The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


Do you as a survivor accept that Quinn's aim to spearhead a 50 50 deal is right? do you think he should be allowed to do this taking into concideration this is the only time a Government has claimed such a thing, looking at the Mahon Tribunal Ahern got away with millions, This Minister Quinn did not fight for a 50 50 deal for the Tax Payer neither did any Government office, They never gave the tax payer another thought regarding all other tribunals just this bill that cost the Government next to nothing for such  devastating abuse on such a large scale against children and women. His office failed every poor person and families then as he is now.

We need your views on this as I want to have solid answers to this Minister and his cronies who live such a comfortable life. I want this Minister to resign due to the truth he is also spearheading the Education fund as we all know it was survivors who suffered themselves who are now old, struggling on pensions, sick, in hospital struggling to pay bills, in rehabs, on the streets, need dental care, need eye treatment, many disabilities, alone struggling on welfare, handicapped, well past education, in institutions, confused, with many mental problems, to me this is so obvious given just some of the list of problems survivors are going through this Minister and his office have totally ignored wich the way I see it is a disgrace. Even the Statutory fund he is soaking up for his own office wages. I do believe there is very hard evidence that people like him from top to bottom are more interested in their careers and self greed to protect their own jobs to finance their own offices we all know how the HSE have handled us so far and now 200 children died in their care according to the media.

We need your views to stop this ill treatment of a Minister who has utterly no respect for us survivors I have posted his claims on here and other sites like facebook industrial schools ireland, I am shocked that I found no one challenging him n his aims to destroy any chance of healing even to doubt the Apology from the State, they allow the publicity of the Religious to coverup their main aims and that is to silence us all. This opportunity is up to each and every individual survivor to actually finally make a stand and fight for justice once and for all. 

I am writing to the media the TDs etc etc one politician if he gets the letters then I believe he will fight for us his name is Richard Boyd Barret you can contact him here or phone 01 6183449 Please contact him and make your views known as well as the Money missing from the Right of Place and the lack of any support you think these groups are being paid for. It is up to you or we close shop and forget what ever happened to our lives.

Please everyone we need to make this stand it is your compensation from the Religious the way it was in the beginning you were all paid pennies for your troubles tell Quinn to Resign and make known the truth.

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