The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Please see below a press release issued  evening 29th March 2017 by the Minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton, T.D. in respect of his appointments to the Board of Caranua for 2017 – 2021

The Minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton, T.D., today announced appointments to the Board of Caranua (the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund) for 2017 – 2021

Caranua is a Statutory Body with the structure and functions set out in the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Act 2012, with a 9 member Board which must include 4 former residents. 

The Board of Caranua oversees the use of the cash contributions of up to €110 million pledged by the religious congregations to support the needs of some 15,000 survivors of residential institutional child abuse.  These survivors have received awards from the Residential Institutions Redress Board or equivalent court awards.   

The support to be provided will include a range of approved services, including health and personal social services, education and housing services.  To date €97.3m in cash contributions and associated interest have been received and the balance of the €110m is expected to be received by end 2018. 

The Board members are appointed for a four year term of office, commencing on 24 May, 2017.  The positions are not remunerated. 

The Board of Caranua will be composed of the following members: 

Mr David O’Callaghan - Chairperson 


Ordinary Members (former residents of institutions)

Mrs Frances Harrington 

Mr Thomas Cronin

Mr Francis W. Treanor BL  

Dr Mary T. Lodato


Other Ordinary Members

Mr Damian Casey

Mr Thomas Daly

Ms Patricia Carey

Ms Katherine Finn

Mr David O’Callaghan, Mrs Frances Harrington, Ms Katherine Finn, Mr Damian Casey and Mr Thomas Daly have been re-appointed to the Board, all having served one term, or part thereof, on the previous Board.

The Minister welcomed the appointments and wished all members well in the in their important and challenging role. 


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We have another barrister quite why the board now needs 2 barrister's is beyond me I sent him an email asking about same, if the response is anything like the one from the other barrister last year then it should be quite rude and patronizing.

With a Barrister on the Board they Still managed to break the Law Regarding the Stautory Trust Fund Bill this gets worse all the time??

Francis Traynor needs to removed Immediately!

He is Barrister for Right Of Place and Never lifted a Finger to Challenge the Unconstitutional Indemnity Deal

Right Of Place Negotiated and Accepted Redress on Behalf of Survivors with his Assistance as far as I'm Aware??

Ffs standard gov con job, I suppose with 2 barrister's on board they can now break the law twice as fast, like wtf do we need two on the board for, yes that top link would worry a lot of survivor's.
Rop not top stupid auto correct

The government employed these people so the government should be paying them. We complained about this group from the start but it was forced on us.

Hi All, with five of the same board members returning nothing much will change as these will be the force on the board and all will follow the lead of the CEO Mary Higgins. They have not stood up for survivors for what they took the positions to up hold and protect the rights of survivors and to protect our interests.

That post links back here re towards healing is that what you mean ? Cheer's

Shows my Comment for the removal of Francis Traynor from Caranua

If you read down??

Dang fone I see it now lad, yes seems highly iffy I am awaiting a response from him, I am going to further quiz him on this if he replys. On a better note Higgins got mauled in the edu committee yesterday about bloody time been years coming that.



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