The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


I have come to notice on these sites and i know The Right of place has been aware for some time that a lot of survivors/witnesses are having to pay for treatments, as you are all aware only two fillings are allowed and everything else is not clear, like dentures that cost a fortune.

I know Ann marie is struggling to get denture treatment for local survivors, but survivors are suffering everywhere. How bad it is amongst survivors we do not know as like children we have suffered in this department.The reason we do not know how bad it is for survivors is that there was no funds for dental and medical so we need to find out before this Statuary Fund.

If you are still suffering from health and dental problems due to finances, then make it known, otherwise you will be paying for treatments yourself for that neglect towards you in the first place as a child, and if you have no money you will be suffering in silence. Wake up survivors and make a stand for what is right. 

Your health is more important than those funds that are about to be dumped into the statuary fund.

Ask your selves why there was no funds for dental, one reason is that it was free on the medical card but now only two fillings are allowed but I do not see anything for survivors on the cut backs, now I see survivors suffering because of this.

If you do not make a stand for this you will end up broke or in pain for that neglect once again.

If you need to know what can be done so would other survivors/witnesses so make these problems known now.

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I would very much like to know if there is any funding regarding teeth treatment I need some work done and it so expensive.Does anyone know if this will be included in the statuary fund.

Thanks Rob,for hightlighting my question regarding dental treatment.

Robert,I totally agree with you tax was paid on transactions and the Government I am sure was well aware of the situation.When will the Government listen to survivors and please close down all groups as they are of no benefit.



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