The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


I am the granddaughter of a George Frost, born in 1937, sent to The Birds Nest in 1940. I am looking for anyone whom is related or remembers my grandad.

He had several siblings, also in the home. From what I've managed to find out there names were Charles Edward, Isobel and Joyce Frost.

If anyone has any information on them or the home during that time it would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

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"The following schools were run by religious orders and funded by the public: "   --

Smyly Homes  (Bird's Nest)  Not Only Solicits  Money From The Government Of The Day (Public Purse) But Also From The Parents Of The Children In The 'Orphanages' ! ...   In Addition To "private" Donations Whether In Brown Envelopes  Or Probate (Wills).  Being A "charity"  Money Is No Problem And As Long As The Church And SS  Can Get Their Hands On Other People's Children That Money Making Just Keeps Going In To The Wrong Cause  ...


"The murdered child was from the North Inner City of Dublin, and was placed in the care of the Irish Sisters of Charity in Madonna House on 5th June 1974 along with a number of his siblings. The murdered child remained in Madonna House until 1st September 1976, when his mother removed him and two of his siblings. A further sibling was removed on 24th December. The children were allowed to remain at home under the supervision of Eastern Health Board social workers. On 3rd February 1977 it was decided that the murdered child and two of his siblings be returned to Madonna House.

On the basis that the placement was likely to be a long-term one, it was decided to transfer the children to St Kyran’s Residential Home, Rathdrum County Wicklow on 5th September 1977. One of the staff members in Madonna House was John Dwyer, originally from Wales, who had been interviewed for a post of trainee child care worker in Madonna House in September 1976, responding to an advertisement for female care assistants. Dwyer, who had spent 10 years with the De la Salle Brothers in England and had trained with them as a teacher before arriving in Ireland, commenced employment in Madonna House in September 1976.

From an early stage, Dwyer took a particular interest in the murdered child with the result that the Manager, Sr Carmel, warned him about his over-involvement with the child. Dwyer accompanied the murdered child and a number of his siblings when they moved from Madonna House to St Kyran’s in Rathdrum. On Friday, 16th September Dwyer brought one of the siblings from St Augustine’s in Blackrock to St Kyrans. He then departed from St Kyran’s with the murdered child."


Been Awhile Since Seen One Of Those!  I Lost My Grandfathers!  Yes To Lay Hands On A RC Child And To Bring Them To A Protestant Organization Was A Result! I Always Sensed I Was From A RC Family When I Was In The Bird's Nest! This Sense Got Stronger When I Was Hidden In A Dark Place With Other Children When Certain Visitors Came To View The Inmates (Reference: The Orange Order).  Years Later After Sustaining Constant Injuries Resultant From All Manner Of Abuses In That 'Orphanage' And Others  My Sense Of Being From A RC Family Was Confirmed When I Found Out Where The Family Home Was (Still) And Confirmed That I Was Neither Adopted In "America"  Nor "Dead". 

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for your postings. I am still not sure how we are related if indeed we are?

well perhaps you want to phone me and we can talk. 01708 688034

I know you stayed with Mum Robert and Tony in Plaistow east london for a while so you already are aware of them, I also know Mum and Tony had spoken to you about me and probably the rest of the sons which I already have listed for you.

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for the telephone contact details.

I did make contact with Mum sometime in the early eighties while she Rob and Tony were living in a small flat on Barking Road. She wanted me to have more contact and we did. In order to be able to stay with her and the boys I helped her secure the property in Hilda Road. Over the next few years, times were difficult so I moved out only to return again sometime in the early nighties. She was by then living with A Shrimpton. It was difficult and I was wrestling with all sorts of demons at the time. I was still very resentful for the way I had been treated by Smyly Homes having me committed because I Could not keep quiet about the way I had been abused and at this time, it was particularly difficult as the man who abused me appeared on TV watching over his own son as he became Archbishop of Dublin.

Over the next few years, relationships between Mum and me deteriorated to the point that I was not welcome at her own funeral. I do keep in contact with Rob from time to time as I do with his children.

As far as the Bird's Nest experience with the Vaccine Trials is concerned, I have asked a lawyer in international Law if there is anything I can do and he is thinking about possible ways of progressing the matter, not just for any money, but I need to know bout Callum. I remember well he note on my file about Callum and the fact that. We. We're brothers but I was not to advised of our relationship.

I am not sure how a telephone call between us will help. I do not like speaking about theses matters on the telephone, perhaps in due course we could set up a meeting, but in any event my number is 01354 (March, Cambridgeshire) 656422. I am very disabled and as a result I tend to Vet my calls.

In the meantime, thanks
Hi Nick, do you mind if I call you Nick?

Just a very quick question, does the date of 25 July mean anything to you?

Kind regards,

Kevin (Kev)



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