The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Big Pharma Spokesman Secretly Filmed Saying Vaccines Cause Autism

Paul Offit, prominent vaccine spokesman, is so indebted to Big Pharma that even mainstream media have reported qualms about taking his word for anything medicine-related.

Big Pharma spokesman Paul Offit, known for telling the public that vaccines are totally safe, has been caught on camera admitting that vaccines causes autism.

Paul Offit, prominent vaccine spokesman, is so indebted to Big Pharma that even mainstream media have reported qualms about taking his word for anything medicine-related.

Offit makes a comfortable living as a pediatrician specializing in infectious diseases, and has an even more lucrative sideline as a self-described “expert” on vaccines, spruiking Big Pharma’s wares through the mainstream media

Expert? A more accurate term would be salesman.

He is known for refuting each and every claim against vaccines, and refusing to hear a bad word said about Big Pharma’s most profitable product line. One of his famous lines involved stating that it’s perfectly safe for children to receive 1,000 vaccinations at once.

But now we have secretly filmed footage of Paul Offit slipping and and revealing his true understanding of the link between autism and vaccines. Watch and see for yourself.

In other words, Big Pharma and their pro-vaccination shills have been lying to the public. They have bought out the mainstream media, who now act as attack dogs, rabidly demanding everybody toe the line – or else they will be savaged.

Do not underestimate the power of the mainstream media’s ability to publicly shame people. There is no greater creator of ignorant groupthink. People are terrified to go against the grain of what appears to be mainstream opinion.

By stating that the MMR vaccine does not cause autism, they have been misleading you. As Paul Offit admits, the relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism is not clear-cut, black and white, and easily dismissed, as mainstream media have been telling you it is.

Paul Offit famously said it was safe for a child to receive 1,000 vaccinations at once. Given the insight we now have about him thanks to the secretly filmed footage, it’s safe to say his 1,000 vaccinations comment was probably a misleading, media-friendly soundbite that shouldn’t be taken seriously either.

[Robert F. Kennedy Jr Drops Vaccines Truth Bomb Live On TV]

Our children deserve better than a media dominated by money-hungry shills employed by Big Pharma, intent on pushing products without giving parents real information about their true nature.

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As you can see on this link there are dangers in vaccines but its the lobbys who win as thay are paid to hide the dangers. Children die and suffer from over done lobbying.

Guess Things Must Get Worse Before They Get Better.

Shared On Twitter.

Good the more this information is shared the better.Its terrable to do this to babys knowing the risks

He Certainly Had His Off Moment!

Who Backed That Horse?



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