The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Because I spoke out about Novartis drug Aliskiren breaking down my health - Because I spoke out about doctors who torture to carry out Novartis and Amgen's barbaric clinical trials - I am targeted by…

Because I spoke out about Novartis drug Aliskiren breaking down my health - Because I spoke out about doctors who torture to carry out Novartis and Amgen's barbaric clinical trials - I am targeted by Novartis Mafia who are the Irish Gardai - everytime I go out I am targeted with some shots to my body - Sunday evening I went to shops in Tullamore town - I innocently shopped away but these shopkeepers allow the mafia in to stalk and target innocent patients who dare to question the wrongs of female mutilation done in Tullamore hospital - this is bruising to my thighs - again and again - you first feel a sharp pain in your thigh or part of body - then a lump appears for a few days - then the bruising comes through - this is the evidence - Tullamore Gardai - are Pharma mafia just as every other garda station and garda reserves are....from a shameful woman Commissioner Noirin O' Sullivan to Lucan - to Rathfarnham - to all Ireland - the cowards army of text alert against innocent women -

Novartis Ireland in 2012 - I pleaded with them to please stop their mafia's violation against me and my family - my crime was speaking out about their dangerous drug Aliskiren that breaks down a person's immune system, thyroid and so much more - I stated to Dr Greg Hays, Medical Director of Novartis - that if it took for me to present myself to A & E then I would do it if they would leave my home and my family alone - Grey Hays of Novartis Ireland spoke to me a few days later and asked if I was going to go to A & E - Novartis criminals were desperate to see the harm that their drug Aliskiren did - and then they rushed to cover up the evidence - the data - and I was that data and evidence...God Forgive me I didn't - but they "got me" last year when I suffered a broken foot - and how the doctors of Novartis mutilated me in Tullamore Hospital - Before I went to Tullamore Hospital I had garda riot vans outside my home with an ambulance going up and down after it, as they bombarded my home with lightbulbs exploding and electrical items burning out - even throwing rocks at my car on mother's day - I understand now that Novartis was desperate to get me into a hospital for further harm - they non stop torture from a criminal Novartis who are under investigations in over 20 States in the US for bribery and corruption - Shame on this government in Ireland and the Irish Health Department and Irish Gardai who are the mafia for Novartis, Amgen and so many other pharma of corruption and power - This is the new abduction of patients for pharma corruption and Nazi experiments - God help all of us...and God help my family - Dr Agron Hasani of Novartis Ireland - David Epstein of Novartis Switzerland what more are you going to do to me and my family to cover up your bribery, corruption and lies - you shameful shameful lot as you have control over my country - Shame on Archbishop Martin who has sanctioned the trafficking of Irish women for Novartis and Pharma barbaric trials as he fills his pockets with the judas coins of silence -

Michael Collins went to his death for not getting 32 counties - you shameful criminals Novartis you thrive and yet you own 32 counties of Ireland through corruption control and money - such a war against one woman who saw through your corruption and shame on the puppet doctors of pharma and a shameful HSE who have been trafficking children and women to pharma for decades - Hang your head low Taoiseach because you are so guilty of betraying the most vulnerable in society - women under anaesthetic - Novartis and their cowards army of persecution - you are guilty of corruption, bribery and torture to Irish women, children and men -

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