC WERE LED TO BELIEVE CHILDREN WERE FED SCHOOLED AND CARED FOR THEY TOO SUFFERED THE SAME FATE AT THE HANDS OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH IN IRELAND. Where was their human rights where was their equal rights where was their democracy, If these women and children are to be judged by they should be lucky to have a roof over their heads and food in their tummy then what did Ireland fight and die for? So the fat cats can fill their mansions and their dogs? No Poverty is and was a crime against the Irish poor kept there by Greed. These children and ladies worked fingers to the bone in these illegal hell holes and the public were led to believe so different, they are all due wages with interest welfare health, pensions, homes, most are old struggling and dying, the Education minister is keeping all survivors of both schools and Laundries SECTIONED AS VICTIMS, to explain to the public why they invented funds, where all finances will be paid to this office and not the "WITNESSES OF THESE CRIMES" education was constantly first hhhm why? the money. These women and children are now of great age dead, dying, sick, in hospital, in rest homes, in rehabs, on the street, struggling on welfare, still suffering disabilities, on basic pensions, no understanding of living normal lives, busy rearing children and grand children, nursing the sick friends and family, prison, mental problems, no family, living on very basics in rural areas no transport or just not at all interested in education by the way young children of survivors did not qualify for the education fund seems like child development is not oart of education for a child's future but we know this by the cuts in the budget of the high society of ireland. I am sure all gets the point WHY IS EDUCATION ON THE SURVIVOR FUNDS AND FIRST? I THINK THEY JUST DID NOT CARE ABOUT THE SURVIVORS THEY HAVE FEELING FOR THE STRUGGLES THEY HAVE TO PUT BREAD AND BUTTER ON THE TABLE. WHERE IS THE LIST OF WHO BENEFITTED FROM THE SO CALLED EDUCATION FUNDS THE SURVIVORS THEMSELVES OR JUST SOME OF THE FAMILIES? not a hard question The Education Minister even admitted himself he is spearheading the 50 50 deal where Religious compensation toward witnesses/survivors ( sectioned as Victims) are now retitled as contributions from the Religious to pay their 50% of the redress costs, Being that the Government admitted by their own free will that they were guilty and as guilty as the Religious then that guilt can only be 100% each or not at all. So is the Education Minister trying to reshuffle the the Justice Department of Ireland, by saying If two people commit the same crime they can now share 50% each of the fine or do 50% of the time? This seems to be the case. When they pay bills they have always reassured the public of the tax returns on such BILLS, They received over 50% back on the Redress and report bills, anyway what was their rush we survivors were going no where fast? we could not afford to. Surely they did not have to pay such high costs in the first place? One office would have done where is the breakdown of the Bill of Redress and report costs who got paid so much of tax payers money? and why? NONONO cant have that now can we? I bet that would have angered the public, plus how much in taxes did this Government get back?

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