The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

were you affected by drug trials?  vaccines?

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We remember many times having to take Drugs in the Institutions, many of us were transported from  one institution to another and another and another and another and another. The tramor of this has still to day not been recognized and I for one might seek legal aid on this matter because it WAS NOT INCLUDED in the REDRESS Criteria so i see it as a an appeal for  the Human rights too.

Noels C Barry was Glad to have made this agreement as many other agreements that would Shock all survivors the Drunken BUM did so much Damage and the way this Office was taken Over and these Clowns took over still survivors are being treated like Mental cases by Fuckern MORONS who do not give a SHIT about the REAL troubled SURVIVORS. How darethese CLOWNS and IDIOTS stamp alll over our childhoods. The Human Rights need to know way way more than is written so far there are tons of shit that survivors have had to put up with and WELL DONE JACK who has been SO LOYAL to the Cause of ALL Survivors from Industrial schools to Magdelane to mother and Baby Groups many of us have been fighting a long long battle trying every single day to EXPOSE the SHIT we have had to live with. Well done Jack for Bringing up the Drug Trials sad thing is many are confused we found between the Polio and other Drugs it seemed to man many many Drugs were PUMPED into us all. THANK YOU JACK

Hello Robert. I Hope You Find The Information Link Below Of Some Interest. Indeed Vaccines Were Not Included In The Redress Board Schedule. Absolutely A Human Rights Issue. I Had Both The Injections And The Sugar Lumps (Polio).

Mission Statement

"To obtain an acknowledgement and just recognition in the form of a fair compensation for victims and their families who have been damaged by vaccines"


Irish Vaccine Injury Support was formed in 2001 to provide support and advocacy to vaccine survivors/victims and their families who suffered injury and death following the administration of vaccines in the State.

Many of our children suffered catastrophic injuries and death particularly in the late sixties and seventies with the State administered DPT 3 in 1 Trivax vaccine when there was an upsurge of vaccine reactions reported. 


Other members of our group suffered vaccine damage from other State administered vaccines including POLIO MMR DT RUBELLA.


Our Aims

  • To secure a compensation scheme to cover past and future vaccine damaged children including vaccine injury and death
  • We would like to see the Pharmaceutical Industry involved in the Compensation Scheme for past DPT vaccine damage and death because of the ‘Toxic Vaccines’ imported and used in ROI.
  • An independent testing system for all vaccines administered in the Irish State.
  • Any restrictions on the right of vaccine damaged children to sue in tort should not be included.
  • Take all steps necessary to promote the full and complete reporting of all adverse events temporally associated with vaccines.
  • Take all steps necessary to record the Lot and Batch Numbers administered to recipients.
  • Take all steps necessary to maintain proper record management systems.
  • All Vaccine injured children securing compensation in a timely and inexpensive manner.



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