The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

St Stephen’s Green Trust Survivors of abuse Grant Scheme Summary of Projects grantaided

St Stephen’s Green Trust
Survivors of abuse Grant Scheme
Summary of Projects grantaided – Jan 2012

Organisation Details: Depaul Ireland, Dublin 8
Project Contact: Ms Kerry Anthony; CEO
Amount of annual grant: €25,000

Depaul Ireland was established in 2002 through The Society of St Vincent De Paul, the
Daughters of Charity and the Vincentian Fathers. Their mission is to offer homeless and
disadvantaged people the opportunity to fulfil their potential and make positive and
informed choices about their future. They provide 15 specialised services between Dublin,
Belfast, Dungannon and Derry, providing a total of 369 bed spaces.

Project Details: Life Skills Group for residents in two of their homeless services with
a view to encouraging them to share their own life experiences.

This project will work with residents of two residential homes on life skills. A significant
percentage of residents in the two homes are known to be survivors of institutional abuse,
though no disclosure of childhood experiences is required for the project. Research shows
that many survivors of institutional abuse were so damaged by their experiences that they
became homeless. The aim is to develop good practice in engaging with residents who have
previously been homeless so that there will be improvements in their quality of life,
relationships with themselves and others. The expectation is this will lead to better
understanding of the particular needs of survivors of abuse and thus learning for other
projects on what work.

The project will build on work already undertaken in the life skills area with Depaul
residents. Many service users have forgotten or never learned basic life skills. Depaul has
seen significant improvement in self confidence and self esteem when they have worked
with service users in this area. Life skills includes activities such as cookery, IT, literacy,

Organisation Details: Federation of Irish Societies, London
Project Contact: Ms Jennie McShannon; Chief Executive
Amount of annual grant: €20,000

Federation of Irish Societies (FIS) is the only national umbrella organisation in Britain. There
are 120 member organisations, all run by and for the Irish community. As well as the
network function, other key functions include technical organisational support to members,
research on changing needs, representing issues of the Irish in Britain to both the Irish and
UK governments and raising awareness of relevant issues within the Irish community.
FIS has previously worked in supporting survivor organisations with access to support and
information. They also work with a number of repatriation organisations, which support
people moving back to Ireland.

Project Details: To develop a network of survivor self-support groups in the
UK and support the development of individual survivors groups.

The aim of project is to bring together the different grassroots survivor self support groups
on a regular basis to benefit from a network. The project will also support individuals in
isolated areas across the UK to set up local self-support groups.

The project will have a particular focus on working with survivors of institutional abuse who
are isolated throughout the UK, because there are no services close to them. It will work in
3 specific areas, Liverpool, Leeds and Leicester – all areas with sizeable populations of Irish
people and all without specific survivor services.

Organisation Details: Irish Survivors Advice and Support Service, London
Project Contact: Ms Sally Mulready; Chair
Amount of annual grant:€15,000

The Irish Survivors Advice and Support Service is a project run by the Irish Women Survivors
Support Network (IWSSN). The project mission is to provide support, advice, information
and companionship of benefit to survivors and former residents of Irish institutional care.
The IWSSN provides regular information and support meetings for their members, they
commission research, monitor Irish Government legislation and lobby the UK and Irish
Government on behalf of Survivors. The Women’s Group has provided evidence and
continues to inform the Inter Departmental Investigation Committee which was established
by the Minister for Equality and Justice Alan Shatter TD. The Investigation is examining the
evidence of the States involvement in the Magdalen Laundries and is chaired by Senator
Martin Mc Aleese.

The Chair, Sally Mulready, has been appointed to President Michael D Higgin’s Council of
State Committee.

Project Details: Advice and support service for women survivors of abuse.

The project grantaided is to support a new information service, located at the Voluntary
Action Camden offices. The view is that information and support given by a peer survivor
can be very powerful. The organisation feels there is still a need for information and other
support because of the forthcoming Statutory Fund which will be important to survivors
over the next few years. They also believe many people have still to come forward.
The advice and support service will also refer people to other support services which may be
of relevance to their clients.
Organisation Details: London Irish Centre, London
Project Contact: Jeff Moore; Director of Welfare
Amount of annual grant:€25,000

London Irish Centre (LIC) is the largest organisation for Irish people outside of Ireland. Its
services include in-house and outreach advice on housing, benefits and debt; advice and
information for survivors of abuse; volunteer programme; day service for older people; drug
and alcohol support services, educational activities and cultural events.

London Irish Centre Survivors Outreach Service (LICSOS) has provided specialist support for
survivors of abuse since 2001. They have worked with 1,361 survivors since that time. In
2010/11 they worked with 280 survivors of abuse.

Project Details: Training and awareness project for front line staff in mainstream
Irish welfare organisations, in partnership with ICAP.

The project is a partnership between LIC and ICAP. Immigrant Counselling and
Psychotherapy (ICAP) has been funded by the Irish government for many years to provide
psychotherapy and counselling to survivors of Irish institutional abuse.
Front line workers in mainstream services find it difficult to develop an understanding of the
needs of Irish emigrant survivors of abuse as abuse is rarely the presenting problem and
may only emerge over time. LICOS and ICAP intend to consult a wide range of individuals
with experience of working with survivors of abuse in the UK to develop a training and
awareness programme. The training will include information on the impact of institutional
upbringing and abuse, information on services for survivors of abuse (in Ireland and the UK),
how to manage disclosures effectively, the new statutory fund, effective referrals to mental
health services and examples of good practice. The output will be an online booklet for
front line workers, which can be updated regularly. A national conference on Working with
Irish Emigrant Survivors of Abuse will also be part of the project.

Organisation Details: Right of Place Second Chance
Project Contact: Mr Micheal Walsh; Outreach Manager
Amount of annual grant: €15,000

Right of Place Second Chance (ROPSC) provides a range of services to survivors, and had
4,500 telephone contacts in 2011. Many contacts came from their membership base, but
the majority of service provision is to non-members. The organisation has 3 regional offices,
supported by the head office in Cork where they operate 10 transitional apartments for
survivors. The outreach workers find permanent homes for the survivors.

Services provided by the organisation includes temporary accommodation units in Cork,
outreach to survivors, group support meetings, advocacy, information provision on a range
of issues specifically relevant to survivors and referral to welfare, work and education

Project Details: Towards costs of running the organisation, including
newsletters, annual report, social events.

The purpose of the project is to develop effective ways of supporting and communicating
with members and other survivors of institutional abuse on a national basis.
This will include bi-monthly newsletters, promote greater awareness of survivor needs
among local and national statutory and non-statutory bodies which can have an influence
on survivors lives. They also intend to develop an annual report for the organisation which
will increase the transparency and accountability within the organisation. Other supports
will include regular social events.

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Written like that it sounds as if we are all included. For one all survivers+ familys means that it would be impossable. unless its there for all it is of no help to those who dont fit the picture. It is for near relatives and close friends. This leaves many on the outside.



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