The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

As you can see below they are starting to debate issues Close to Our heart!
The link below is form this week in the Dail.

If you live in the Republic then you should write, email, Telephone or Meet You "Elected Representative"?

Below is an email sent to Kathleen Lynch; she was speaking up for the Magdalene's!!


From: Robert Northall []
Sent: 18 October 2010 18:09
To: ''
Subject: Your Support?


Dear Kathleen,


I have today read your contribution to the Dáil debate; Thursday, 7 October 2010 via
I can only commend you for your support of the “Maggies”! They have a worthy and just cause!


The Consultation Mary Coughlan Refers to is with Government Paid Representatives of Survivors Right of Place "Et All" I understand that Noel Barry is no longer in residence however the Per Capita Funding that they Use as their mandate is still in Place?


This I believe is part of the Moral Bankruptcy of the Government; I hope that you don’t think that I am making Light but the Magdalene’s are in quite a strong position The R.IR.B. Act took advantage of the situation at the time and paid lip service to Compensation, Michael Woods assured his place in Heaven by protecting the Catholic Churches Breach of Contact over the care of Children! (Had the Irish Government sued on this alone and had ALL the Monies Refunded
there might have been a better Deal for Survivors of the Industrial School System?).


It is a matter of time before they will have to admit culpability!


The depravation of the Human Rights of the Maggies in the European Court of Human Rights would be an excellent Publicity Vehicle? And may bring additional pressure to bear?


The only reason that they started investigating the Industrial Schools is because they wanted to join Europe! Other than this
who knows; the institutions may still be running??



The Survivors of the Industrial Schools have 2 problems



  1. They have been dealt with! And signed an agreement to that end!!!
  2. They have been Represented by Right Of Place “ET ALL” So their voice was ignored for years!

These People hold lists that I cannot access; we are under 50 in membership at the moment but growing slowly?

All the Support organisations are “Jealously Guarding” their Government Cash, WE are divided by what unites US! The Government have used their funding Wisely!!


God Bless the Struggle of the Maggies!


I hope that will not make the same mistakes that have befallen the Survivors of the Industrial Schools?


It leaves such a bitter taste!


The Shame of Ireland is currently under development; we are testing “Live Voting” The first “Live Vote” is


I Agree with Adding the Survivors of the Magdalene Laundries to the Shame Of Ireland Objectives?


When I first started on YahooGroups they were not included, when I moved to Facebook I added them; now we have our own site I need the Members to vote to accept the change and to ”VOTE”  adopt the Aims and Objective I have foisted uponthem!


Democracy is hard work, But we will get there!


I gave Fergus O’Dowd the opportunity to embarrass Brian Cowen and Mary Coughlan over unanswered correspondence from Survivors; As far as I am aware he has not taken this opportunity?


If you feel that you would like to step where “Angels Fear to Tread” I can forward you Correspondence that will show them for what they are; it also shows so called “Survivors Groups” in their true light!


If you would like to know anymore about the “Shame of Ireland” or embarrass Brian Cowen (not that he needs any help)?


Please let me know?


Yours Sincerely


Rob Northall

Founder of the “Shame of Ireland”

I do not represent anyone as we can not vote on “Spokes people” until we have a core membership worthy of not (i.e. 100).


When we do we will have what no other group can deliver “Representation Without Leadership”!

I appologise for the abreviation of the Magdalenes as I now understand it is Offensive? but felt that to edit something that had already been sent would lack "Transparency"!

Kathleen Lynch is the Labour TD for Cork, if you are a constituent of hers feel free to contact her in regards to this email (she has sent a read reciept with regard to this).

If you Do write feel free to sign as a Member of the Shame of Ireland, but as I did please state that you do not Represent any one!

In future I will be signing Corespondence in this manner (but will drop the "Founder" Part; it sounds a bit to Egotistical for my liking!

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"If Redress had been Just there would be no Need for this Statutory Trust Fund"



totally agree

The Following Email was also sent to Those who Voted For or Abstained from Voting on the Statutory Fund Bill


Subject: It is not too Late to do what is Right for Survivors of the Industrial Schools


Dear XXXX,

I am writing to you because you either voted “FOR” or “Abstained” from Voting the Statutory Fund Bill.



There are 166 Seats in the Dail 96 Voted with the Government 19 Voted Against this deeply Flawed Legislation Bill;

Sadly 51 Members did not feel the plight of Survivors important enough to have and opinion on?


This Bill and the ensuing legislation will not work!


The Administration is already top heavy carrying those from the Redress Unit and the Education and Finance Board forward into Secure Employment along with their Pensions!


The Employees of the Education Board have failed Survivors and the Redress Unit are Responsible for ignoring the wishes of Survivors during the Consultation Process at the direct request of the Minister for Education; and are Responsible for drafting the Current Statutory Fund Bill. Neither seems Qualified to be involved in “What is Best For Survivors?”


In the Draft proposals there is already an element of unwillingness to pay, buy the inclusion of the Appeals Officer/Unit!

If there was a willingness to be inclusive of Survivors Real Needs there would be an Applications Unit to enable the Vulnerable, Distressed and Illiterate to apply, and ensure their applications would be given Priority and Approval.


