The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

I have Just Sent the Following Email to

Christopher Heaphy
Tom Cronin
Barry Clifford
John Kelly
Marie Aubertin
Mike Waters
Simon McCarthy
Tom Hayes
Michael O’Brien
Michael Walsh
Phyllis Morgan
Olliver Burke



I would be grateful if you would let me know your Groups Current Position on the Statutory Trust Fund?


I would Like your Permission to post your Reply to the Shame of Ireland so that Members can Understand


  1. Where you Stand on the Trust Fund?
  2. Any assistance they can offer in reaching your objectives with regard to this?


Thank You in Advance


Regards Rob Northall

Admin @ Shame Of Ireland


If #Redress was JUST there would be no Need for #StatutoryFundBill please STOP this Further Abuse?


Congregation Of Religious Ireland CORI Didn’t Pay Their Bill For #Redress What Chance #StatutoryFundBill


RuairiQuinnTD Dismissed 713 Signatures against the Statutory Trust Fund &


If you are in Contact with ANY Group, Please Contact them and Ask them what they are doing and where they Stand?

Please Post ANY Replies Here for All To See?

Please Refrain from Attacking Individual Group Leaders Here or Posting Comments that do not contain information Received from the Groups themselves?

Please Remember that although you may Disagree with What the Groups are Doing; "Leaders" are merely Representatives.

Discussing Whether or Not they Have a Mandate can be discussed @


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Replies to This Discussion

Reply Received today from Simon McCarthy


From: Simon McCarthy []
Sent: 18 July 2012 12:46 PM
Subject: Satutory Trust Fund


Dear Rob


Thank you for your email

Our Service was asked to give feedback to the STF during the consultation process and we submitted our Survivors views at that time.

However there are different views among survivors that use our service we are not a support group as such that acts as one group.

A lot of views are that the money should be shared out equally however the Irish government are fully aware of this as this was the majority view as I understand during the consultation process with survivors.

The Irish government have clearly decided on the option of providing grants to people through an application process although again T.D.’s have expressed a variety of views in the parliamentary debates as I am sure you are aware. So survivor’s views are being expressed at the highest level.


Our Service is funded through the Irish government and is paid to provide information advice and support to survivors we do not have a campaigning role. Campaigns are conducted by survivors groups or interested individuals that act independently of information services such as ourselves.


I hope that helps to clarify our situation here


Kind regards



Simon McCarthy

Outreach Manager

Coventry Irish Society

42-44 Hill Street



02476 527094 (Direct Line)

02476 256629 (Main Office)


Reg Charity Number 1091272


Fresh into my In box; Good to hear!


From: []
Sent: 18 July 2012 09:19 PM
Subject: Re: Your Current Position on the Statutory Trust Fund


Am sorry I am only getting back to you now.


To answer your question as follows:


Alliance were in the High Court on 18/25 June to seek an injunction against the Minister for Education and Skills and the Establishment of the Statutory Fund.  We appeared before Mb Justice Birmingham on the 25th June where he gave his judgement.


He was very helpful and supportive to us but was unable to grant judgement until the full content of the Bill was published.


For the Record: All money used was my own/ all representative payments was met by me alone.  I am fed up with chatter and chatter by so many but no real attempt to do anything constructive.  So called Group Leaders etc.


Keep up the good work and thank you for your interest as ever.


Tom Hayes

Alliance Secretary.

I'm Not in contact with any Group ,nothing to do with them they never did anything for me  either.



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