The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

On 19th of February 2013 Enda Kenny the Irish Prime Minister made his Apology to Survivors of the Magdalene Laundries you can watch the total Bollocks and Hollowness of his Rhetoric bellow ( as that what it has turned out to be in the fullness of time)

Second Thoughts Read on! And get to the Nub of the Issue?

If YOU have 19 minutes of your life to waste you can watch the Video after you have finished reading?


Speaking after this Alan Shatter the “Justice” Minister announced the payment of €250,000 to the UK “Step by Step Centre” for Irish Survivors of Industrial Schools and the Laundries.


If you strip away the veil of Words you will find that this money was paid directly to the “Irish Women’s Survivors Network”.


Shatter said of the Magdalene Laundry Survivors that “the largest single group of women who have come forward are based in the UK and represented by the Irish Women’s Survivors Network”. Source -


At the same time both he and the Taoiseach announced that the “President of the Law Reform commission Mr Justice Quirke has been appointed to examine how the Government might best provide supports for the survivors.” Source -


This has rankled with me since I first read reports of it; and I have frequently mentioned it on Social Media as it could be construed as buying Compliance with the forthcoming Quirke Report?


Those that know me and follow the Shame of Ireland Twitter account will know that I engaged with various TD’s about what I saw as “Undue Process” and how the Funding Prior to the Findings of the Quirke Report could be misconstrued?


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On the 16th of May 2013 @ 11:33 am I sent an email to Mary Lou McDonnell and got no reply!


(See later in this Blog for a copy of the Email?)


There clearly was and still is some contention over the “Redress Package” the most notable is that the Inter-Departmental Committee’s final report (the McAleese Report) exonerated the Religious Orders; letting them off any contribution to Redress.


Leaving the Irish Citizen to the FULL Amount of any Redress!

Survivor Mary Smith also criticised the Taoiseach for failing to deliver what he promised to survivors, after meeting with them to discuss their experiences earlier in the year: “What we were promised was a different scenario altogether – not only from Mr Kenny, the Taoiseach, but also from judge Quirke. What was in that package today, I’m actually appalled.


In the Same Article Sally Mulready, Chairperson of Irish Women Survivors Support Network UK, said “that the group welcomes the scheme and the recommendations.” She said that they appreciate that Magdalene laundry women “can finally look forward to a fair and just settlement” and that today they think of the women who had been in the laundries and “passed away and never experienced justice”.

She added: “We welcome especially the decision to provide a contributory pension to every Magdalene Laundry woman as there was a very strong desire on the part of the Magdalene women to have their years of forced, unpaid labour recognised. This is a very significant decision and dignifies the women as workers who made their contribution to society and who deserved recognition for that.”


It must be noted that as well as being Chairperson of the Irish Women Survivors Support Network UK, Sally Mulready is also a Seasoned Politician, and Controversially the Presidents Advisor on Survivor of the Industrial Schools and Magdalene Laundries.


The Redress Package after consultation with Survivors Groups was a Non-negotiable take it or Leave it deal!


After reaching out via Social Media and getting no one to address my concerns over what could be construed as “Undue Process” I re sent My original Email to Mary Lou McDonnell. It Appears Below!


The cc. Line in the original email is blank to protect the identity of other recipients!


From: Rob Northall
Sent: 09 September 2013 09:52
To: 'Mary Lou McDonald'
Subject: FW: Alan Shatters' Lack of Due Process regarding the Quirke Inquiry

Dear Mary Lou McDonald TD

I sent the following email sometime ago and got an acknowledgement.

Have you had a Chance to ask questions on this?


I am the Admin of a Private Website for Survivors of the Industrial Schools and have been helping promote the Cause of the Survivors of the Magdalene Laundries through various accounts using the “Name Shame of Ireland”.


I look forward to your Reply.


Thank You in advance



Links to the Shame of Ireland can be found @


From: Rob Northall
Sent: 16 May 2013 11:33
To: 'Mary Lou McDonald'
Subject: Alan Shatters' Lack of Due Process regarding the Quirke Enquiry


Dear Mary Lou McDonald TD

Thank you for your support of the Survivors of the Magdalene Laundries.

I have been perturbed for sometime about something that Alan Shatter TD said

“Minister for Justice Alan Shatter said an initial 250,000 euros (about $335,000) would be made available from the fund to establish a specialist advice and support service for survivors living in Britain.

The Irish Women's Survivor's Network in the UK welcomed the measures.”



This was announced before the Completion of the Enquiry by Justice Quirke into the needs of Survivors; which disturbs me greatly.


I would be Grateful if you could ask him the following P.Q.’s


“Which Fund is the Money to Come from?”


“Why has he agreed to give a Quarter of a Million Euros; when the needs have not been assessed by the Governments own Enquiry?”


I have Many other Questions on this issue but I understand that the protocol is 2 at a time?


If you can ask more than 2 questions please let me know?


I would be Grateful if you could Sign Post me to other T.D.’s across ALL Parties; that may be prepared to ask Questions on behalf of those concerned with the Plight of the Survivors of the Magdalene Laundries, Bethany Home and Industrial Schools.


It would be useful to have a list of TD’s that are Sympathetic regardless of Party.


Thank You in advance


Yours Sincerely


Rob Northall



After a very Frank exchange with Mary Lou’s Personal Assistant the correspondence petered out and I heard no more!


However a Question Similar to the one I raised was Asked!