If Redress had been Just there would be no Need for this Statutory Trust Fund?

Redress was Protector of the Public Purse!


“The €900.000 spend is a disgrace given the paltry sums paid to people who were abused,” said Paddy Doyle, a survivor of one of the institutions.

“People would do well to bear in mind that the average payment made by the Redress Board to survivors no stands at around €67.000. Much of that €900.000 could have been used to ensure real redress rather than pocket money.

“Bertie Ahern said payments made by the Redress Board would be in line would be in line with those people who took ‘abuse cases’ to the court…the payments made to people who have gone to the civil courts is about €350.000.”

Source -

When considering the fairness of Redress Please Ask yourself how many years Salary is €67.000 for Government Civil Servant employed in Either the Redress Unit or the Education Fund?

 Prior to Redress I had a small business where I was trading on Markets and Shows, my wife’s Mental Health was not good but we got by.


With the Advent of Redress Board my wife was so traumatised by having to recount the Suppressed Memories of her Childhood that I was unable to focus on my business and it eventually ceased trading.


My wife was so traumatised that she could not attend the Redress Hearing, and submitted a Psychiatrists letter to excuse here.


The current situation is that we are living on Benefits in the UK and at the moment I cannot see our situation changing?


I am telling you this, not looking for Sympathy; it is a situation that I feel is quite common; as my experience of Survivors is either that of myself & my wife or; Survivors because of their Trauma are living a lonely and isolated existence!


Welfare Benefits throughout Europe will be coming under review and the most vulnerable of Survivors will be hardest hit; who through no fault of their own are unable through Mental Illness, Disability and or Old Age are Unable to Support themselves?


I am asking; that when this Bill Comes back to the House for ratification that you Vote this Bill Down?


Regards Rob Northall


From: Michael Colreavy []
Sent: 24 June 2012 11:07 PM
To: Rob. Northall
Subject: Re: It is not too Late to do what is Right for Survivors of the Industrial Schools


Dear Rob Northall,


Unfortunately I missed the vote in question due to a family funeral. I have met with a number of survivors of institutional abuse and am aware of the major shortcomings in the bill. Had I been in Leinster House on the day I would most certainly have joined my Sinn Fein colleagues in opposing the Government bill. Should the opportunity arise to oppose it in future debate I will do so.


Yours sincerely,



Michael Colreavy, TD - 

Sent from my iPhone

at least a reply Rob 

From: Maureen OSullivan []
Sent: 25 June 2012 10:52 AM
To: Rob. Northall
Subject: Re: It is not too Late to do what is Right for Survivors of the Industrial Schools


I have to apologise as I could not be in the chamber when that vote was called.  I had spoken on the Bill,but the vote came at a time when I could not be there.  I would have voted in accordance with the wishes of the former residents.


Maureen O'Sullivan T.D.
Independent Dublin Central
Office: 6183488
Twitter @MaureenOSTD

hello Rob. reference Maureen O'Sullivan (and others) sounds like ANOTHER vote would only be fair

Media addresses:

From: Gavin Gallagher [] On Behalf Of Sean Crowe
Sent: 25 June 2012 11:07 AM
To: Rob. Northall
Subject: Re: It is not too Late to do what is Right for Survivors of the Industrial Schools


Rob, a chara,

Thank you for your email. I wish to clarify that Sinn Féin supported a vote AGAINST the Statutory Fund Bill advancing to Committee and Report Stage the Second Stage concluded recently  in the Dáil. Deputy Crowe did not vote on the Bill because he was out of the country at the that time.

We have serious reservations about the Bill, that are reflected in the amendments which I have attached for your pursual and which we have submitted for the Committee Stage reading.

I hope this clarifies matters but if I can be of any further assistance please contact me on my direct office line: 01 618 3941.

Le meas,

Gavin Gallagher
Political Advisor to Deputy Seán Crowe.
Sinn Féin Education Spokesperson


please see attached amendments being proposed for Committee Stage of this Bill.

(Sinn Féin)
(Fianna Fáil)
(Technical Group)


Ian Moore
Bills Office
Houses of the Oireachtas Service
tel. 01 618 4862
fax. 01 618 4108


There Where 4 Files attached this is the Last One

They are Amendments to the Statutory Fund Bill to be Considered at the Committee Stage!


hello Rob. regarding the 4 attachments i guess they were just wanting our reaction before Committee Stage!

This Note Was attached to the File Bellow I believe that the File are the Amendments to the Statutory Fund Bill to be voted on?


Reading the note bellow it suggests the amendments will be voted down as a matter of Course?


The Bill is up for report and remaining stages on Tuesday and will be voted on before close of business that day.

As mentioned below there won't be a vote as the Ceann Comhairle will rule the amendment out of order as it would involve a cost to the exchequer.

When the Government introduces a piece of legislation into the Dáil the opposition can submit amendments to the Bill but any amendment that in effect is an additional cost to the State money will be ruled out of order and therefore not taken.

Primarily the purpose of submitting such amendments is to hold Government to account as the amendment whilst not taken is debated at the earlier stages.

Thanks and best,




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