The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Letter Sent to Minister for Education All TD's All MEP's and Senators on Behalf of Tom Cronin

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Mr Richard Bruton

Minister for Education and Skills

Department of Education 

Marlborough Street

Dublin 1


Cc: All TDS, all Senators, all Irish MEPs



20th July 2016


Re: Survivors of Institutional Abuse and State Agency Cara Nua


Dear Minister


  1. I am instructed by Mr Tom Cronin, who is a survivor of institutional abuse and comes within the ambit of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Act 2012. Mr Cronin is entitled to be, and is, a service-user of Cara Nua, a body for which your department has overarching responsibility.  Mr Cronin is acting as co-ordinator and spokesperson for a group of his fellow Survivors (“the Survivors”).


  1. As you will be aware the purpose of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Act 2012 is to provide for the establishment of a body to support the needs of former residents [of residential institutions].


  1. Your department may be aware that difficulties have arisen in the interaction between some Survivors, including my client, and Cara Nua.  It is a matter of public record that this point has been raised in the Dail by way of parliamentary questions.  A number of Survivors understand it to be the position of Cara Nua that it has completed its obligations to them: that they have ‘had their share’.   They believe that their dignity has been affronted by Cara Nua and that emotional distress has been inflicted upon them by the manner in which the Fund is being applied to them. 


  1. The survivors for which Mr Cronin is acting as co-ordinator, and Mr Cronin himself, would like Cara Nua to be dissolved as a matter of urgency and to see its functions taken over by a department within the civil service with the requisite experience and skills to meet their needs. Very importantly, the structure of a civil service department includes senior managers with the authority to exercise discretion and plenty of relevant experience. The CEO of Cara Nua has no real authority to exercise discretion. 


  1. The Survivors do not understand why some very basic needs cannot be addressed within the Fund, for instance:-


  1. a washing machine to launder their clothes;
  2. a fridge;
  3. certain medical expenses; 
  4. special shoes;
  5. the assurance before they die that they will be given a decent burial in a marked grave. 


  1. Most of us would probably take the items listed above for granted. The survivors do not:-


  1. The Survivors remember being forced to launder the clothes of others in vile conditions;
  2. The Survivors remember being starved;
  3. The Survivors remember the beatings and the abuse;
  4. The Survivors know that their parents were interred in unmarked graves, the location of which remains unknown in many cases.


  1. You will appreciate that the Survivors are vulnerable, individually and collectively. With cause, they are afraid of those in authority and are afraid generally.  They feel that the Fund established to support them in fact is failing them badly.  They are entitled to hold that perception and it must be accepted.


  1. The present situation is most unfortunate as the CEO of Cara Nua, Mary Higgins, is a very dedicated and experienced advocate who my client believes is doing all she can within the parameters set. That seems to be the cause of the disquiet: the parameters.  It seems that a crucial part of the problem may flow from the legislation itself.  The clearly-stated purpose of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Act 2012 enshrines the ‘support of the needs of former residents’ and yet the legislation then proceeds to limit the approved services that can be supported.  The reliefs provided for in the Act are useful but they are based on a conceptual analysis of what the Survivors need, not on actual lived experience as a Survivor. My instructions are that there is a hierarchy of needs for Survivors and, at this late stage of a battered, abused and deprived life, the basics such as shoes, medical needs and basic household items rate ahead of a third-level education for many of them. 


  1. My client and his fellow Survivors live daily with the emotional pain and residual physical harm and damage inflicted on them by the institutions. In his and their eyes, his and their perceived failure of the functioning of the fund in meeting its purpose is yet another kick from those in authority.  They are utterly distraught and devastated at the obstacles that impede their access to the Fund that is supposed to exist for their benefit. 


  1. My client has a range of legal options open to him, as do his fellow Survivors for whom he acts as co-ordinator. Sadly, the battering inflicted upon them by the institutions could mean that they do not have the same lifespan as a non-abused person. The Survivors are determined to access the Fund established to support them and will take any and all necessary steps to achieve their objective.  They do not and will not accept the prevailing ‘let-them- eat-cake’ situation caused by the very narrow approach taken in the legislation, which approach has severely diluted the very purpose of the Act.   


