The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Bellow is a Statement of what happened at the meeting sent out via mail by Mick Waters of S.O.C.A. UK.


I have emboldened some of the words


We met with the Minister for Education and Skills Mr Ruiari Quinn TD on Friday 22July 2011 at 10.00am in Dublin at his invitation to discuss the “Further Financial Contribution” from the 18 congregations  that ran the Industrial Schools etc in Ireland.



The Minister in his address outlined what progress has been made regarding the setting up of the “General Scheme of a Residential Institutes Statutory Fund 2011”. He stated that the Bill will have completed its journey through the Irish Dail and the Senate in the late autumn and become Law on January 1st 2012 and the Fund will be for Survivors only who have had successful application at the Redress Board.


A Board will be named and put in place to deal with Survivors various types of applications.


The Bill will have a broad remit in order to achieve what is best for Survivors. The Bill at the present time is in a draught stage only and submissions can be made to the Minister to reach his office by 17th September 2011 or Survivors can make submission to any of the TD’s or Parties in the Dail. 


Many issues were raised by all present and it was clear to see that the Minister was listening very carefully what was been said. The Minister went on to say that there was a consensus from all the Ministers and TD’S in the Dail that they are determent to see that money promised to Survivors 110,000,000 Euro by the Religious Orders will be forthcoming without exceptions.


The Minister went on to state that these very issues will be raised and discussed with the Religious Orders at his meeting that afternoon.  


In closing the Minister stated that he wants to work close with Survivors Groups and Survivors in general in order to achieve the best outcome for them.

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Email sent by Mick Waters S.O.C.A. UK


18th July 2011

F.A.O: Minister for Education and Skills Mr Ruairi Quinn TD


Dear Minister,

Thank you for your invitation to meet with you on 22nd July 2011 regarding the progress of The General Scheme of a Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Bill 2011.


In view of the fact that there will be many Survivors representatives

Present at the meeting we feel it would be far more advantageous to forward to you our questions and concerns in this regard.


 Re:  Meeting Friday 22nd July 2011 @


1. What is the proposed time frame for the rollout of the proposed STF Bill 2011?


2. When is it expected for the proposed STF 2011 Bill to pass all stages of the Dial and Senate?

3. Will the proposed members of the Board be announced /selected prior to the completion of the proposed STF Bill 2011?


4. How much financial funds must there be in situ in order that the STF 2011 proceedings can begin?


5. Is the final remit of the proposed STF Bill 2011 conclusive with the passing of the Bill or will the Board be able to broaden its remit as long as it keeps within its main structure?


6. Will there be a cap on how much an applicant can receive and how many times they can apply to the Board?


7. Owing to the severe financial downturn in Ireland, UK and many other Countries where live, great financial difficulties are occurring in their everyday lives and with the oncoming winter Survivors are in great fear of not being in a position to meet with the massive increases in Gas-Electricity-Oil-food and clothing along with the decreases in their benefits. With the exception for some in Ireland and the UK every other Country where Survivors live has to pay for all the medical care and treatment also they have to pay for Dental Treatment and other things.


8. It would be of great advantage if an amount of money from the proposed “ Contribution” from the Religious Orders, which they have promised to be paid to Survivors that qualifies under the proposed STF 2011 Bill.


We recognise that it will take a period of time for the said Board who will be dealing with the Fund to implement this and all its remit but if this commitment could be made now at this meeting it would certainly go a long way in reassuring Survivors that something constructive is been done by all parties concerned in their best interest and to know that their immediate needs are to be addressed.


9. Can you as Minister for Education and Skills along with the support of the Government obtain a commitment from the Religious Orders that the money will be paid upfront in one full payment, failing this the proposed STF Bill 2011 would always be in a precarious state as input of finances to meet commitments could stall thus causing serious problems to the workings of the Board in discharging of its duties –Surely nobody expects the Irish Government to be used as a financial prop in these matters?





As you can see from the above Record of the Meeting the email sent 18th July does not appear in the Ministers Response??


Nothing new about ignoring me but he asked this man for his input??

I'm a Dub. and having read the story above, my comment here is based on my stay in Daingean 1958-60...

I say that all of those who have already gone through the Redress Board and signed an "O.K. I'M GAGGED FOREVER" clause, as part of receiving an award; SHOULD JOIN ME IN GIVING THE REDRESS BOARD OFFICIAL NOTICE THAT I/WE ARE RESCINDING THAT UNLAWFUL "GUN TO THE HEAD" AGREEMENT...... With the purpose of joining together in a "class action type" lawsuit against each and every person, group, religious order(s) departments and/or government(s) who had any part (past or present) .


