The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

I have to appear High Court Dublin where Novartis HSE & Chief Solicitor have a Motion against me to try to get my case against all three of them Dismissed and thrown out without MY Case Being Heard.  I feel that is perverting the Course to Justice.  But as Dr David Healy writes in his blog 'Sense about Science - Follow the Patient' to Death - That is what Novartis etc., does to protect their seedy reputation and Ireland are corrupt in aiding them to do this.  This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what happens to a patient who suffered Novartis drug Rasilez Aliskiren - They use Cyberknife Radiation, Gamma Radiation & so much else.  GreekProsecutor - the first female Prosecutor was hounded by Novartis - Elena Raikou  spoke publicly about this.  What do you think an ordinary patient suffers at their hands -
The following is 8 months of abuse to me.  I am 67 years old.  100 years of abuse and torture to Irish Women has to Stop, .
learnt on the 11th July 2022 that the Council have lied to me and kept my name off the Medical Housing List deliberately.
Teri Byrne
Dublin Ireland
Mr Colm Ward
Dear Mr Ward,
Ian Coleman does not like me referring to SDCC flats here in Lucan as the Slum of Lucan.
Indeed it is and more.
The amount of unkempt marsh like areas in what is referred to as 'The gardens' is overgrown with moss/marsh like slum that is deep enough for a cat to dig into to put his toilet waste into it and then cover it up as cats do. I had heard about the abandoned cats doing this but saw it myself at 7.00 am this morning - at least 11 abandoned cats around here.  They are fed by some charismatic volunteers - who care about animals but the cats can dig in what SDCC call communal gardens to get rid of their waste and cover it up as best as they can.
Tenant in No.XX had his human toilet replaced by a SDCC plumber over 3 weeks ago - The Old Toilet parts were placed in the new cardboard box and left outside the empty flat No. 15.  Up to this morning it is still there over 3 weeks later.
There have been several SDCC workmen out here over those weeks.  Some with vans and trucks and no one took that now rubbish old toilet away - right where I leave my bins.  Again I refer to the Slum of Lucan.  That tenant runs his flat as a brothel and Ian Coleman wonders why I call this area the Slum of Lucan'  - That Bully tenant caused so much upset to me over that plant that since the Council rightly removed that plant which I have learnt was NOT belong to No. 14 but by RO'TXXXXXwho has gone from this flat well over a year.  Tenant 14 was fuming with anger He verbally shouted at me shaking his fists in anger.
Several harrassment/criminal damage to my property outside have been done by whom?
When I first asked that tenant to Stop stalking me my black bin got such a kick or thump that the indent is still there.  Now my brown bin stands abandoned because of the action of a madman to it's contents.  It left me unable to use my brown bin and I have incurred excess charges to my Refuse bill because I had to use the Black bin.  Even today someone  else's rubbish of pizza box lies in that bin.
It does not take a detective to study what the profile of a very angry man does when he exercises such anger.  If the Council put in CCTV cameras it would solve many problems - as the Gardai ask is there CCTV here.
SDCC does not think that Drug Dealing, Brothels, threats to OAP women are not cause for concern - How can SDCC justify spending 240,000 Euro on Web cams for their Chamber?
I take offence from another throw away remark by Ian Coleman yesterday, 7th July 2022 when he said 'I know you have had trouble with men' and he also mentioned 'you let those men (referring to Michael & Tony) into your flat.
Yes I was manipulated by those two men and I rang Caitriona McKeown the next morning asked if this place is a harem for dirty old men - hence the Slum of Lucan!
My trouble with 'men' is RAPE that is not my crime or 'trouble' It is a criminal offence covered up by many beyond my control.
SDCC have now that RAPIST on their books as a HAP Landlord!
I have to take a break now and I will continue this email to you Mr Ward to clarify to you again my upset and dealings with your staff on my personal hurts and emotional abuse!
I would mention here that Ian Coleman also keeps mentioning have I not got the Consultant's letter.  When I told him that I had given the Council the REPORT on my Medical Injuries within a few weeks of me signing with them on the 13th March 2020.  I was on a walking stick at that time - my application was always on medical grounds and fleeing from an abusive partner.  Who for 2 years up to that time was asking me to 'do suicide'!
I walked into your offices with a walking stick.
