The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


I am the granddaughter of a George Frost, born in 1937, sent to The Birds Nest in 1940. I am looking for anyone whom is related or remembers my grandad.

He had several siblings, also in the home. From what I've managed to find out there names were Charles Edward, Isobel and Joyce Frost.

If anyone has any information on them or the home during that time it would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

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Hi Brendan,

Yes my mothers maiden name was Howes.

Thanks for the information.  I am still looking for Calum Devlin born sometime around 1956/7.  Can you help.  He died as a child sometime around the time of the Vaccine Trials and my file clearly refers to him being my younger brother, but I was not to be told about him under any circumstances.  I have seen this written message signed by Miss Bird, a lady I knew as a child and I well remember many of her kindnesses.

Thanks    -    Kevin

Hello Kevin.

I Believe Her First Name Was Mabel (Bird)

Indeed it was. My memories of her in my younger days were all positive and warm. I have no idea if she knew what went on or not. I'd like to think not, but frankly, nothing surprises me. Thanks Jack

Access To Information!  Sensitive Stuff!  Secretaries Typing Notes! Writing Letters To The Parents Of The  'Orphans' !

It was Miss Bird who handled my admission to Smyly homes and indeed it was this same lady who made a note on my file saying hat I was not to be advised that (1) I had a younger brother and (2) made it clear in a short note that I was not to be told that we were related. In another note written on the morning after I was admitted she signed a note commenting on the fact that my Mother who had been paid some money, insisted on being dropped off outside Woolworths in Dunlaoire rather than to be taken home.

That Sounds Like You Had A Sibling In A Smyly  'Home' , Possibly In The Bird's Nest Where And When You Were There!  Other Plans? 

Well Done Brendan!   Smyly Homes (The Trustees) Were Always Very Happy To Increase The Number Of Protestants In Ireland And Did NOT care Where The Numbers Came From! Roman Catholic Families In Crisis Were An Easy Source To Get Their Bloody Hands On Other People's Children!  Adoption Not Their Policy Being A Business  Of Course  ....

I was so confused when I saw the Birds Nest was a Protestent establishment, I had always assumed my Grandad's family were all Roman Catholic. My Grandad even assumed his upbringing was Catholic. I wonder which sibling wasn't baptised in the Catholic Church?

Brendan, I am truly grateful for what you've been able to discover! It's so nice of you to help myself and Kevin.

Hello Charlie.  Smyly Homes Are Indeed A Protestant ( 'Christian' )   Organization. It Will Take In Children From Roman Catholics For Money And To Increase Protestant Numbers In Ireland. I Was In The Bird's Nest And I Came From A Roman Catholic Family! 

Hi Kevin,

You were born 1955, online birth records only go up to 1958, I will check for another Devlin birth with mother Howes next time I am in the GRO, William Devlin married Ellen Howes 1945 in Rathdrum.

Devlin with mother Howes birth records 1945 - 1958

Show a preview of this record

Fredrick, William, James and Charles all had the father William Devlin, Ellen Howes husband.

William Devlin Died and Ellen then was with his brother James Devlin they had Patrick.  

All the children were put into St Kyrans boys home in Rathdrum paid for by James Devlin.

Ellen had left and so unlightly that James Devlin is Kevins father.

it is thought Ellen then had a boy and a girl after Kevin  but unknown

Then she had Robert dont know who his real father is and Anthony all the children went into homes. she was living in a run down area of Dublin in poor conditions a place the church apparently found for her.  

although Robert and Anthony were later brought to England by Ellen Devlin after contact was made by the elder sons who had never met her until in their mid to late 30's.

from what I recall Antony knows who his real father was although he died several years ago.  



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