The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

My sister received a letter from Irish Women Survivors on behalf of the Trustees of Whispering Hope.

Dates of meetings if any one interested 

Bright trip

Annual outing takes place on Tuesday 22nd of September.

Pick up will be at 8am from the London Irish Centre .   Or you can be picked up outside Stockwell Station (by the swan pub) at 8:45am  Men and women survivors are invited to come along.

Please call Whispering Hope Centre on 0207 267 9997 if you have any questions

Women Meeting

Mazenod Community Hall, Quex Road, Kilburn. From 12noon to 3pm on October 10th. The nearest tube station is Kilburn (Jubilee Line).  Please call if you need any further information about meeting (number as above

Whispering Hope will be meeting with the Caranua Board in September and hopefully will have more information at Whispering Hope's meeting October.  

Whispering hope has stated. "It will not be possible to deal with individual esquires at this meeting but if you wish to speak to any staff at Whispering Hope on this matter, we are here to assist you at the office or by phone". " we can also undertake home visits to anyone who is unable to Travel due to mobility or any other disability". 

As Whispering Hope is having a meeting with Caranua. Why have they not asked survivors What sort of questions they could ask Caranua on their behalf?

Such questions could be asked such as why are survivors advisers being changed on a regular basis?

Why can you no longer send in a quote viva email? 

Why is it taking so long for survivors to be appointed advisers, as some are waiting weeks/months

to just send in their applications? 

I am sure there are a lot more questions on that can be asked on their behalf to Caranua.

Just a thought: If survivors are not represented by a survivors groups, Why is it they can not have a meeting with Caranua because Whispering hope only represent people in the London area. I know there are other groups in other major cities but what about survivors in rural areas who do not have the means or transport to get into the major cities. Who represents them?

Another thought if you wanted too. How do you set up an official survivors group?  

Why is there not a change of survivors every year or two on the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Board and Caranua Board.  

 Thank You for Reading!

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Just noticed this and sent it to all members

If you post something
Let me know so I can share it


Hi Rob just wanted to ask a question who are you Do read your email but don't know who you are p
You can Google me?
I show up!
Unless there's a direct question you wish to ask ?
The short answer is I'm a Welsh man married to a Survivor of St Finbarr Industrial School.
I am administration here
Basically a Doorman!
As I don't censor content.
If you want to message me privately?
Click my photo anywhere on the website
It will take you to my page
You can select "send message" from there

I live in a rural area, a shop is 6 miles away from me. I had a call a couple of months ago from the London Irish Centre asking me how I was and if I had any issues. 

I explained that I can't get Caranua and I'm struggling to pay for my teeth. The man sounded very helpful on the phone and I felt more positive. I have never heard back from them since. :(

I had some post not long back was from Phyllis Morgan at Whispering Hope. It was a questionnaire about Caranua and if I had any difficulties with it at all. Of course I filled it in and as per response.

No support anywhere :( 

http://dr terry lynch's book on expose of the mental health system 

Rob and to all here on Shame of Ireland site - the above link says it all - a Minister for Mental Health opens "Whispering Hope" -

The top link by Dr Terry Lynch exposes the business of diagnosing mental health - no relation to Kathleen Lynch - he exposes the many groups being set up to misinform and to use people being sad, or trauma abuse being diagnosed with "Mental Illness" - Perhaps Whispering Hope with all good intentions for the safety and the wellbeing of the many victims of industrial school, mother and baby home and Magdalene Laundries abuses and controls of psychopaths of Church and State could do a Petition to have those so evil, so mad, safely diagnosed and held accountable for their crimes and if they cannot be held accountable then please work to remove them from Society so that they cannot harm anymore.  Friends all who suffered in Ireland's slavery trade do not need to suffer again.  Whispering Hope I do not know of you only through here but the clear fact that you were launched by Minister for Health Kathleen Lynch who promotes pharmaceutical business in Ireland is all I need - there are no need for whispering anymore - the survivors tell the story as it was and as they suffered it - there are no more whispers - just the truth and that is not a reason why a Minister for Mental Health should be launching "Whispering Hope" who gives outings etc., for the so abused - I would personally feel, in my opinion, all the survivors want is their dignity, their due payments without any further hassle through Caranua - and now Caranua has a new friend "Whispering Hope" - the words "Seek me out, seek me there, seek me everywhere" comes to mind - is Whispering Hope another spinoff for CaraNua - I do not know and with respect to "Whispering Hope" whom I sure means well all the survivors need is CaraNua to respond to them and not fob them off anymore - and that is the line Minister Kathleen Lynch should be taking...God Bless you all...and as for questioning the Administrator of the Site - I am left to wonder just like the gatecrashing dentist - is this another gatecrashing attempt to undermine a safe site for survivors a gatecrashing tactic that is well known - surely anyone who uses this site reads it as it is and accepts that it is a platform for true hurts and crimes by the Irish State - I feel that this group who questioned the Administrator is alike to those other imposters that have tried to belittle and undermine the workings of this Blog site - Whispering Hope to be opened by an Irish Minister must then be funded by the Irish Government - or are such funds also coming from the survivors' own funds in Caranua...obviously The Shame of Ireland Website is doing very well on it's own to have so many "vested" interests checking in...all are welcome!

I just came across the following...

Whispering Hope Centre

An advice service for Survivors of Irish institutional care

Between 2001 and 2014, a sustained and often challenging campaign for justice for Magdalene Laundry women took place both in the UK and Ireland. The history of this campaign and the role played by the women themselves in keeping alive their just cause, is well known. The intervention by the Irish coalition government following representation from a number of groups (including IWSSN) had a significant impact, leading to a number of important legislative and policy initiatives that for the first time recognised that the State had a duty to acknowledge its role in relation to the Magdalene Laundry women. These initiatives included the McAleese Inquiry, and subsequently the report from Judge John Quirke.

After meeting with a group of inspirational Magdalene Laundry women, the Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach), Enda Kenny TD was moved by their stories and understood the sense of injustice these Survivors felt about their ordeals in earlier life. With the promise to set the future straight and acknowledge the failures of successive governments to hear the voices of these women, the Irish Prime Minister made a powerful state apology and invited Justice John Quirke to look into developing a compensation scheme for the Magdalene Women.

The Whispering Hope Centre was set-up in March 2014 as a service for Magdalene laundry women and the wider Survivor community, based in Kentish Town, London. The naming of the centre as Whispering Hope was a special recognition of the Prime Minister’s historic meeting at the Irish Embassy in 2013. The Taoiseach heard a moving rendition of the song ‘Whispering Hope’ which has almost become the anthem of Survivors.

Please get in touch if you need …

Beautifully Put Terri!

Complaint to the UK Charity Commissioners Against Irish Women's Sur...

Check Out the Above link?

It Applies to Whispering Hope too!

Hi Rob,

None of the information about support here in the UK is any surprise really......The Irish Govt just wants and has control.

The link you've posted say's it can't be found.

Lizzie x

Hi Lizzie
I messaged all members with the content and then deleted the blog as I was asked to by Eileen. I trust your copy had now turned up?



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