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Ireland won't give up priest accused of sex abuse Court refuses extradition for cleric

The Irish High Court ruled this week that it…

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Nuns Stores

From the record of Dail Eireann


Maureen O’Connell, a deputy of the…


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Pope Abuses Victims’ of Child Sex Abuse at Christmas

Below is a copy of an email that I have sent to the Media today

Pope Abuses Victims’ of Child Sex Abuse

Initial Source - Pope Abuses Victims’ of Child Sex Abuse at…


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Ireland's Human Rights Record under Scrutiny in October 2011 - Have YOUR Say

Human Rights Commission


Ireland has committed itself to promoting and protecting human rights. The Irish Government must report on a regular basis to the United Nations (UN) on the extent to which it is meeting these obligations. In October 2011, Ireland will be examined by the UN under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). Under this new and innovative review process:

* Ireland will report on its…


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Catholic institutions still owe the State hundreds of millions of euro in contributions that were promised after the church abuse scandals.


Catholic institutions still owe the State hundreds of millions of euro in contributions that were promised after the church abuse scandals, according to new figures obtained by the Labour party.

The figures show that out of €348m pledged last year in cash and property after the Ryan report, just 6% has been handed over. No property has been transferred.

More than €26m is still outstanding from the original Indemnity Deal.

Under that deal, negotiated in 2002, the…


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Kathleen O'Malley. "Childhood Interrupted".

Since publishing my Book five years ago I have had enormous pleasure in giving Talks on my Memoir. I do not have an acting Agent, but by self promoting my book on the Injustice in Ireland on Irish Children by the Religious and Government.

I have talked to the W.I., Townswomen Groups, victim Support Groups, The League of Jewish Women, Book Clubs and my most emotional talk yet was when I was invited to Talk to the SURVIVORS OF THE HOLOCOUST IN NORTH LONDON. THERE WAS SUCH EMPATHY FROM…


Added by Kathleen O'Malley. on December 14, 2010 at 18:00 — 5 Comments

Murphy Report Exposed as Cover up For Church and State Authorities

Colm Daly, Ard Ri, Counsellor to the Assembly of Eire, Sept Uí Dalaigh,

Living in Exile, PO BOX 16 Buri Ram Post Office, Buri Ram 31000

Kingdom of Thailand Phone: +66800500312…


Added by Colm Daly on December 11, 2010 at 11:25 — 2 Comments

A Letter Which Made Liars of the Sisters of Mercy

DAMNING letters from the Department of Education setting out the serious neglect of children at Newtownforbes industrial school, Co Longford,were presented to the Commission on Child Abuse. The letters catalogued attempts by the Department to improve conditions at the school. Sr Margaret Casey, leader of the western province of the Mercy Sisters, testified to the Child Abuse Commission and admitted that many of the children found their time at the school to be "harsh, impersonal, abusive… Continue

Added by Andrew Brennan on December 4, 2010 at 11:09 — 1 Comment

Origins Ireland

I am BC Provincial Coordinator for Origins Canada. I would like to help start up a group in Ireland for the mothers who were incarcerated in maternity homes in Ireland and had their children taken by forced and coerced adoptions. Was wondering if there are any groups like this that have started up yet?

More Info on Origins Canada

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Rite & Reason - Irish Times 2005

Bear in mind this was written in 2005 - before the publication of the Ryan Report.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kicking the church more fun than facing real problems

Rite and Reason:

Is it not strange that we are devoting so much energy to inquiring into the abuse of children half a century ago when there is so much that is…

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De Valera Incarcerated Children of anti-Nazi Fighters

THOUSANDS OF MEN deserted the Irish Defence Forces during the Second World War to fight with the British armed forces. Some did so because of their feelings about fascism, some because they were bored, others for better pay. When those who surivived the war came home they found that, as well as dismissing them from the Defence Forces, Éamon de Valera’s government had, more damagingly, blacklisted them from all state jobs. [… Continue

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The Director of Public Prosecution must Act, and ACT NOW!

In the last week the dpp has dropped 4 charges of child abuse against a priest in Cloyne also the exbishop for his role in covering up!!

What message is this sending to the victims who complain how long more can people take of this sorry to the victims is no good?

Action needs to be taken?…


Added by Rob Northall on October 29, 2010 at 13:30 — 29 Comments

Charlie 'The Hare' Maguire is Dead

Charlie 'The Hare' Maguire was one of the dwindling number of survivors from Ireland’s gulag of the 1940s – the industrial school system. A powerless man seemingly perceived as a rural outsider, he spent nearly two-thirds of his life in the custody of the State, and died after nearly half a century as a patient in St Davnet’s hospital in Monaghan.

Charlie Maguire was born in 1933 on a small farm at Knockroe, near the Co Cavan…


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Kick Archbishop McQuaid

There's a 20 second ad ... before you get a chance to kick McQuaid.

Make games | Share |…

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Is Archbishop Diarmuid Martin a 'Good Guy'?

He seems to have tackled the issue of child abuse in the diocese head on ... he seems more transparent and approachable. More humane in other words.

On the other hand he hasn't demanded that his predecessor be arrested for the conspiracy that enabled the cover-up! Sure he has demanded that bishops, who were found at fault in the Murphy Report, should resign - but he has no problem sitting down with Drennan - nor it appears has he any problem (publicly) with Cardinal Brady. Brady is… Continue

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Ratzinger faces €9bn tax bill - not for child abuse cover-up though!

NINE BILLION euros worth of tax breaks enjoyed by the Catholic Church in Italy could be in breach of European law and may have to be repaid, it has emerged.

The development is the latest blow to an institution that has been rocked by an annus horribilis, following the global clerical paedophilia scandal and investigations into money laundering. The European Commission (EC) has said that tax relief on 100,000 Italian properties claimed by the Holy See since 2005 was under the… Continue

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Some Autumn Day:- 1964 maybe

Some Autumn Day:-

It was the time of the year when we'd be off picking the spuds and other "edible" stuff weaing our boots with leather laces, no "wet weather gear" I 'm afraid Fr. O'Reilly - a priest at the Commission seems to have been under the impression that in the Industrial Schools we had clothes for all seasons!

We'd start… Continue

Added by Andrew Brennan on October 11, 2010 at 21:04 — 1 Comment

the abuse was in the early 70s in a school in dublin by the priest who was headmaster.

the abuse was in the early 70s in a school in dublin by the priest who was headmaster.

Added by Anna Brown on October 5, 2010 at 11:30 — No Comments

Name Your Abuser

I was abused by a few of the black-garbed monsters. One guy in particular was a voracious scumbag.
It was in Ferryhouse.
The year was 1967.
The month was March.
My abuser was a Brother of the Rosminian Order.

His name: Br. O'Hanlon.

Added by Andrew Brennan on September 22, 2010 at 20:20 — 1 Comment

238 Missing Children

MissingThis is a featured page


Many children who were placed into Residential Institutes were never

heard of again, they never came home. It was as if they had been

spirited away, vanished from the face of the earth & this indeed is

most odd as it states in the "KENNEDY REPORT" published in 1970

that 238 children absconded from these… Continue

Added by Andrew Brennan on September 20, 2010 at 12:36 — 4 Comments

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