The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

“Illegal” Survey being conducted by Right of Place Second Chance


I see Right of Place Second Chance are now going to conduct a survey on Survivors of Industrial Schools, and are hoping that it will be the biggest survey ever of its kind.


They claim to be using the information they find to shape their services, to ensure Survivors are being offered the services they need. They also state that this information (WILL) be shared with “CARANUA” and other service providers.


Firstly, who has given this group the Authority to do this survey? You must remember, this group always claims “CONFIDENTIALITY” in everything they do regarding Survivors of Industrial Schools. NONE of you in ROP/SC have the credentials, or the know how to conduct such a survey. Now they want Survivors to tell them their problems, so they can pass their experiences on to other bodies like (CARANUA) and other groups.


There goes the (CONFIDENTIALITY) bit out the window straight away.


They are going to give all this Data to a group Caranua who have NO business what so ever to use this information, and neither has any other group.


So in other words, any information you give to them will be distributed to any group they want, basically to who ever they like. This is the Confidentiality you get from this “SO CALLED” Survivor group, Right of Place Second Chance.


Can this group firstly tell Survivors what they Really do for them? I mean as they state themselves, they do NOT provide Monitory Assistance, only advice on how to fill out forms, and simple everyday tasks. Hardly merits them being paid the vast amounts of funding provided yearly to them by the HSE, and other contributors.


I have never ever seen this group tell us anything about the Money they receive from the Apartments at lower Glanmire Road, There are (10) Apartments here, supposedly occupied by Survivors. I wonder just how many Survivors are housed here?


I am told that each resident in these Apartments are paying in the very least €100 per week, so in a Calendar year you are talking about on average €48,000 per year. A nice little earner. It’s no wonder Mr. Walsh wants to keep on the Apartments in Cork, and close the Offices. Will Mr. Walsh please explain to Survivors where this money collected from these Apartments end up? Or is this Information Highly Confidential too?


More about this Survey, you say,


Your staff, you say are extremely excited about this. By the changes you are making in ROP/SC at present Mr. Walsh, it’s a wonder there are ANY staff left after your last changes. I believe, it’s going to be an ALL-family affair now, with your Headquarters based in Waterford. I believe you are also going to employ your wife to man the phones. My but this IS going to be very cosy isn’t it?


What about the biggest Survivor contingent down here in Cork Mr. Walsh. Who will be looking after these people? Are you contemplating sacking the Outreach Officer here, or will she now be located in your New Headquarters down in Waterford? Survivors here are entitled to an answer here, or do we not matter any more?


A line from your posting on your Web Site states,


“We also hope to use this as a tool to show agencies what Survivors needs are, how they can be best met and help them to understand this unique group of people in Irish society. “


You ARE having a laugh, aren’t you?


What you Really are saying is, Oh look how we are looking after Survivors, look what we are doing, aren’t we great, Please keep funding us. This IS what you are saying Mr. Walsh, we are NOT stupid.


It’ truly amazing when I see the comments added at the end of your page, Guest, Guest, Guest, Guest, Guest. This proves to me that NO Survivor wrote these comments. These silly comments were obviously written by your Son, who now seems to run the whole show. Just who the hell do you lot in there think you are kidding? Certainly NOT Survivors.


If Survivors have any cop on what so ever, I strongly advise you NOT to give this group of Parasites information of ANY kind, unless you want your horrible experiences to be distributed to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Because believe you me, this IS what’s going to happen.



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Hi Mosse Thanks for you emails, I have also , along with my latest letter to Quinn, sent a copy of  above report /comment  of yours , to demonstrate that apart from Quinn trying to screw us, groups are doing like wise and have been for years,

Show him we are angry and at the end of our patience. With everything that is out to further abuse and insult us !


This is indeed another way that they gather more names and addresses to add to their already book of so called members, Walsh and Quinn must have both gone to the same scamming school.   !



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