Because (from the picture that I'm getting) it seems that the ones (victims/survivors...or however else way we wish to describe ourselves?) that were violated by a morally bankrupt church and government, are again being humped over by self serving individuals and/or groups who profess "we know what's best for you"; and we will help you feel better about being the sheep that you must be!?!?!? AND THAT IS TRUE, IF YOU EXPECT SOME GROUP (any Fn. group) TO HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART....

However, if you want a real shot at FAIR AND JUST COMPENSATION for having had your human rights violated? Then HOOK YOUR NUTS ON and join me in at least trying to find a court that will make the Fn. perpetrators PAY US DIRECTLY AND IN FULL for their crimes!!! Which is exactly what my intent is to do. EVEN IF IT IS A SINGLE AND SOLE EFFORT....  


My name is Paddy Doran, and I take full responsability for the content of the above invation.. If you have gone through the R.Bd and wish to be an active part of this effort? You are very welcome; however, if you are just looking to add your name and be carried (due to an empty scroctum)? Please pass.....

I can be contacted by email at weshallneverforget@sbcglobal


As a note: I will front the initial cost of seeking a court with the needed jurisdiction.... and/or Legal representation... 


Also the Government is set on a course of barring people who were in the Institutions from accessing the Statutory Fund - apparently the Minister wants to only count those people accepted by the Redress Board; excluding all those who didn't bother applying for redress or who by-passed the Redress board and went to court.  Late applicants to the Redress board could also be excluded.


This is wrong in my view .... and bizarrely the Minister already knows who was or wasn't in these institutions from the Department's own records, from District Court documents, local and health authority files.  He doesn't have to consult the Redress Board on who was, or wasn't in an institution.



You are so right Andrew in everything you say!

It is also jobs for the boys (and Girls)!!


Education and Finance Board and Redress Board Staff to be amalgamated into the Statutory Fund Staff.

These People know how to treat Survivors the way the Government want them treated??



Whose pockets will be lined by this statutory sure won't be survivors.
hello andrew. these services  already exist for everyone in ireland . the only thing thats there is a referal service. you know its perhaps quicker to go and do as we have always done. for example the question of education. well there are evening lessons. looking for jobs well unemployment offices are open to all . its bluff. even health issues well go to see a doctor. who can wait for referal. its just another task to take on in a world of papers that cause confusion to all.
Mr and Mrs Waters and Family Ran Avoca House I believe with Funding >What happened to Avoca House??+the funding I would like to know .I hope my name is NOT and never has been on their list or anyone's List for funding. The only way I have ever has any form of news is On Paddy Doyle's and Shame Of Ireland Website otherwise I would never hear about anything from any other source whatever. I am the invisable Survivor of Goldenbridge which is what certain devious scumbags want and made sure happened  by their Bullying ,I never want any thing to do with any of those so called Groups or so called services they are all Con men and Women who should hang their heads in shame for they helped the Dept of Education, The Government, The Religious Orders Bury and cover Up horrofic Sadistic Child Abuse in Industrial  Child Reformatories.they Bang on about their Funding  and how we survivors NEED EDUCATION  which is total rubbish they have not giving a thought the many children who are in cold graves alone not having had any justice, or those children left damaged by the Abuse detained in Mental Hospitals , Or the Homeless survivors, Or the Sick Lonley Survivors , survivors on small pensions who can't afford to eat properly , who can't afford to turn on their heating, who can't afford a new pair of shoes . survivors who have lost all trace of siblings. Survivors who have lost all trace of their Roots.Lost all trace of relatives. those who managed to trace any relatives find they are strangers and often the relatives find it embarrising that their cousins were detained in Reformatories so would rether walk away from the survivor as it is to painful,   ,But the Survivor has to live with the past we have Lost so much our whole lives are effected ,our childrens lives are effected .we have not been given our records that we can read most of the pages they did let us have have all been blacked out , Those Groups and so called services especially run by those who themselves were in Industrial schools (which is Insane)) have been holding us all in the Past that most of us would rather forget the Government have allowed them to Hold us all in any way they can even if we survivors NEVER used and of those services nor have anything to do with them ,how do we know they are not using our names on their lists in order that they secure their massive FUNDING  as for those  Silly People  who keep BANGING on about EDUCATION , that is just  STUPID. Their only motive is FUNDING  MORE FUNDING . It is a Disgrace.



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