  1. The urgent nature of the situation may provide the impetus for the Survivors to petition the European Parliament on the ground that Ireland is in non-compliance with the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. It is for this reason that I have been instructed to copy this letter to each of the Irish MEPS. One could easily envisage a huge surge in names being added to such a petition from around the world from people in some way impacted directly or indirectly by the abuse inflicted by the institutions, and indeed in a show of solidarity for the past and enduring suffering of the Survivors. 


  1. However, if the current Government acts swiftly then possibly such drastic action could be avoided.  That decision rests with you Minister. Section 10 of the Act provides that the Minister may give a direction to Cara Nua requiring it to comply with such policies of the Government as are specified in the direction. Accordingly, the solution to the present highly unsatisfactory situation is very simple. No new legislation or legislative changes are required. You, as the Minister responsible, simply need to get Government approval for suitable and realistic policies that will meet the needs of the Survivors and direct Cara Nua to implement them.  My client and his fellow Survivors would wish to be consulted on such policies. They are available immediately for such consultation, including with any existing or new cross-party/ non-party committee that you may establish for this purpose. 


  1. I would be obliged for your response within 14 days of the date of this letter setting out the steps that you propose to take.


Yours sincerely



Eugenie Houston BL


This is the Response on behalf of the Minister

From: Minister for Education & Skills a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">>
Date: 5 August 2016 11:44:40 IST
To: "''" a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">>
Subject: Re: Letter on behalf of Survivors of Institutional Abuse re State Agency Cara Nua

Ms. Eugenie Houston
Direct Access Barrister
Ground Floor
1 George's Quay Plaza
Dublin 2
Our Ref: 1603888KM
Dear Ms Houston,
The Minister has asked me to respond to your recent letter concerning the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund and Caranua’s administration of the funds.
In response to the issues raised, I have been asked to make a number of points.
Caranua’s customer charter sets out its standards and if as your letter suggests, they fall short in meeting those standards, there is a complaint mechanism in place which includes provision for making a formal complaint. If people feel that their dignity has been affronted by Caranua, it is open to them to bring a formal complaint to Caranua.
The Board of Caranua which has 4 survivor representatives on it was very conscious that people who owned their own houses were benefitting disproportionately from the Fund at the expense of people in rented accommodation. Recent changes to services have been introduced which mean that survivors in rented accommodation can purchase white goods such as fridges and washing machines. Survivors can also continue to avail of orthotic footwear. Because help towards Funeral expenses was considered to be such an important element, these have now also now been introduced.
The introduction of a ceiling on the amount of funding that is available for an individual survivor is an attempt to distribute the fund on an equitable basis. As more information becomes available on how the fund is being distributed, it should be possible to project accurately at what rate the fund will be exhausted based on the number of applications and on the amount of funding allocated.
It is, of course, open to individuals to exercise their Fundamental Rights of Petition to the European Parliament and the Minister doesn’t propose to comment further on this.
It is intention of the Minister to carry out a review of Caranua and to consult with survivors but to do so, will require the use of external contractors and there is a procurement process which has to be complied with.
I hope this answers some of the issues you raised in your letter.
Yours sincerely
Derek Newcombe
Private Secretary

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WARNING: Computer viruses can be transmitted via email. While this e-mail has been swept for the presence of computer viruses, you are requested to carry out your own virus check before opening any attachment. The Minister for Education and Skills accepts no liability for any loss or damage which may be caused by software viruses transmitted by this e-mail.
Seirbhís ar scoth an domhain a chur ar fáil don Stát agus do mhuintir na hÉireann.
Providing a world-class service to the State and to the people of Ireland.


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Caranua are now cutting survivors off from their help list stating "you have been on our list since 2014 and we need to make room for new applications" so if you are removed how can you seek help, who gives them the right to remove people whilst the fund is still ongoing?? Does anyone know??
Same old shit and a Minster that experts no responsibility for this fraud. Well what can we expect from a government that is more interested in lining there pockets than the people they are supposed to represent. As for Tom Cronin it is time for new blood to represent Survivors as all survivors groups have being a complete failure.

once again the minister for misery pases the buck and goes into delay mode hoping we oll go away and die . we should oll

march on the minister office and i will lead the charge till dis is done were going no were . james fox 

What About After Care?  

