The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


Has anyone received a letter in the last month from Mary Higgins regarding repeat applications..?

I was told in writing and by a previous advisor that I could apply again and after doing so have been waiting since spring this year to now be told that due to a large number of people who are applying for the first time (priority over existing applicants who have already received support) they regret they cannot see to it at this time.. No indication as to maybe when I'm likely to be seen etc.. I responded to the CEO stating i am in between treatments (!) funded by caranua but failed to get a response.


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Hi Cormac

I was told the same, and then  last fridayI received a letter from Mary Higgins (standerd Letter). saying my case is closed. I know other people  who have received the same letter. Well I am sorry to say I am not leaving it there, as I was told to send in one thing at a time.

Now I am waiting on a letter from her department to say why my application was unsuccessful. Then It's going to appeal. 


Any luck Hun?
Interesting... I have to agree that its fair on people who are applying for the first time but I can't understand why was being asked to wait longer when I was told to reapply then told I would be waiting some time and then again some more time only to be told that I'm not going to be seen with no indication of a likely timeframe.. Did the CEO also note in her letter 'as you have already received assistance with a number of items'? I found this infuriating. I also noticed no appeal option the decision.. Needless to say I won't be holding my breath on a response from Marry.. Question: what do you mean when you say they asked you to send in one thing at a time? Let's keep each other updated?

Hi Cormac

The first lady I has, said to sent in "one request" at a time, as I had check nearly every box on form (did not know what I wanted at the time. Told I could have a Health screen test and was half way through for windows. Then letter comes.  She has to give letter to all to explain why, my/your appilication was unsuccessful. Need that letter tp appeal.  I will keep all updated. No problem!!!!


The minister just said in the dail that all applications must be processed, or did i read Robs post wrong

Sorry - what do you mean? Was it that repeat applications were not to be processed? Thanks C

There was no definition, it merely states " applications must be processed. There is no mention of repeat applications.

In relation to your comment ""they regret they cannot see to it at this time.. which should not not be the case

The "Time"  Is Now!

Thank you Michael but what are you referring to by 'there' - I'm slightly confused. They told me they are due to start looking at repeat - stage 2 - applications now.. I've been waiting since March / April 2015.. I'm conscious of the fact other survivors need to be seen but I do get a feeling something fishy regarding repeat applications

There is no mention of repeat applications in the ministers statements to Clare Daly i am merely repeating what he said in that all applications must be processed which is different to what caranua are telling you. 

It does not matter what stage you are at, they are paid massive wages out of our fund to do this job, the least they can do is do it. The whole thing stinks, 



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