The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

I feel overcome with Gloom that those who are in Power or those who receive large funding canno't or will not close their eyes for a minute and imagine the abuse is happening to one of their young grandchildren in some Industrial School the little helpless child is battered traumatised, hungry, cold, full of fear, lonley, cut off from all kindness or effection of any kind,neglected, sexually abused , living in freezing damp conditions,not allowed to form any friendships, totally cut off from their Heritage and Roots and Siblings ,Cut off from the outside world ,the child's natural psysical  development as well as the psysiological development as a human being has been deeply brused ,the effect of this neglect and brutiality leave long lasting bad effects one the child's Health for the rest of their lives ,the fact that  children managed somehow to survive those places they should all be given a Medal ,with  proper compansation,  that would enable especially those survivors who DON'T live in Ireland or the UK  but fled abroad as far away from the dark brutal nightmares back in Ireland as possible. They need desparately  to be able to pay for the Medical help and any Medicines they need right throught their Adulthood it is owed to them they are not asking for charity but what IS OWED TO THEM.   So Mr QUINN, SALLY, OR OTHER GROUPS ALL CLOSE YOUR EYES now AND IMAGINE IT IS ONE OF YOUR FAMILY IN THE BODY OF THAT POOR LITTLE CHILD being Abused in such a Brutal way >How would you feel??????   If you had any Humanity at all you would see this request as the right thing to do.

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That suffering survivor now in an Adult body IS THAT CHILD.    and is still suffering as an Adult,   he is intitled to have all his Medical expenses paid for by the Irish Government out of THE STATUARY TRUST FUND. IT IS INHUMAN just to go on ignoring and refusing a very sick survivor , when yet Millions are handed over to those so called groups . IT IS A DISGRACE 

Sadly only those who get through to the media manage to get any support. There are lost survivers out there. When i mentioned this in a comment to mr walsh his only answer was that we should be glad that some are helped and that his priorty was the forgotten survivers. This of course seems very odd as he is supposed to be looking out for those who were on his lists otherwise how would he know thier data. I hope things get easier now. It does seem very strange that even sending your medicine over to you cant be organised.. Its the same problem in other countrys. We have all spent so much money healthwise. Its not fair at all and as for being glad that some get help. I found that pompous.I have had several operations on my ears and pay privite insurance which is expensive. its hard to manage sometimes.And this man asking me to believe such stuff. It shows a lot about him.

Education wasent on the agenda in the industriel schools. All these years its been offered to people who are too old or ill to change directions. Our working lives are over. Did you know that english lessons are to be had in the aisleen centre in dublin. I was dumbfounded when i learnt that. These few are recieving awards for thier devotion to the survivers but we only SEE this in the media.Cake cuttings for the press but not a slice for anyone outside thier groups.. Kennith it is downright unfair that you have to live like that. In many different countrys we now know that abuse was rampant in the catholic institutions. There are groups now in different countrys. Links could have been organised to all work together.That way it could help no matter which country the abuse accured. by using boundrys as an excuse there are too many left alone.

Counselling is FREE in most countries in the World. I found it to be so even in Africa and Brazil when I was there  It is way over time to now bring all this abuse that is being directed at the Real survivors through those groups. Yes I do know a lot of people in the Media and Politics <Two Cousins) I didn't say a word about it to them before as I felt ashamed of the fact i was also in an Industrial school. but when I see and hear the shocking way they are mistreating survivors I am going to open my mouth,  STOP FUNDING THOSE GROUPS NOW.  COMPENSATE THE SURVIVORS  so that they can afford to buy their much needed Medicine and Medical care THEMSELVES , Survivors are NOT looking for CHARITY but only what they deserve and is RIGHTFULLY THEIRS  money that was handed over from the Religious Orders to Compensate their VICTIMS. and those Victims are the SURVIVORS. ,    

THOSE WHO NEED THE EDUCATION ARE THE POLITICIANS , GROUP (so called) LEADERS ON MANNERS AND HUMANITARIAN  ,STUDIES,as opposed to theological subjects ,like feet washing and Religious Memorials, 

Hi Kenneth, and Sally Mulready say's that survivors of Industrial school's (Child Brutal Prisons) were very well COMPENSATED for the time they spent in Industrial Schools. > What Planet is That Woman On. Not the same one as me.

 Education,????? for survivors  are the politicians all Pissed ,Stupid, They are  just plain inadequate to hold any government office.

I am and have to say this so I am saying this now, Pauline Jackson just still a baby (known by a number ) Was Tortured in front of the whole school by TWO Sadistic Nun's  I saw it happen. that's why she has severe Health problems it was not the only shocking thing  I Witnessed happening to her ,The abuse I saw with my own eyes still gives me nightmares , I couldnt do a thing to help ,for I would be dead had I tried to help. She is a True Survivor of GB. along with 98% of us .



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