The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Reclaiming Self on Caranua and the Oirechatas Committes : Education and Public Accounts

Bellow is part of an email that I received and all I have done is to separate it into manageable chunks and posted it here.

I felt there was to much information in it to post a one post, At the bottom you will find links to the rest of the email

Please read the introduction to the email before reading this section by clicking (HERE)

Anything in italics has been edited by me to make it work on this site for your easy of use.


Our ‘Position Paper’ was supported by Tom Cronin and Dr. Mary Lodato at their recent sitting at the Education Committee of the Oireachtas on the 21st June 2018. Mary and Tom retired from their position on the Board of Directors of Caranua earlier this year claiming mistreatment of survivors and the inability to get issues addressed or heard that affected the survivor population.

In their original submission to the Education Committee to get a hearing, Tom and Mary highlighted serious concerns with regards to the operations of Caranua. With this submission they supported RS’s call at the UNCAT last year and supported our UNCAT Recommendations. We would like to sincerely thank Mary and Tom for their courage to speak out and for their transparency in relation to their experience of working on the Caranua Board. We have been informed by the Education Committee of the Oireachtas that they are planning to produce a report on Mary and Tom’s submission to and presence at the Committee hearing. This should include an examination of RS’s submission of the ‘Position Paper’.

To watch Tom and Mary at the Education Committee hearing please click on the link: mailto:?subject=Thu%2C%2021%20Jun%202018%20-%20The%20management%20a...


Last year, Caranua’s CEO Mary Higgins and Chairperson David O’Callaghan also sat before the Education Committee on  30th May 2017. To watch this video please click on the link:



Last year also saw Caranua’s CEO Mary Higgins sit before the Public Accounts Committee answering questions on financial operations.  To read the engagement of Caranua at this hearing please click on the link:


RS has worked closely with members of the PAC and ED Committee to provide up to date and accurate information to them regarding survivor related issues. RS submitted and circulated reports to all members of the Ed Committee and all TD’s and Senators in the recent past.



RS circulated a text message to a number of individuals informing them of the Departments announcement that Caranua is winding down and will not be accepting new applications as of the 1st August 2018. We strongly encouraged individuals to ensure that all required supports were submitted and requested prior to this date.

RS circulated a text message to a number of individuals recently informing them of the Departments seeking of two survivor board members for Caranua. A link to apply was circulated in this message.

RS has had ongoing correspondence with Caranua over the course of the past twelve plus months. For example:

  • RS’s  letter of criticism regarding Caranua’s research tender in September last year which RS viewed as being subjective to the priorities of Caranua and not survivor driven.
  • RS also requested the resignation of all Board members of Caranua given the very concerning claims made by Dr. Mary Lodato and Tom Cronin.
  • RS’s letter raising concern regarding the alleged hunger strike of a number of survivors and requested Caranua to examine its operations.

AnneMarie Crean and Fionna Fox independently last year completed reports on Caranua’s shortcomings. These were submitted as part of RS’s UNCAT reporting ‘Ryan Report Follow Up’.

(Report Attached to this post)

Fionna Fox in an independent capacity completed another report on the operational flaws of Caranua and the impact this was having on survivors. This report was submitted to the Education Committee of the Oireachtas earlier this year.

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Reclaiming Self on Survivor Consultation Talks:

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