Needs Change.  Changing Needs (Future)  Need To Be Considered Too.

Hi All, I just want to say well done to the writer of the letter to the Minister on behalf of all survivors - Sometime I feel like giving up and then comes along a reason to keep going. The ministerial response to the letter is pathetic in itself but we have come to the understanding by the response and previous responses from other ministers that this present Government is not interested in the survivors or our futures - Futures that were taken away from childhood and continues by one abuser after another, however, someday soon I am hopeful that someone will listen to us as when we were kids NO one listened. I was sent the new pack with the guidelines and application 2 with the limits of €15,000, if you sign that you will be signing a legal document and you maybe signing away your rights, we need to find out the legalities on that as the legalisation is there so the minister keeps telling us.  Application 1 you have unlimited amount of applications until the fund was exhausted (which it should never be exhausted) as most of the services have been given by what most would already be entitled to through medical cards or the welfare services. They are charging survivors from their own fund for things already available through service cards or age. Application 1 you cannot have the fridges etc. But I am on a RAS housing rental scheme and I'm entitled to nothing from my own fund as they won't help in private rental housing, even though I have been waiting years for a council house, I live with a 30 day notice any time from a landlord and have no security in housing for my later years and I have a special need child. You cannot get a chair with out landlord approval and why should I make my landlords house better or a council house better for that matter when the landlord is responsible through the payment of rent.

Are the four survivors on the Board of Caranua acting on the intrest of survivors or in there intrest of there positions on the board. Time these people were held to account

Or rail roaded by a couple of hyper agressive ego driven maniacs? The ihrec knocked back my personnal petiton, because of time limits for judical review, havent heard anything about our group application, whilst a bit of a downer at least i know what to do when a decision is made on my appeal, appeal to the high court on any points of law and start a judical review on the decision making by caranua, onwards and upwards haha, i had to take a break from the whole thing just to keep my sanity intact, now im back fully recharged :-)

Back On Track!

Time Limits For Judical Review? I Would Have Thought If Complaints Are Ongoing ....

At least i know this time around that time limits are an issue and am perparing accordingly, soon as i have my appeal rejected i will be moving on it, in my last appeal caranua were guilty of providing misleading information to the appeals office, this time i have courtesy of getting everything in writing caught them out telling lies to the appeals officer, refusing to do there job, refusing to enter any discussion on my needs so clear grounds for judical review.

Time limits

Order 84, Rule 21 (1) of the Rules of the Superior Courts provides that an application for leave to apply for judicial review shall be made within 3 months from the date when grounds for the application first arose.

Where the relief sought is an order of certiorari in respect of any judgement, order, conviction or other proceeding, the date when grounds for the application first arose shall be taken to be the date of that judgement, order, conviction or proceeding.

However Order 84, Rule 21 (3) provides for an extension of time for an application for judicial review but the court shall only extend such period if it is satisfied that:

  • There is good and sufficient reason for doing so, and
  • The circumstances that resulted in the failure to make the application for leave within the three month time period either:

    (i) were outside the control of, or

    (ii) could not reasonably have been anticipated by the applicant for such extension.

Moreover Order 84, Rule 21 (4) also provides that in considering whether good and sufficient reason exists for granting an extension of time, the court may have regard to the effect which an extension of the period may have on a respondent or third party.

Order 84, Rule 21 (5) provides that an application for an extension shall be grounded upon an affidavit sworn by or on behalf of the applicant which shall set out the reasons for the applicant’s failure to make the application for leave within the three month period and shall verify any facts relied on in support of those reasons.

Statutory schemes

Statutory judicial review schemes supplement Order 84 of the Rules of the Superior Courts with their own specific procedural rules. These statutory schemes narrow the availability of review through such features as:

  • Time limits for an application for leave are shorter
  • Requirements to notify the decision-maker of the leave application
  • Higher thresholds applied by the High Court when considering whether to allow leave, for example, substantial grounds rather than arguable case.

Welcome Back Michael and keep them batteries charged!!Barbara



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