The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland




I see Right of Place Second Chance held their Illegal AGM meeting in Limerick the evening before last. According to a source, about 25 people attended this meeting.


I believe from some friends of mine who attended this meeting, A vote of NO confidence in the existing Board of Directors was called for by the members who attended this meeting. This vote of NO confidence, I believe was called for several times, and when put to the floor, the majority of members won the vote of NO confidence in the Board of Directors.


The Chairman of the group, “Right of Place Second Chance” Mr. Michael Walsh, then refused to accept the vote against him, and his Board, and dismissed the will of the membership.


This refusal by Michael Walsh IS against Company Law. What Mr. Walsh has done is “ILLEGAL


Obviously, Walsh, and his Company are NOT working for the Survivor membership he claims to have. May I suggest to Mr. Walsh, you seek Legal advice from that yoke you call your “Legal Advisor”. If that’s what you call him. Or is that Title in name only? Seemingly this So Called Barrister, or what ever he is, must NOT be too well up in the Law, as he would have us believe, if he would allow you to get away with this?


Mr. Walsh, you Cannot disregard the will of the people who you CLAIM to represent, just because they have decided they NO longer want you, or your Son, and whoever else you have on your Gravy Train to represent them, or their interests, any longer.


The people have spoken, and they have spoken (LOUD AND CLEAR.) Step down NOW. Survivors of Industrial Abuse have had more than enough of YOU, and your HENCHMEN, and are NO longer prepared to put up with your lot any longer.


Do the proper thing now, as you should have done some years ago.



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Get a life your such a sad lonley old bald headed evil twisted excuse for a human being
hope to god whoever made you broke the mould,life is bad enough do us all a favour and
dissapear life would be much better for all

Well said, there is a zombie attatude to basic  logic, it is everywhere, we see it is this instence, because they should know better, Like many, I have indured the indiference  blind eye, selective amnisa, to name two, having learned from the education board, believing they had my interest at heart, I made many calls, to little or know avail, blind eye, selective amnisia, so this time, every thing was in writing, so no confusion, still, mislaid paperwork, staff leaving, it goes on, why it is stil going on, who was it set up in such a way, we are all suffering, the church in particular is fractured and beyond repair, daily this indifference can be seen, they see it also, although they say noting, we are better people, or heads are high, we  want what is right, this should have been stopped a ong time ago, all it needed was one clergy to say stop, this is not right, maybe some one wil, I have hopes that a whiltleblower will step forward. Common sence can be very uncommon at times.



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