The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

A Lady Distressed - Tearing up her Medical File - Why?

Monday – 15th December 2014 - Joe Duffy – Liveline Radio show today –

A man rang in today to say that he saw a woman sitting on a the wall of a bridge in Dublin City – overlooking the River Liffey…He stated that she looked distressed and was tearing up paper and throwing it into the Liffey – he pulled in his car and rang gardai – his point of making the call to Joe was that when the gardai arrived – 3 female gardai – he said he observed how they were so kind, patient and compassionate as they, the gardai, spoke to the distressed woman – she became more upset and was crying asking the gardai if they were going to arrest her…

They assured the woman that they were not going to arrest her but that she should come with them and they will help her…Joe went on to thank the caller for taking the time out of concern to stop and ring gardai – Just as Joe was thanking the caller – the caller then added – the papers she was tearing up and throwing in the river were her medical file – Well Joe Duffy will you be now stopped from allowing callers straight through uncensored??  What has happened to this woman – is she OK – what made a woman sit on a bridge over the river Liffey in Dublin City – what made her so distressed that she was tearing up her medical file and throwing it into the river liffey – I pray for this wounded soul tonight –

I pray that she is OK and looked after and not coerced for cover up into psychiatry – what was her medical anguish – From my own experience I know how impossible it is to get one doctor, one hospital, one patient safety group or advocate, one Minister of Health, one Irish Medical Council, one solicitor, one human rights person, to assist, mediate, help in a situation of Doctor/Hospital/Pharma harm, of Doctor/hospital violation and gross medical practice in this country –

I know that doctors, hospitals who are pharma sponsored will go to any lengths to harm the patient further rather than admit or even work towards the truth when patients are harmed and medical ailments are ignored and covered up and where pharma drugs of body destruction are protected whilst patients are pursued – where Gardai and the Chief Medical Officer and Patient Safety doctors in the HSE will go to to cover up wrongdoing and pharma clinical trials – I know because I have, and still am today suffering them – what drove a woman so distressed that she sat on a bridge in Dublin city tearing up her medical file and throwing it into the River Liffey –

I know that even with the evidence and with the medical file evidence that all of this is no use in a country that where the solicitors, doctors, government and pharma all work together in collusion to ridicule, persecute, torment and harm further patients who know what they have done.  Perhaps gardai will issue a statement stating that that woman is OK…or is she now “hidden” away somewhere within such a corrupt system of healthcare…I pray she is safe – I pray she not harmed – I pray she is free….Ireland 2014

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