The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

WELL it is now time to view this MENTAL BOX of SOCIAL CONTROL.
We were all let to believe that when we tell our sins( never knew what they were anyway) we will be forgiven by God.

So here is the FEAR BOX that has controlled people for generations, I say this here because if your so called sins as the Catholic beliefs would claim be forgiven, then you would be healed and forgiven. What a load of bull.

This torture box where you have to tell someone who has had NO Psychiatry TRAINING let alone any training with the public in fact all lacked this skill that they even were suffering their own most serious sick minds.

I would like to call this the BOX OF FILTH where the vulnerable are being cheated out of their personal beliefs.

Is the Pope's God that weak it needs to control its people abuse women and children and take their money to survive?

Its no wonder the Education Minister is a friend of the Church he shares the box with the bishops and here we have all the dirty tricks in the dark single box.

The Government the Religious and the gangster groups belong in this box not the people the women and the children.

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well this is something i have often thought about. we were sent into these boxes as children. this brought us to lying because something was supposed to be said in there guilty or not. if we hadent any sins to confess we would be accused of lying. one day in there a priest asked me if i touched myself. i answered when i go to the toilet. this was passed on to the nuns as cheek. so i got beaten for insolence. what a confusing thingthat was. Its a lot of power thay have over people as thay used the information to keep power over all. i have never been to confession since i discovered what was on thier minds. we were lost children being treated like walking dirt. this was driven into our minds



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