Written answers

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

to view the Original on Kildare Click <Here>

Department of Justice and Equality

Magdalen Laundries Issues

All Written Answers on 1 Oct 2013 « Previous answer Next answer »

Mary Lou McDonald (Dublin Central, Sinn Fein)
Link to this: Individually | In context | Oireachtas source

512. To ask the Minister for Justice and Equality if he will provide an update on the Magdalene Laundries Restorative Justice Scheme to include the number of women who have applied to the Fund; the number of the applicants that have received a payment, medical card, pension payment and or additional supports as provided by the Magdalene Commission Report; and can if he will confirm that the Irish Women’s Survivors Network has received the payment of €250,000 payment as announced earlier this year. [41104/13]

Alan Shatter (Minister, Department of Justice, Equality and Defence; Dublin South, Fine Gael)
Link to this: Individually | In context | Oireachtas source

As the Deputy is aware, on the 25th June 2013 the Government approved the immediate implementation of a cash lump sum payments scheme based on duration of stay in laundries recommended by Judge Quirke and tasked an Interdepartmental Group with giving further detailed consideration to the steps necessary to implement the other recommendations. some of which are complicated and will require legislation. I have already established a special unit to process applications and to determine whether an applicant resided and worked in an institution covered by the scheme, the duration of their stay, and the calculation of the capital sum due to be paid to them. Over 540 applications have been received to date and are being processed.

Payments cannot commence until decisions have been made on the other recommendations. I expect to receive the report of the Interdepartmental Group within the next week and I will then bring the matter back before the Government for final decision. I would expect that the first offers of payments of a lump sum to issue within 4-6 weeks of the Government decision.

Officials in my Department are in contact with the Irish Women Survivors Support Network in the UK and it is expected that the payment of €250,000 may be made shortly.


Alan Shatter inadvertently answered were the Funding came for in a Question Asked by Maureen O’Sulivan to view the Original on Kildare Click <Here>

Alan Shatter (Minister, Department of Justice, Equality and Defence; Dublin South, Fine Gael)
Link to this: Individually | In context | Oireachtas source

The overall total estimated cost associated with the establishment of the Restorative Justice Scheme is €34.5m to €58m based on an estimate of 555 to 1000 applicants applying to the scheme. It includes the cost of the lump sum payments, the weekly State payments, the Medical Card, the establishment of a Dedicated Unit to administer the scheme, payment to the Irish Women Survivors Support Network (IWSSN) and provision of legal advice.

In the current year, the cost of the scheme as regards the Justice Vote is expected to be in the region of €23m. This takes account of the lump sum payments, weekly instalment payments for those in receipt of a lump sum in excess of €50,000, payments to solicitors who advise applicants before signing the waiver and staff administration staff costs. It does not include payments to be made in 2015 and subsequent years nor does it include payments under the Scheme that will fall to other Votes such as pensions and medical costs.

I am not accusing anyone of any impropriety I just don’t understand Mary Lou’s reluctance to ask a Genuine Question or the Irish Medias Refusal to talk about the

“Elephant in the Room!”


Incidentally the 2002 Indemnity Deal the 18 religious orders which ran Industrial Schools had their contribution capped at €128m in cash, property and counselling services towards redress costs for abuse survivors. However, they later agreed to contribute €352.6 million for victims of institutional abuse.

You can read how they haven’t paid it @

 Thank You for Reading!

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There is a lot more to this that isn't reported here.

You are SO Right!

I tried to keep it short and to the point; based on my personal Observation and Correspondence; in the interrest of Acuraccy!

There is a lot of Hearsay around too!

Of Course feel free to add more or start another Blog in the Same Vein?

The Step by Step Became the

"Whispering Hope Centre"

An advice service for Survivors of Irish institutional care

Between 2001 and 2014, a sustained and often challenging campaign for justice for Magdalene Laundry women took place both in the UK and Ireland. The history of this campaign and the role played by the women themselves in keeping alive their just cause, is well known. The intervention by the Irish coalition government following representation from a number of groups (including IWSSN) had a significant impact, leading to a number of important legislative and policy initiatives that for the first time recognised that the State had a duty to acknowledge its role in relation to the Magdalene Laundry women. These initiatives included the McAleese Inquiry, and subsequently the report from Judge John Quirke.

After meeting with a group of inspirational Magdalene Laundry women, the Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach), Enda Kenny TD was moved by their stories and understood the sense of injustice these Survivors felt about their ordeals in earlier life. With the promise to set the future straight and acknowledge the failures of successive governments to hear the voices of these women, the Irish Prime Minister made a powerful state apology and invited Justice John Quirke to look into developing a compensation scheme for the Magdalene Women.

The Whispering Hope Centre was set-up in March 2014 as a service for Magdalene laundry women and the wider Survivor community, based in Kentish Town, London. The naming of the centre as Whispering Hope was a special recognition of the Prime Minister’s historic meeting at the Irish Embassy in 2013. The Taoiseach heard a moving rendition of the song ‘Whispering Hope’ which has almost become the anthem of Survivors.

Click <HERE> to view this on the I.W.S.S.N. Website

Until Very Recently this website remained Dormant!

Hi Rob, we are the forgotten people - they come out with their Crocodile tears they say we can never let this happen again - but it is shoved into our faces everyday by their lack of indifference toward us the Survivors - They just want us forgotten and just to go away - we are still treated like we don't matter and that we are nobody's "Shame on them Politian's and Religious alike for allowing this to continue to people that never had a say"

Interstingly 128 People have had this Shared with them Via Email?

Also of Note it has been Read ALL over The World!

Just Goes to show the Level of interst in YOUR Website?



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