The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

 16th November 2014 - Sunday Reflections - I listened a little to Marian Finnucane on Radio One -  this morning - Senator Zappone talking about the horrible siege of Tanaiste Joan Burton's car - Seem…

 16th November 2014 - Sunday Reflections - I listened a little to Marian Finnucane on Radio One -  this morning - Senator Zappone talking about the horrible siege of Tanaiste Joan Burton's car - Seemingly Senator Zappone and her partner started up - An Cosán - I note it is funded by The Ireland Fund - As I listened on about how awful it must have been for Joan Burton...I thought how far does hypocrisy start and finish in Ireland -

Senator Zappone has listened to the hysteria and tantrum debacle in the Dáil last Thursday - She has heard of public pleas from adult children of the South listen to a Taoiseach speaking out how the IRA paedophiles were sent to the South - Mr Kenny went on to state that "they", the Northern paedophiles were putting "our" children at risk...Mr Kenny, please, how much hypocrisy do you think that the Irish citizens can take - Perhaps, Mr Kenny, the Northern rapists were sent to the Republic because Sinn Féin know well that the Republic is a haven for paedophiles/rapists.

You have lists and names already Taoiseach from many victims in the Republic - why are you silent on the South Dublin Paedophiles and garda informer rapists - Why did two little boys from Tullamore when they could, flee the country, why did Cynthia Murphy flee the country - because she was told she would be killed if she told - The facts are Taoiseach & Co., Sara Brand's mother, had to take her case on the abuse and sexual violence to her daughter to the Northern Assembly ...

You know of Mr Paisley's comments on that is the reason why a child victim of paedophile in the SOUTH of Ireland had to take her case to the North "Trish Bland took her case to the Northern Ireland Assembly in sept 2001 , she couldnt get justice in the Irish Republic because a high level paedophile ring had the power to stifle any investigation!"

Now Senator Zappone - tell the Irish women how come you felt so much for for Ms Burton when you, as a Senator, have full details and evidence of female mutiliation and violation of a woman/women in Ireland - from a hospital in Ireland in 2013 - how Gardai, a hospital and doctors arranged for a the woman to be dragged from her home in a wheelchair and brought to a hospital where she was forced down on to a bed, held down and injected against her will with psychotropic injections - Senator - you speak out for gay rights and for gay marriage - and you choose to ignore and cover up in your silence of the abduction of women in their 50s/60s, for the most barbaric of abuse in Irish hospitals today - how those women are entrapped in a slavery of control - just as the magdalene women were - how those women now are medically brutalised and tortured - how ovaries and other parts of their bodies are mutilated and organs stolen from them - Shame on you Senator - You speak out that you stand for human rights of everyone - You dare to be silent on the most barbaric abduction of Irish women today by the white collar criminals in our hospitals -

A Garda officer on Marian Finnucane states that the gardai are the best and there is a culture - Yes Officer - why did you not explain to Marian Finnucane - the culture of involvement to protect adverse reactions of prescription drugs - Oh Sorry Officer, I forgot for a moment you just protect the street drug pushers - you label and prosecute the poor victims of street drugs but you pay the pushers well to inform on the odd one - as you state you keep your numbers - Even with the evidence in the Commissioner's office - even with the evidence in other garda stations - the Doctor cried out to protect his reputation - and yes you all banded together in a human rights crime - even with the evidence before you all - Women in Ireland are not safe - and shame on the women in Irish politics today who are complicit in their violation and abduction of women for the criminal white coats - shame on a Taoiseach who is in collusion with Pharma corruption - Shame on the lot of you - a culture that is based on lies, corruption and violence against the citizen shall always be outed...Ireland 2014...

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Comment by frank mullen on December 18, 2014 at 20:41

you should get this publish here in the American news media (The Ireland of Saint;s) what a laugh   

Comment by Teri on December 19, 2014 at 18:46

Frank, feel free to copy and publish any of my writings anywhere you feel may give it "recognition" is too well hidden in Ireland...Thank you for your comment...

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