The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Important update on Right of Place Second Chance


Right of Place Second Chance recently sent out a Newsletter and plus two other letters to Survivors.


The following important points need to be given careful consideration if you received their letter asking you to join them.


A Survivor would be a fool to apply for membership to this organization now, given their past track record.


If you look at their past record of ROP/SC, you will see that the only people who benefit from belonging to this organization are the Board of Directors, and who they employ.


YES, you guessed right, the employees of the Company ROP/SC are very closely related to the members of the Board of Directors.


The newly appointed Director of services for ROP/SC is none other than the Son of the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Michael Walsh.


The New Director of Finance is the Daughter of a deceased member of the Board of Directors.  Ms. Edel Desmond (NEE Tracey)


These two top appointments come with a hefty salary, and neither are filled by a Survivor.


The photograph on the front page of their Newsletter shows a former member of the Board of Directors, and his son. Both of who now work for the company.


So, unless you have a blood tie linking you with the Board of Directors, applying to join this organization would in fact be a complete, and utter waste of time. They will even charge you Ten Euros (€10) to support this private organization.


ROP/SC has received over Four Million Euro (€4,000,000) in funding and today they still receive over Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Euro (250,000) a year.


NOT one single cent of that money has been used to offer assistance to Survivors. So why would any Survivor want to join them, or pay a subscription to be part of them.


All the money that they received in funding has gone in Wages, and Expenses. You only have to look at their Financial Statements to see where the money has gone.






On page one of their Newsletter when they talk about the Trust Fund.


 Instead of fighting strongly on your behalf against the long delay in setting up the Fund; they use the word “Unacceptable”.


They then go on to accept on your behalf a delay of over Ten months.


They even want you to “understand” that because the Board (RISF) meets only once a month, there is nothing they can do to speed up this process.  Yet!!  they receive massive funding to ‘fight for your rights’.  After all it’s your money we are now talking about.


On a different subject now; in their Newsletter,  they inform us that they have opened a new “National Healing Center” in Waterford.


The Church wants to ‘Heal Us’ because it suits them to portray us as wounded animals.


Now, our own (ROP/SC) wants to offer us ‘Healing Services’ also.


The Lambh Healing Center that was in west Cork also betrayed our mental soundness by selling out to the Religious Orders.


ROP/SC has now entered into a  “Memorandum of Understanding” with the Church and Religiously funded organization  “ Towards Healing”, for services.


Yet !! Least they forget; was it not the Church and Religious Orders who committed crimes against Survivors?


Now we have Right of Place Second Chance entering into an “Understanding” with these same Institutions.


The people, who run Right of Place Second Chance, have absolutely NO idea of WHAT they are doing, or WHO they are selling us out to.


Revulsion springs to mind here.



To finish on a final point, the minutes of the AGM held in Galway last December, along with the Financial Report has yet to be published on their website.


Only 3 months to the next AGM when we hope that the present Board of Directors will step down, or be voted out.


This organization which has never helped Survivors needs to be disbanded.


If you agree with me then please feel free to add your comments to this Post, and please tell ALL of your survivor friends.


If you include an email I will personally communicate with you. My email is:



Thank you for reading this very important update.


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Hi Oliver, I did message All Members to say that the Website was Safe for another year, however contributions received will be held for next year. Will do an update on the Current state and breakdown of This years Funding of the Website and post to

ROP/SC State Clearly That

"This fund (Statutory Trust Fund) is not being established to support groups, but to support Survivors. We will continue to receive our funding from the HSE"

All other Survivors Groups seem to think Differently; Are you as Confused as I am?

I believe this is the case Rob. However i think this is why ROP/SC held a meeting in Waterford a few weeks ago with the new CEO of the Statutory Trust Fund in their offices in the City.

There were 15 attended this meeting, which No one but ROP knew about. However a few friends of mine had heard only that morning of this meeting and decided to drive to Waterford to attend this meeting, and see what it was all about.

9 of the 15 who attended this meeting were from ROP/SC, our lads made up the rest. Only for our crowd there, it was only ROP, and no one else. Wonder why they told no one else?

Were they looking after the So Called membership they had? No way. They were there to look after themselves, and No one else. You would think they would have informed their members, but NO, they were unimportant, and did NOT need to know.

One or two of the ROP group were singing the praises of ROP, and saying how great they were, and only for them where they would be. No doubt their intentions were to try and secure more funding from the CEO of the New Statutory Trust Fund. 

But their faces dropped when someone clearly asked the CEO if, the groups would be funded further from the New Fund to which she clearly stated NO. It would have been great to have captured their reactions on camera. They are getting too much as it is, and this funding is NOT going to Survivors, we ALL know this, and it never will.

So it's official that the Funding of Groups will not come from the Statutory Trust Fund?



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