So why on earth in all that is right and just was I given a 1st floor of concrete stairs flat in this 'the slum of Lucan?
For Mr Colm Ward
Dear Mr Ward,
I will continue my email of Friday 8th July 2022.
My hurt with SDCC stems from the abuse intimidation etc which started under the control of Fiona Campbell who is the one who nominated me this flat.  Note that same day I saw KN Networks put in a cable that is attached to the side of this flat - my now nominated flat by SDCC.  I was really worn out and exhausted by actions/inaction of Fiona Campbell - a letter from Neil Hanly telling me to 'desist from upsetting the staff - I recall some very good staff in that Unit - some of whom apologised to me.
Have you all got a short memory on the victimisation of me by European prostitutes in Finnstown House - there is nothing new there, is there with such victimisation in a different sense in Sarsfield Close Lucan. 
It took me 9 weeks ring your Council, ringing KN Networks to at last be told by Virgin Media that it was the Council who had instructed KN Networks to install that Cable and that it is not for Virgin Media - maybe eircom - This was all known by Ian Coleman when he brought a Virigin Cable man to this property to tell me - the man just asked me could he leave that it is nothing to do with Virgin Media.  If you read the start of this again you will note that I already made this fact to the County Council - yet Caitriona McKeown wrote to Virgin Media?  It is called Gaslighting but in my opinion it is Character Assaniation.
I have suffered it too many times at South Dublin County /council and sham on you Mr Ward.
You have ny medical report since 2020 - not once was I given a form to fill in.  Caitiona McKeown waited until I had floors and everything done in this flat when she sent me medical forms - Only then was I told about what was needed to get a move to a ground floor.  When at all times I had asked for a ground floor home.  Fiona Campbell stepped in when I did accept a ground floor through Fold Ireland - she objected to that ground floor.  Her and Neil Hanly had a meeting to discuss me (without my permission or presence.)  I knew of that meeting only when Thomas Redmond Manager of Housing at Fold rang me into the evening/night time and told me that he had had that meeting and he was informed of an assault on me - he mentioned Fiona Campbell told him - My GDPR data violated.  Thomas Redmond told me that in order to get housing he and Fiona Campbell wanted me to sign a form - he did state that Fiona wants to be still involved in your case.  What does that mean Mr Ward?
But then Thomas Redmond told me he would like to know the details of the assault - he said he was dealing with a woman to my similar age and was supporting her,  You know the rest - I knew I could never be near that very suspicious type environment. I did report that man to the Gardai and I asked the HSE about the form that Fiona Campbell wanted me to sign with Fold.  Both the Gardai and HSE told me to sign NOTHING
You do know of course how Ruadhan O'Meara manipulated my signing of the Lease on this.
SDCC have not told me to what purpose is that cable which SDCC had KN Networks install for them.  Atfer around 9 weeks of weekly phonecalls to KN Networks they did tell me that there is only low voltage coming in - where is that voltage going to?
To what purpose is that CABLE - Myself and the Ombudsman's office have been given incorrect information as Mr Coleman declared It is the ESB.  That is not true so Mr Ward do you not think after 8 months I deserve to know the truth.  Do you not think for one moment that I have suffered enough emotional abuse/trauma at the hands of SDCC.
ESB Networks told me that this Flat was NOT SIGNED OFF - More worrying noises coming from electrics last night.  I am sure your electrician Clive rang you on this.  I was told that his team/Andrew would be here first thing this morning.  It is now almost midday and I have heard nothing from them and what else will break down in this Flat.
How you treat OAPs? How you treat OAPs with disability?  
Your Council has breached almost all the points raised in several European Treatys and Human Rights!
Teresa (Terri)

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Comment by Mike Rogan on August 3, 2022 at 12:52


I hope that your case continues and that it will have a successful outcome.  Michael.

Comment by Teri on August 3, 2022 at 22:25

Thank you Michael  On the 11th July 2022 I found out that I was never on the Medical Housing list - 8 months of lies including 2 social workers of South Dublin County Council.  What is their Agenda?

Comment by Mike Rogan on August 6, 2022 at 16:30

I guess they are hoping that if they make life frustrating enough for you, you will quietly not bother them !  Either that or they are totally inept.

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