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Irish political classes lose their fear of the Catholic church

Irish political classes lose their fear of the Catholic church

Enda Kenny's criticism of the Vatican this week marks a significant milestone on Ireland's journey away from being a mono-Catholic state into a 21st European republic


Enda Kenny, who this week launched an unprecedented attack on the Vatican. Photograph: Isopix / Rex Features

There are two parallel revolutions taking place on either side of the Irish Sea that will radically…


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Religious congregations may boycott Quinn meeting

Religious congregations may boycott Quinn meeting

 PATSY McGARRY, Religious Affairs Correspondent

Representatives of some of the 18 religious congregations that managed residential institutions for children investigated by the Ryan commission may not attend a meeting with the Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn next Friday in protest.

They have been invited to the meeting to discuss a €200 million shortfall in an expected 50:50 contribution by them to costs incurred by…


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We must destroy nest of devils in the Vatican, for Christ's sake

If the 'imposters' who run the church don't leave, then it's time to build a new one, writes Sinead O'Connor

By Sinead O'Connor

Sunday July 17 2011

Well, well, well, Bishop John Magee. Truly you are one of the most glorious examples of supreme idiocy in human history. As proven by you actually thinking you might fool all in the end, including God.

The Cloyne Report is the beginning of the end of all Vatican and Catholic…


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Shame of Ireland may Close

As those of you who have been here from the beginning; the Website was a gift from Jackie and her Mum to the Survivors.

It was paid for 1 year and I was offered the Administration of it which I have done to the best of my ability.

That year ends on the 20th July 2011.

I am in the process of taking ownership of the website. (which is proving to be difficult)


The Question is does it continue?


The cost for another year is…


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The Magdalene women

IN JUNE 2009, just over a month after publication of the Ryan report, Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly spoke candidly about 20th century Irish society. “If things were hidden, they were hidden in clear sight, the crocodile lines of boys and girls that streamed out of the institutions, the certain knowledge that corporal punishment at the very least was practised therein, the incarcerated Magdalene women in their Madonna blues and whites who walked the open streets of towns and villages in church…


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a freedom group can be outsmarted by "liberators"

a freedom group can be outsmarted by "liberators" in a way that takes freedom away from the group forever and the "liberators" are gone! anybody pondering this or even thinking of responding can surely relate to how "liberation" is not always progess! 

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New Member (jack Colleton)

10. 6. 2011



what are they waiting for?


their victims to die?


political partys must be held to account for their actions at all times. political partys must not be immune from prosecution. ever thought at all about which political party was in power when you were born?  politics is personal. politicians affect lives. millions of lives. which political party (s) was (were) in opposition when you were…


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What is the Statutory Fund Supposed to Fund? How Long Have they Known?

The above has this Morning arrived in my  Personal In Box, these and others took part in the Consultation Process and these specifically stated the Statutory Fund was NOT Negotiable!


It would appear that they expect their Funding to come from the Statutory Fund?


How Long have they…


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Launch of Survivors Voices in UK

I attended the launch of Survviors Voices Europe, and this is my report back on the event. Bear in mind it is MY perspective, and thus incomplete.


Kindest Regards



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Forgotten Victims.

To all those Victims of Industrial Schools who died forgotten before the word SORRY was whispherd  behind closed doors not in the wind so we all might hear,  you have not been forgotten. Trying to seek Justice from those who Abused us and are still abusing us is a long cold cruel road where coruption Greed by dictators who insist they know what is right for us when they really mean WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THEM, Thats why they insist on the STATUARY TRUST FUND They know we the real survivors will… Continue

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Diocese of Cloyne

 A meticulously maintained secret archive on abuse allegations against clerics in the Diocese of Cloyne is sure to be a major part of the (soon to be published) report into the diocese of Cloyne.


The archive apparently contains stunning data on abuse allegations dating over several years, related correspondence, clerical responses and the diocesan handling of the…


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Happy St Patricks Day

 JOHN ,Happy St Patricks Day  to you and your beautiful family, O' How I wish I was in America.

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St Patrick's Day

 Happy St Paddy's Day to All the Members of the Shame Of Ireland

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Almost 2 Year on and the Blind Rhetoric Resounds Like a Cracked Bell

The day in quotes ...

Friday June 12 2009

  • "What it (Ryan Report) has revealed must be a source of the deepest shame to all of us ... Children in the care of the state and in our care were physically, emotionally and, in many cases, sexually abused and our State and its systems failed to hear their cries or come to their help." --Taoiseach Brian Cowen


  • "Let us…

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The HSE's message is that people who intend to self-harm should do so only in office hours

'WARDS of the HSE" -- words to rank with "Van Diemen's Land", "Magdalene Laundries" and "Letterfrack" in the dire lexicon of government-administered Irish horror stories.

Now, we learn officially that 188 children and young people who were either 'in care' or in contact with social services have died in this extended gulag. Two weeks ago, the official figure was initially 23. A few days later, it was 37. Next, it was 151. In other words, another statistical Irish auction, filled with…


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Charges initiated against Pope for crimes against humanity

PATSY McGARRY, Religious Affairs Correspondent

The Irish Times - Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TWO GERMAN lawyers have initiated charges against Pope Benedict XVI at the International Criminal Court, alleging crimes against humanity.

Christian Sailer and Gert-Joachim Hetzel, based at Marktheidenfeld in the Pope’s home state of Bavaria, last week submitted a 16,500-word document to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court at the Hague, Dr…


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Liturgy of Lament and Repentance - The Foot Washing Farce!


On next Sunday 20th February at 3pm a Liturgy of Lament and Repentance for the sexual abuse of children by priests and religious will be held in St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, within the framework of the Apostolic Visitation of the Archdiocese of Dublin.

The liturgy will ask the forgiveness of God and of all survivors for the failure of those Church leaders and many others in the family of the Church to respond with love, integrity,…


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Our laws still allow for the protection of child abusers

Saturday March 13 2010


THE Irish State has connived in the concealment of abuse and has consistently failed to regulate state institutions and the church. Historically, it has done so on a massive scale in respect of industrial school abuse and has allowed a climate of uncontrolled abuse to prevail within diocesan systems.

The latest example,…


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My 28-year battle against the paedophile priests

John Meagher talks to the US attorney who's bringing his campaign to Ireland

Legal crusade: Lawyer Jeff Anderson has successfully helped abuse victims to secure compensation.

Saturday February 12 2011

In 1983, Jeff Anderson was just another lawyer working in St Paul, Minnesota. Then, by chance, the 35-year-old's career -- and life -- changed forever when a man walked into his office saying he had been abused by a priest.



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