The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

  • Enda:  Jaysus God is that you?  I didn't hear you come in
  • God:  I don't need to knock Enda
  • Enda:  Well what do you think God...of the mighty Enda..Aren't I the greatest child of God ever..
  • God:  No Enda you are not and I have come to you to let you know I am watching you
  • Enda:  Sure go ahead and watch all you like, God for I am mighty powerful now that sometimes I feel I am you
  • God:  You Will never be me Enda and I will never be you
  • Enda:  Sure God do you not know that I am the garcon of the French
  • Sure did you see Sarkozy rubbing my hair and giving me a tickle
  • Sure it was a photo of all time, don't you agree God that I am
  • buachail deas ar fád
  • I am the buachail go lór
  • Oh sorry God you don't speak Irish
  • God:  I know all things Enda
  • Enda:  Why are you here God, sure is there something I can do for you
  • Now I need to remind you that I am very busy with this Brexit and
  • there are 26 other countries depending on me
  • God:  What about your country Enda, what about your people?
  • Enda:  Ah now come on God, Ireland is no more, it is the EU now God and I am their Prince
  • Sure your son Jesus was born in a stable and
  • We can supply many stables, but now houses, we don't supply houses.
  • God:  You have several houses Enda, do you feel right about that?
  • Enda:  Sure it is the perks of the job God, you should know that
  • God:  There is no humanity shown Enda, in your character or person and
  • I am here to help you awaken your spirit to humanity...
  • Enda:  Ah now stop right there God...I have my good people around me and sure the EU love me
  • because I would not accept the No vote on Lisbon and made them all vote again..
  • That is who I am God, I am the whipping boy for Europe
  • The natives God, it is my job to make sure that the peasants are kept in control
  • God:  You are torturing your own people Enda and you have allowed thousands to be killed..
  • Enda, do you not see, you are treating human life as an industry...
  • Human Life Enda dear child is to be treated as that human life keeps on giving human life.
  • God:  You have kept women in captivity, you have stolen their babies from their breasts and sold them like commodities on the open have enslaved children for rape and murder amongst your people.
  • Enda:  Now Now listen here God, it was your very priests and nuns who did that
  • God:  No Enda, Catholic religion is no religion of God, it is a Pharma based bounty hunter regime from the Second World War
  • and with an exception of a few good men and women the rest specifically the Irish regime bowed to Pharmagods and sold thousands 
  • to their experiments.
  • Enda:  To be honest God the Pharma Industry keep our country and Europe going.
  • God:  No Enda you and Europe keep supplying Human life to the Pharma Industry...You torture and kill people,
  • You isolate individuals from their families, you break women's hearts and you break their families.
  • Enda:  Jaysus God you just don't understand Science, do you.  The Pharma people need to study people, so we supply a few hundred to them every year
  • for experiments, sure what is the harm in that.
  • God:  The sad thing of all of this Enda is that you feel to ask "what is the harm in that".
  • Enda:  Now listen here God, I don't need to answer to you or anyone, I have my secret army around me and the pharmagod is who I do my jig to
  • so go away God, I don't need you and your goody goody two shoes attitude to life.
  • God:  I know Enda and sadly your secret army is also the pharmagods army of destruction to human life.
  • Enda:  Feck of with yourself God...I don't need for you to try to make me feel guilty, I, Enda, live in the here and now and pharma life makes it all
  • so good for me that I am laughing all the way to The Hague and to the Bank.  Sure the army that surrounds me God is able to go into every one's mind,
  • home and I feel so accustomed to all of this now God, that I feel I could get a leading part in Star Wars tomorrow.
  • God:  Yes Enda, I have seen what your Star War weapons have done in breaking down human life and it brings tears to me every moment.
  • Enda:  Sure God soon people on this earth won't even remember of you..soon it will be Enda the Great and I am sorry God to have to say it
  • but I do think that you are a little bit jealous.
  • God: You and your pharmagods are inflicting pain and torture on innocent women and their children today.
  • What about your doctors who now take up pharma technical weapons to mutilate and steal precious organs and glands from women.
  • What about your psychiatrists who are like the gestapo of pharmagods to further breakdown the minds of these women and label them
  • paranoid for knowing that you their Leader are a traitor not only to God but to them and their families.
  • What about their families who your psychiatrists convince innocent children that their mothers are dellusional and split families once again
  • just like your State and Church did when babies were stolen.
  • Enda:  God you don't know how we work today, we have weapons that can radiate one person whilst many stand near, we can input metals and chips
  • into one person and control that person as if she/he is a robot.  We have the power now you don't God, we do.
  • God:  I await you Enda, I await you and your like.
  • Enda:  Feck off with yourself God, we the pharmagods of electronic warfare do not need you.
  • God:  I await you Enda, I await you and your like.

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