The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

This turned up in my Personal inbox and I am trying to verify it? Read On!!

Minister Quinn announces establishment of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund

The Residential Institutions Statutory Fund (RISF) is to be officially established next Monday, the 25th of March. The Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairí Quinn T.D. is also announcing the appointment of the members of the RISF Board and the designation of the first CEO.

The RISF Board is a new body which is being established under the provisions of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Act 2012. The Board will oversee the use of the cash contributions of up to €110 million pledged by the religious congregations to support the needs of some 15,000 survivors of residential institutional child abuse. These survivors have received awards from the Residential Institutions Redress Board or equivalent court awards.

The support to be provided will include a range of approved services, including health and personal social services, education and housing services. To date €40m in cash contributions have been received from the congregations and a further €27m is expected on the establishment of the Fund.

Minister Quinn said, “The establishment of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Board represents a critically important step in responding to the needs of those who were subjected to horrendous abuse while children in residential institutions. I greatly appreciate the fact that the members have agreed to contribute to the work of the Board and I wish them well in their work. While the tasks facing the Fund are significant, I am confident that it will make a meaningful contribution to the wellbeing of the survivors of institutional abuse.”

The composition of the Board is as follows:

Ms Sylda Langford, Chairperson

Ordinary Members (former residents of institutions)

Mr Paddy Doyle
Ms Bernadette Fahy
Ms Phyllis Morgan
Mr Martin Power

Other Ordinary Members

Mr Damian Casey
Mr Austin Currie
Mr Tom Daly
Ms Katherine Finn BL
The Board members are appointed for a four year term of office, commencing on 25th March, 2013. The positions are not remunerated.

The Minister also announced that Ms Mary Higgins is to be appointed as chief executive officer of the RISF Board. She was selected following a recruitment campaign held by the Public Appointments Service.

The Minister also commenced Part 4 of the 2012 Act, which dissolves the Education Finance Board and transfers its remaining functions and staff to the RISF, with effect from 29th March 2013

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Thank you Mr Northall for posting that the statutary fund will be in force on monday25. IT IS STRANGE THAT  I EMAILED Mr Quinn last week and asked him where was the help we were to get if we moved back to IRELAND. I have moved back after 57years and bought a bungalow, but I have had to pay out quite a lot to make it safe to live in, hence my email to Mr Quinn as I could not get any help from RIGHT OF PLACE IN CORK. So maybe now I may get some kind of help now that the board is set up. Now all that Ineed is there EMAIL ADDRESS OR THERE OFFICE. Thanks again from John Mc Carthy.

As the details emerge I shall let everyone know.

Personally I cannot see how something so vast and unweildy can hit he ground running?

Sadly it will inherit Civil Servants from the Redress Unit and the Education Fund; for this to have any chance of being fair or even successful they need a change of Mindset??

Summary of the Main Provisions of the Statutory Trust Fund can be read Here

There are is a discussion underneath that you can join but no Answers?

I Find it differcult to believe after all this time that none of the survivers from industriel schools who live abroad are in any way given consideration. Housing is the same problem for anyone isolated anywhere. I am sure i am not the only one in this case. The fund is for those in residential institutions but thay went to school the ones from the industriel spent years locked up with thier abusers by decision of the courts. This wording of the fund makes no exceptions between the others. since the word industriel isint on the texte it will be quickly forgotten This system was cruel to put children through that and now its drownd in among all the others

As you are no doubt aware the Statutory Fund has passed into Law so this Group has tried hard but we lost the Battle!

Discussions on the Ensuing War and The Fund are <HERE>.

No matter how its handled It wont change anything. English lessons in Dublin and womens groups in london is not adapted to any adults. How to get there and what for is a mystery to most. A house in the country supposedly for thousands to go for a break just doesnt make sense.The missing industriel school survivers on the list makes it clear that its not for us at all These groups have accepted this situation including the aisleen center. So why pretend its for us. Its a bone thrown at us.The work the lack of schooling and the courts condemming is brushed under the carpet. And the Magdelaine ladys are waiting  still. Its the money making sides that are being pushed away



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