The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


As Minister Jan O’Sullivan is new to her job, would it be at all possible that we could band together and ask the Minister to meet with a group of survivors so that we can voice our ISSUES with the Caranua program. As Caranua was developed for the survivors and because most if not all are already entitled to these services offered either by age, medical card or through social circumstance the Caranua program IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. Minister Quinn, did say he would review the program in 2015, the new Minister needs to review it with URGENCY NOW! We need to have an account from the Minister as to what is happening to our SURVIVORS MONEY AND BECASUE ITS OUR MONEY WE NEED TO BE KEPT INFORMAED OF SPENDING. We would like to know from Minister Jan O’Sullivan about the interest on the 110 Million and where it is being banked, also where the rental income from properties given to survivors by the religious is being banked on our behalf , and what is happening to the original 110 Million.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Kate,   I now have registered with these people about 10 days ago nothing back from them yet,  spoke to a woman who took a few details and said an advisor will be in touch to talk things through with me,  but when I asked her if the advisor was  a fully qualified person,  and if he had spent some time in hell holes like us   she refused to answer I sure as hell do not want to talk to a stranger about my past.  Anyway Kate no presentation pack as yet,  but that is surely a waste of our money. Yes I agree if we just sit back and let things happen without our permission then we are to blame but where do we start the ball rolling  and when.  Is there someone among us all that can start a petition perhaps.


Don't hold your breath.  I registered in January and have only just received the Information Pack.

This is why I suggested to you some time ago to apply. 

these Presentation Packs I guess have already been printed and ready for postage months ago. 

Are there any Survivors  who were contacted by the Educational Minister or Caranua for imput on what the Survivors want? I guess the answer is no.  

This is a  Human Rights  issue, .When did The Irish Government ever listen to the average person in the street. 

All suggestions wellcome.

Kathleen O'Malley.  "Childhood Interrupted"


I replied to you yesterday . IT APPEARS TO HAVE VANISHED.

Caranua take up to 9 months to respond to applications so why are you surprised at not receiving a reply with in 10 days.


Kathleen O'Malley.  "Childhood Interrupted"

Hi Rob.

I replied to a blog yesterday and it appears to have vanished into thin air.


OOPS it has appeared soorry.


hi, not sure if this helps, I am a bit along the way with them, and I will tell you, the person you will be talking too will only be discussing with you what your needs are, not were you were, so relax, if you want more detailed stuff, message me, I know it is not easy, get gets easier, the person who will call you will ask you what your need are. 

I did get one of the packs from Caranua and had the advisor contact me, what a load of BULL, I made my complaint to the advisor and also email my complaint to Caranua. I was told by the advisor that they would pass on my complaint. I told her I do not want my complaint passed on I want to speak to the organ grinder, this I was told could not happen as they had to may people to deal with in Caranua. Also, if you read my original comments above, you have to go begging again for services that Caranua are offering these service are already available to you regardless of being a survivor or not through the health and education system.

i am sorry to say this is been done because we don't have ANY LEGAL HELP and they know this

Frank, that rings a bell!

The minister is Caranua. The begging must stop and let the protest begin.Michael.

Hi Elizabeth, What years were you in mum went there in 1946-1956 approx. Sisters of mercy Mount Carmel.

Lizzie x

Hi Elizabeth,   hope things are getting better for you,  dont give up.   I was in Moate from 1950-1957 what a hell hole I dont think I will ever forget those times there and how we were treated.  Good luck.



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