The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Received this email today.  


You have requested previously to ‘Stay In Touch’ with regard to Irish Survivor issues. I am forwarding this information to you as it may be useful to you or to someone you know. Please pass this information to anyone who you think may need to know about either of these two campaigns:-

  1. Magdalene Laundries compensation scheme and  
  2. Mother & Baby Home Investigation currently underway

Further information is contained below. Please contact the IWSSN directly and please do not reply to this email address as I will not be able to assist you.  

Helen White,

Development Officer, Irish in Britain  /



  1. 1.     Restorative Justice Scheme for those who were resident in Magdalene Laundries

A reminder that the Irish Women Survivors Support Network (UK) are still assisting Survivors with their applications for financial awards, with the amount given depending on how long an individual was resident in a Laundry for. In addition to the financial awards, successful applicants will get access to an Irish pension and an Irish medical card.


If you are living in the UK and need assistance in relation to this, please contact:


Irish Women Survivors Support Network

293-299 Kentish Town Road, London NW5 2TJ UK

Telephone 0207 267 9997            Website:

Addendum  Rob Northall

The Email Continues


2. Mother-and-Baby Homes Investigation


Were you resident in a Mother-and-Baby Home in Ireland (either as a mother or a child)? Or do you know someone who was?

Currently there's an Investigation looking into the Mother-and-Baby Homes that existed in Ireland. Anyone with any information is invited to share any information they may have, in confidence. The Commission are especially keen to hear from anyone who was resident in, worked in, lived nearby or had connections with these homes.

If you have information you'd like to share, you can either travel to Dublin where all of your travel and accommodation expenses will be covered, or you can speak to the Confidential Committee in early 2016 when they will be taking evidence in the UK.

The Irish Women Survivors Support Network (IWSSN) is working with the Commission to promote the Investigation in the UK, and can provide support with giving evidence. To find out more, please contact IWSSN on:

0207 267 9997 or email Or you can contact the Commission directly, by calling: 00 353 1 6445088.

If you are affected by this issue and wish to speak to someone in confidence, IWSSN can make referrals to a free counselling service that they work in partnership with.



Are you an Irish Survivor? Were you a resident in a Mother-and-Baby Home? Find out about the Inquiry via @iwssn_uk

Were you resident in an Irish Mother-and-Baby Home? Find out more about the Irish govt's Inquiry via @iwssn_uk

Were you or anyone you know resident in an Irish Mother-and-Baby Home? Find out about the current investigation via @iwssn_uk

Find out more about the current investigation into Irish Mother-and-Baby Homes & how you can help via @iwssn_uk


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The role of the Irish Women Survivors Support Network (IWSSN) must be Viewed against the back drop that their Chairperson was instrumental in Imposing the Statutory Trust Fund (Caranua) upon Survivors as she is the Presidents Advisor on Survivors!

Further background Reading can be found at the Following Links

The €250,000 Question No One is Prepared to Ask!

“Complaint to the UK Charity Commissioners Against Irish Women's Su...

The Website is Fully Searchable via the Search option at the top Right hand of the website!

Note: I think you need to bee using the Site in "Desktop View" not "Mobile View" for this to be available?

Let me know if I am Wrong? ThanX

Why Are Some "Mother And Baby"  Homes Not To Be Investigated?  

Apparently Some Institutions Did Not Come Under The Redress Scheme  Because They Were   "Mother And Baby"  Homes But Not On The List For Investigation Either!   Perhaps As Suspect Some Institutions Did Not Come Under The Redress Scheme Nor The Investigation Because There Operates A Deception. 



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