The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

how when the Corrupt State ,Roman Catholic Church, Dept of Education all got into bed together like Fagan dribbled over their Money they stole from the hard work of Irish Children who were forced into Industrial school workshops to Slave every day and sometimes into the night the staff walked coldly around  behind the terrified children as the sticks would bang down on the childrens small bodies and Knuckles, they would pull our heads back which could have broken our necks (I often wonder did that happen) as we were to scared to move so as names were not allowed children did not know their own names so they could easly be replaced by another Victim for the Sadistic Mad Nun's and Staff to Torture' children were Beaten to speed up the work the children had to remain silent 24 hours a day and not allowed to be friends with each other not even siblings who many didn't even know they might have siblings in the same Industrial Reformatory , we were dragged off the thin Matteress and one blanket at 5-30 every morning for 6am Mass , breakfast was half a thin moldy slice of bread with a tiny scrape of Marge ,and a tin of watery coco no sugar, then down into the freezing basement to wash in freezing water then up to the workshops, ,we always had to form a straight line as the Nuns shouted Left Right ,Left Right over again while attacking us , The Brutiality of Irish Children must never be allowed to be forgotten like the Jewish Holocaust. The Dept of Education tampered with my file's  it said I went to a certain school which was totally wrong ,also they put my age down as my older sisters (she escaped back to my Grandmothers so was lucky not to have neen Dragged into Court by the local Priest and Garda to be sentenced) and worse my younger sister was thrown in with inmates years older than herself which was a nightmare to have to wittness how they tortured her the pain still lives with me ,I Hate the Roman Catholic Church ,Hate Nun's and Christian Brothers, they are all Evil Devils ,I saw One Insane Nun beating a child with her stick and shouting I'll beat the Devil out of you while the child was lying on the ground having a Fit , I saw a little girl been punched in the face until you couldnt see her eyes anymore , I saw a tiny child a baby been beaten and her face shoved and held under a running tap , and a lot more sits in my mind like a film that cause nightmares that live with me for None of us have had any Justice at all, those of us who by a miracle who survived are Warriors, Those Groups who took Funding from the State survivors were trying to get justice from were in fact been paid by that very state , How Corrupt is that,   in fact that is Criminal, 

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Every time I see LEO, it reminds me of one day we all saw a Indian woman wearing a Sari walking up the drive she went into the Convent she was studying at Trinity College she left her small Son in the care of the Nuns in The Industrial school the Nuns were beside themselves with love for this little Indian boy he didn't mix with the rest of the children he eat in the Staff and Nuns dining rooms with them he was spoilt rotten like he was a precious God ,BUT at the same time we had a little 4 year old Boy named Bill who had been in the Industrial Reformatory school from been a new baby he was taken under the wing of Miss D he even had a cot in her Cell she adored him But as soon as the Indian Boy came Bill was Rejected the Nun said in front of us that he was to sleep in the Dormatory with all the others and not treated any different which ment he became Neglected . Starved, Beaten like all the rest one day they took him away and we heard they put him in another Indiustrial school where he would have become just another number we all cried for Bill, and never got over the inhuman treatment he was suddenly made to suffer he was only 4 years old  and a Beautiful little Boy and Gorgeous looking ,when he was been beaten Miss D just stood there as she was  to scared of the Nuns to try to stop them ,  I often wonder how he survived If he survived , what happened to him.  I can Guarantte the State will have Covered it up so well it is not on paperwork to be found anywhere. Who was Bill ,Who was his Family. where did they live , did anyone try to find him???  I have not forgotten him. 

Who wrote > PROVIDE EVIDENCE ???  WE WERE CHILDREN, say who you are if your not to Cowardly,



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