The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland



I believe Right of Place Offices in the Lower Glanmire road in Cork have today switched the phone lines to their Offices there, to their Offices in Waterford City.


I believe they are said to be closing the Offices in Cork for good, and the Headquarters are now going to be situated in Waterford, where the Chairman, Michael Walsh and his Son Michael reside.


I also believe, Mr. Walsh’s wife will be filling one of the vacancies one of the existing staff currently holds. It is believed, this is to be a complete Family affair.


I have noted that NO warning was given to Survivors in the Cork region about this sudden switch of resources to Waterford. This is Completely Unacceptable, and a blatant Disregard by the Chairman Michael Walsh for Survivors in the Cork and Kerry regions.


Further proof that Right of Place Second Chance does NOT care one iota for Survivors overall. These people are getting very large amounts of money from the HSE to provide services to Vulnerable Survivors.


A Survivor called me some time ago in a very distressed state looking for some advice. I told him to call Lower Glanmire road, only to be redirected to their Waterford office. He did not wish to speak with anyone there, and Waterford told him they could NOT help him. Right of Place Waterford did NOT call this person back to see if he was alright or whatever.


It IS very obvious that this (So Called Survivor Group) Did Not Care, and are being funded clearly for their own Selfish gains, and NOT there to help Survivors as they so Claim.


In fact, they did not even think it was necessary to inform all the very vunerable Survivors in the Cork area, an area which holds the largest Survivor grouping in the country. Why they chose not to inform these people just goes to show the Contempt this Totally Inefficent bunch hold for the Survivors they CLAIM to represent.


What have you got to say about this Mr Walsh? And just to add, you have still not posted the minutes, and finincial report for last years AGM meeting, which you held last March,  which i believe was a disaster. Maybe this is why its not on your site.


All this was done today, in spite of the Outreach Officer for the Cork area being off for a day or two. How LOW is this, you had not got the decency to inform her. Who is covering for her while she is not in her Office, your Son in Waterford? As usual Mr Walsh, you have questions to answer, but as usual, We won't be holding our breath.

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Jack, We should be , no doubt, and I am determined to prove that we indeed have the right to what is rightfully ours , so  yes , we can be thrivers, but it will take all the immediate necessary support of everyone here to email Quinn and register their complaint and utter contempt for his trying to shove this illegal scam ,down Survivors throats !!

The money in the STF, is rightfully ours to start with, contributed to us by the Religious , it is not Quinn;s, to do what he likes and spend willy- nilly on his fancy project, CARANUA, which is illegal, and which IS the ultimate insult to people already badly damaged in their Childhoods !

Now he wants to do that to us all over again, for the second time in our lives,  that we are being subjected to this  abuse !

Once,  was more than enough for us all, I honestly feel that every Survivor will agree that they don't want a second amount of abuse at this stage of our elderly lives !,

Abused in very disgusting ways in our Childhood, then humiliated at the scam that was the RIRB,

now he wants to continue this on us all, with this illegal and sick scam called Caranua !!!!!


victimized people frequently complain that they have been "abused all over again" or as i say "more same". how old is Mr Quinn's political party?  i ask because i wonder as to it's record in decades of administrating abuse on survivors ...

Copy of this letter,  winging its way to Mr Quinn tomorrow,  Jack, !

Dear Mr Quinn,  At the young age of 12 , I was sent to an Institution called St Patricks , Upton , Co Cork. with the punishment of 4 years, simply for juvenile offences, !  by the children's Court in Dublin. year 1955. I was a bit wild , and got into bad company, the result of having a cruel  vicious Father,  a drunkard, and responsible for the first years of my early Childhood !

He had inflicted terrible abuse on me, and on my dear Mother, and on arriving at that Gulag, I was already suffering the effects of PTSD, and over the next 6 months at Upton , I was to suffer more sickly abuse,  including Rape and Buggery   and ,physical  brutal beatings ,  by a few paedophile Brothers among its flock.

I inherited , injury's from these Religious Bros, a badly damaged eye, which now has very little vision,  tinnitus , a fractured arm, scars, and wicked memories of these experiences.!

Living to this day ,with all that , plus continued PTSD, is without doubt,  the fault of the state, the Irish Government ,and the R/C Church !

One memory I will never forget , a visit to the Upton Church, to have my confession heard, aged  12 and a half, and armed with a few venial sins , I confessed to the Priest , and before he gave me my penance, he sensed that I was disturbed and asked me if I was ok, did I have a problem ,he could perhaps help me with, or advise me.

He was a nice enough man, liked and respected by most residents there ,so I took it upon myself to seek his help, and asked him if he could have a word with a certain Bro, who had raped and buggard

me twice,  in my first 6 months at this Gulag !

His reply to me was ," Oh son, we know he is a bad and wicked man, , but our vows do not allow this, your confession Is strictly between you and me, and cannot go outside this box !

What we must do , my son, is pray to the good lord ,for his protection, and for this Bro to be forgiven for his wicked ways, it is a sickness that only the Lord can help with, and pray that he will be cured of this !

My penance was 10 hail Marys, 5 our fathers, and a decade of the rosary,  for the curing of the evil Brother !

Does all that make you proud to be Irish,   and a Roman Catholic ?  Mr Quinn, . I very much doubt it .

Being raped and buggered by a black robed man with a white collar, then told to pray for his healing, BY A PRIEST ,  a proud moment indeed, to cherish for the rest of my life !

Mr Quinn, I am aware that there are loads of other Survivors out there in the world, who suffered similar experiences, and some even worse ,  of  sexual ,  physical ,and

mental abuse, this is just my  statement of my experience,  for you to digest !

I believe, despite  his mention of vows, that this Priest did intervene some how , for I was never again abused like that by him .    But did suffer similar abuse from  the other paedo Brothers, and a couple of older boys that were interned there. Those boys had been there from Childhood, and were regularly abused,  they though it was normal behaviour, their education on sexual matters !   I can forgive them !

Apart from  the Farmers Wife, who lived in a house on the lands of the estate, that was the only female around. There were no females in the gulag, and medical attention was given by a Brother, who was also a paedo !

There were also quite a few good Priests and Brothers there  that were compassionate, but the paedo types were compassionate  also , but only in a sexual nature.!

It was many years later in life that I discovered exactly what a paedophile was ! But no doubt the Roman Catholic Church have them at  every Gulag and Institution throughout the world ! And many of them are still to this day alive and protected  by the Pope , at the Vatican  !

I am detailing all this to you Mr Quinn, to demonstrate, and show you,  that I consider your present action of setting up you CARANUA   scam ,as being further abuse on me , and all the Survivors that encountered the shame of the RIRB,    where they were humiliated, and awarded paltry sums of redress, gagged and further threatened, and now you want to do likewise to us with your  illegal  Caranua scam, that is designed to ensure we will never receive the money the Religious donated and contributed to us !   All this in our elder years,

that  amounts to nothing but further abuse by you and your Government  !  



James Moy.

D'you know James a part of me would give anything to still be the person who could take everything you said with a pinch of salt...

...but I can't...

Silly irony...Quinn is one of the people who's callous negligence was directly responsible for me have no choice but become a sex worker, many, MANY years ago...

Bet he has forgotten that, but how could I ever?

I am mostly looking at another issue and the level of callous, "above the law" corruption is identical. A handful of people, genuine or not, who play along with the agenda inherit the earth and everyone else can go hang.

...and just so you know James, I had to scan your mail, I couldn't read it intently, I would NEVER calm down...



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